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Daily Summary - Vatic Project - January 31, 2011
Vatic Note:     UPDATE  on Australia's Cyclone movement.  Received these updates to share with our readers and they are coming in minute by minute, so stay tuned.   Here are the most recent ones:


 Anonymous  from Sydney said... Hi all, posting from Sydney, well away.  This is now a Cat 5 cyclone, 1000km wide and 300k/hr /180mph winspeeds, will dump 1m /3ft. of rain and a 6m, 21ft. storm surge roughly coincident with a high tide. Mass evacuations on and many in shelters. At least they build for cyclone strength winds now, but falling trees and old houses cause problems . This is BIG and scary. Army and navy are waiting just out of range and the highly trained and well equipped state volunteer organizations poised and ready to go. All other states will provide volunteer SES units. Army trucks full of food etc are just out of range. Centerlink (social services/ unemployment/emergency funds) is also ready to roll in as the roads clear. It will be a disaster on top of a disaster ( floods) but short and long term support is guaranteed. Hang on to your hats. Lauchlan Anonymous said...
Boldarn from Qsld,  said....
 Dear Friends,  This is the info on cyclone Larry , which devastated the north of QLD 4 years ago : 
Here is the latest satellite of cyclone Yasi which is expected to cross the coast at 10 pm tonight :  http://www.bom.gov.au/products/IDX1124.shtml winds and rain are picking up now  .  Few birds are still out hunting for a feed . Poor animals will be doing it touch over the next 3 days at least . The eye of Yasi is 75 km diameter  . This has been a category 5 cyclone since this morning . It is a very severe cyclone and with it the coast is expecting a 5 m tidal surge !  An  environmental  concern to consider  with this event is the poisons and chemicals that ended up in the river system out of the south Queensland  floods  are washing along the entire QLD coast  and will be whipped up and delivered along the north coast ... one thing leads to another  , chemicals are the global weapon of mass Vatic Project - Daily Summary- January 29, 2011Vatic Project - Daily Summary- January 29, 2011destruction ( WMD ) and who can ever prove it . A total stealth mission . Hmm . More updates later unless power goes down . Apparently all government services  are  well planned on evacuations and  relief efforts , but few electricians are available since a lot are in Brisbane and other flood areas . The recovery efforts are likely to take some time , All these global disaster events can be linked together  , this is the 3rd world war  :  The Ruling Elite versa the global population . Yes , the cull is on .  Best wishes to all ,Boldarn    



Blog: The Vatic Project - Daily Summary - Jan 31, 2011


I.     Post:                          Radio Host Quit due to "Attempted" censorship of 12/30/10 - Interview with Vatic Master, archived.                                       


Vatic Note: Special: Millenialism 12/30/10   -  Click on here and go to the 30th and click on the archive radio stream showing and listen to the program,  the callers, and the Vatic Master and host Magnus Johnstone.  He is a brave man and principled.  I hope he does another show elsewhere where they do not censor.  The big question is "WHY DID THE NE ESTABLISHMENT GET UPSET AT THIS OBSCURE RADIO PROGRAM?  WHAT DID WE COVER THEY DID NOT WANT OUT THERE?" 
Alert:   Magnus Johnstone said this was the best millenium program he had done, (up to that point he had done 16 of these programs) and that was reinforced by the callers into the program the last half hour and he informed me that because of our interview something happened whereby, he was told by the management of the radio station, to change his program and so he quit.  That is when I decided we should listen to it again and find out what the powers that be did not want out there.   REMEMBER, THIS IS AN EAST COAST REGIONAL RADIO STATION AND IS HEARD AND LISTENED TO ALL ACROSS THE NORTHEAST.   That means NY, and Wa DC.   I suspect that is why the station and he, got harrassed and why we had massive hits from Wa DC and NY right after the program.  Here (above) is the streaming archived for you to listen to it.  Because he had to give up his program for "principles", it became  important we revisit the program and find out why and what truth we fell on that they did not want out there.  He is certainly a man of principle and he had an excellent show.
Guest: “Vatic Master” from the Vatic Project

