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The Calling of.................

The Calling of..................

Black Birds I call for you,

As the colors metallic in fold gleaming bright lights on to you.

So True!

Within the rains misty moon the black birds come from near and far.

“Come to me now.”

I summon you for this message to find her going with in to her heart of hearts.

I pray to the winds of all times

And send you a thousand and one black songbirds.

As the love of a songbird sings those sweet words of so softly far beyond sound in that


rhythms that will soon falter into you and land all around earthly ground.

Find her,

bring her to me soon for soon is all here now.

I dismiss you all,

with the waving of the raising of my arm

Shaking my energies from my soulful felt hands, to shoo and scoot you al to the west as

some eastward, a group go north,

Complete the south lands


Months later un to this date,

I received in a visions dream,

That spiritual place in the DeMint ions where the sanctuary of the rose gardens aligned with

the sacred rocks.

Where she Teaches me.

By the rock garden of flowered roses I rest in a purple cloud, holding my hand gently

guiding my reasons for being in her forsaken place of landings.

Facing as I stand on the edge of the 6th dimensions 22 door

In the south, behind me and below me is the earths edgings at the atmospheric door.

She holds her left hand outward cupping her fingers as to say

Come to me

Sit over here…

The right hand of the clock of time the space hand set at the mark of nine.

-- as she lead me across the golden rope swing bridge toward the setting of his son.



From our within to our very inner woven energies of



Made by him.

In order to connect the bridge thus becoming twin teachers,

Angelic Student connected as the master inner wove our DNA strands.

From rejoining our soul mate likeness fro that other life time,


his the…

Masters intentional plan.

One inkling of a day ward passing he will wake up from this dream

Thus remembering


My garden


And rock water falls…

In order to cross over in its entirety,

our golden strands of inner woven DNA

That only he can find and cross the dimension 6 and find the 22 door gate.

Alone once again with the within again into the again.

He never ask of my name (,-_!_-,)

In that inkling of time well spent.

Greatest Brightest StarMaker...Brightest_Rainbows that first "Our Covanant"

Promise never to destroy or harm in this way again I just know!

The Birds

Found me and though I saw you,

I always knew who you were and always are.

Always Remember within by going too, that special place,

I am always right where you left me!

I am that near or far

All My Hearts Guided Purest Love!

a Teacher of Yours and in Him I abide ,

as the Holy Ghost Guides Through Me To You,

Highest Bright Lights Path!

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