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SHMEAT for SCHMUCKS!!! With a Little Road-Kill on the Side... :O *PIC*

Anybody for eating GM "shmeat" grown in a "carnery"?? Huh?...and how do they "grow" it?  Well, it looks like one of PETA'S own Dr. Frankensteins (another Commu-Russkie no doubt), Vladimir Mironov, M.D. with his Ph.D. (Piled higher & Deeper), has been busy in a lab in South Carolina bioengineering shmeat for us to eat & another one of PETA'S alleged scholars in cancer cell biology, Nicholas Genovese (nice little Vatican/Mafia sounding name -- they LOVE Monsanto), says it's kinder to not kill & eat animals.  Of course before it's all over with they'll be feeding us humans Soylent Green for a kinder, gentler form of Cannibalism made from all the human flesh they plan to kill off with a little "road kill" on the side.  I guess that's more "humane"...where nothing goes to waste...it's the "green" thing to do...ya know...?

Lab-Grown Meat Coming to a Table Near You


The Word From the Elite Has Gone Forth!! -- "Let the schmucks eat shmeat -- with a little road-kill on the side..."  

From FEMA to PETA to OUR PLATES  ~  The BlueBloods' Blue Plate Special  ~~  Bon Appetit!!  Undecided

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