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Colossal Storm Roars Across Nation -- 2,100-mile path (Devil in the Machine)... *PIC*

Colossal Storm Roars Across Nation

Paralyzing ice, snow across 2,100-mile path could impact 100 million...

February 1, 2011


A winter weather colossus roared into the nation's heartland, laying down a paralyzing punch of dangerous ice and whiteout snow and living up to hype that the storm billed as the worst in decades would disrupt life from Texas to Maine at least through Wednesday.

Ice-covered streets were deserted in Super Bowl host city Dallas. Whiteouts shut down Oklahoma City and Tulsa. And more was on the way. Chicago, where commuters started fleeing early Tuesday afternoon, expected 2 feet of snow; Indianapolis an inch of ice, and the Northeast still more ice and snow.

The system that stretched 2,100 miles across a third of the country promised to leave in its aftermath a chilly cloak of teeth-chattering cold, with temperatures in the single digits or lower.

Winds topped 60 mph in Texas. The newspaper in Tulsa, Okla., canceled its print edition for the first time in more than a century. And in Chicago, both major airports gave up on flying until at least Wednesday afternoon.


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Weather machine at Minot AF Base...? *PIC*
Weather machine at Minot AF Base...? pic #2 *NM* *PIC*
Weather machine at Minot AF Base...? pic#3 *PIC*
Colossal Storm Roars Across Nation -- 2,100-mile path (Devil in the Machine)... *PIC*
Bro. Al Gore in the Freakin' News Again!!: These Snowstorms are Caused by Man-Made Global Warming (& Here's Who's Behind It All!!)... :O *PIC*
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