 II.                                  NASA Caught Doctoring Near Sun UFO Image - Red Handed                              
 Now I wonder why NASA would want to hide that, given it would fit with their plan to stage a bogus alien invasion in order to globalize, so why are they trying to hide it? Well, could be they aren't really, but pretending to hide it. It appears they allowed this to unfold as it is, which means its been EXPOSED to the world that an alient craft is up there, which is what they would want given the agenda noone disagrees with anymore. The elite and all institutions now know we do not trust them, so now they simply have to be more clever than in the past and feed it through others to do for them. That is one option. The other is, the space craft is really that Top Secret Military mission  that went up months ago back in April and was there for very top secret weapons testings according to the mainstream press. If the Airforce has now finished testing their UFO crafts for project Blue beam and for the recommended invasion by aliens of this planet in order to globalize, then it maybe NASA is simply getting us ready for the false flag planned, using their advanced technology military planes/flying saucers or triangles etc.....Remember, they have a whole "secret" space division  mentioned by the hacker into the pentagon who got caught. The more I think about it the more I am sure they are creating the new threat, ONE OF MANY they throw at us all the time.  I call them the "fear brigade".  Here is the plane pictured kicking in the antigravitational field.  Awesome, looks like a plasma ball.  Can't really see the shape of it, but it appears the AF has several different shaped vehicles.   This could be the same image we saw on the 2nd photo only moving a lot slower so more detail is available, this one is much more distorted from the transition to anti-gravity.  

(Go to link above for Video, links, and article)

III.                                          A New Truth Dawns On the Arab World                                          
Vatic Note:  I am not sure why anyone is suprised over this. Remember, Jordon,  Egypt, and Saudi Arabia have all been in bed with Israel and I am unsure why their people did not know that when the rest of the world knew.  As the Israeli leaders have said time and time again, the pals will never get their own land.  Why should they be any different than we are.  Israel has been running our gov for a long time now as evidenced by the SIMULTANEOUS ANNOUNCEMENT TO CUT SOCIAL SECURITY FOR OUR SENIORS WHILE INCREASING ISRAELI'S FOREIGN AID BY GIVING THEM BILLIONS.  SO who runs our government???  WHOSE INTERESTS ARE PRIMARY?  GOOD BYE LIEBERSCUM.... I AM GOING TO BE GLAD TO SEE HIM GO.   If you had any doubt before now, then you should be fully disabused of it.  If they can run our government, what makes you think they haven't been doing the same thing in the arab countries????  Remember, Israel created HAMAS.  It was  not for no reason they did that.  THIS WHAT THEY ARE GOOD AT..... DECEPTION AND BY IT THEY WILL WIN WARS.  Remember, in the protocols,  they use undermining the current gov with the people as a way to gain control completely over that country by having their undercover people come in that they own to take over control as if they were rescuers.  The Hegelian dialect,  create the problem, reaction, solution.  Is that what this is? Any more, its hard to tell.  Our minds are not devious enough to know for sure.    click on link above to continue.
IV.                                   Egyptian Army Says It Will Not Fire on Protesters                                       
Vatic Note:  Wow, lot of distraction going on right now.  This plus the cyclone heading toward Australia, like they need just one more thing to bang over their heads.   I can't figure out why the powers that be are trying to clear out that island???  Will be putting something up about that shortly.  Now on to the subject at hand,  the Egypt crisis.  On one of our strategy and tactics we discussed this very point. Remember we discussed visiting our local law enforcement and family members of those we know are serving in our military to discuss and promise them we will not fire on them, and tell them not to fire on us since we are simply standing up for our inalienable rights and protections under the constitution. Remind them and their families of their oath that they are to only follow legal orders, and tell them we are all in this together and must stand together and this is what happens if we do.  Tell them we love them for their commitment to defend and protect us AGAINST ALL ENEMIES BOTH FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC, THEN We win. So pass this on to those local law enforcement types in your community to show what can happen when we stand together. .   (CLICK ON LINK FOR REMAINDER OF NOTE AND ARTICLE)
I AM AMERICA - Kristan Branch  -  Click on link and scroll down to the first video.  ITS WELL WORTH IT.  Music tells us who we are.

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