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The ONLY democracy (hear hear) in Mid-East with the MOST moral army (wow wow) in the world have rulers chosen by exclusive G-d (yawn yawn) to support nepotistic despotic Mu-Baraks (um um) ??

How Israel supports DEMOcracy and DEMOnstrations in Mid-East.

Israeli Death Squads to Infiltrate Egyptian Protests

'The office of israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu offered their counterpart in the Egyptian government, Omar Suleiman, also head of Egyptian intelligence, to send death squad units, the groups of militant zionist murderers who wear Arab civilian clothes also known as “mistaaravim”, to infiltrate the protesters in Egypt in order to assassinate the leaders of the opposition and the revolutionary movement who take part in the protests against the dictatorial regime of Hosni Mubarak and his thugs.'

Israel Arms Egypt Against Protesters

'The International Network for Rights and Development said that three Israeli planes landed at Cairo's Mina International Airport on Saturday, carrying equipment for use in dispersing and suppressing large crowds, a Press TV correspondent reported.

According to the report, Egyptian security forces received the cargo on three Israeli planes, which were allegedly carrying a large supply of internationally proscribed gas to disperse crowds. Egyptians have taken to the streets across the country for eight days running, demanding that Mubarak step down.'


Gas for crowds?
Anti-Semitism at work?
Gas experts gassing Egyptian semites?

WRH Mike Rivero 2th February 2011:

Israel is screaming that Mubarak must be kept in power no matter what the people of Egypt want, because with Mubarak gone, the Palestinians might acquire arms with which to hold off Israel, and Israelis can only act manly and brave when they have the very best US-supplied weapons aimed at unarmed civilians. But if Israel is worried that the Palestinians (or for that matter everyone else in the region) doesn't like Israel, Israel only has themselves to blame. If Israel wants to be liked they should start acting likable, which means dropping this arrogant attitude that God intends for the Israelis to have a larger share of life's blessings than anyone else.

WorldLingo: Hosni Mubarak
Muhammad Hosni Mubarak, (Arabic: محمد حسنى سيد مبارك; transliterated: Muhammad Husnī Mubārak; commonly known as Hosni Mubarak; Arabic: حسنى مبارك; transliterated: Husnī Mubārak), (born May 4, 1928) has been the president of Egypt since October 14, 1981.

Mubarak was appointed vice-president of the Republic of Egypt after moving up the ranks of the Egyptian Air Force. He ascended to the presidency, succeeding President Anwar Al Sadat, following Sadat's assassination on October 6, 1981.

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