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More Whistling in the Wind... *PIC*

Of course the guy who wrote this naively thought that if people knew certain facts, they would care & it would make a difference...No matter, he's too late anyways -- and it's looking more & more like TPTB may have already decided to ditch the U.S. for "greener" pastures...maybe they know what's coming...because of unintended consequences they can't control?

When Were the People Free?

by Tom Friess
March 26, 2008


In my four years of full time research, I've discovered something that will shock you, and will also help explain what nobody seems to be able to comprehend about what's really happening in this country. Few know, and even fewer dare to talk about it. Particularly the media.

As you know, our unalienable rights are these: Freedom of speech, press, conscience, religion, bear arms, assembly, privacy, swift and fair trial by jury of peers, habeas corpus, posse comitatus, AND free and fair elections.

Do you know what is unique about these specific freedoms besides being God-given and unalienable?

Because virtually every single one of these freedoms are not only forbidden, but are specifically condemned in Roman Catholic Canon Law.

Please keep reading and let me substantiate my assertions. You will be stunned by much of it. I'm going to tell you things that people just won't talk about.

Ever wonder why there seems to be so much debate of late as to whether or not there really is a wall of separation between church and state?

Ever wonder why the Roman Catholic Church is so politically active, and why the Ecumenical Protestant Churches are joining that political activism?

This political activism is being contrived to prepare them for the coming union of church and state in the USA.

Ever wonder why there are 155 practicing Catholics in Congress, and the next largest religious group has only 30 or so practitioners? And don't forget, MOST of the Protestants represented in Congress are ECUMENICAL Protestants! (Look up Vatican II and the definition of Ecumenism).

Ever wonder why the Patriot Act seems to have done the most damage to our uniquely PROTESTANT freedoms, and that it was hurriedly passed immediately after 9-11 with almost no one in our overwhelmingly Catholic-controlled Congress reading it before they voted it into law?

And don't forget, the Patriot Act would have literally taken YEARS to prepare by a team of lawyers. Also don't forget that it's author was an assistant Attorney-General named Viet D. Dinh, who was an orphaned immigrant Vietnamese Catholic refugee working with Jesuit Georgetown University.

Did you know that President Ronald Reagan, a 33 degree Freemason, met Pope John Paul II in Alaska for a meeting in 1984, and in that meeting, JPII condemned the USA as decadent, ridden with crime and murder and abortion, materialistic, immoral, drug infested, and that, in response, President Ronald Reagan said, "Holy Father, I give you my country"?

And did you know that, as soon as President Reagan returned to the White House, he formally recognized the Vatican as a nation and signed a secret concordat (a direct violation of the Constitutional Separation Clause) and fully restored diplomatic relations with the Vatican, relations which were suspended with extreme prejudice in 1867 after the trial of John Surratt, when it was discovered positively that the Vatican was directly responsible for the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln?

Did you know that Ronald Reagan's secret concordat and reopening of diplomatic relations with the Vatican also marked his firing of the Federal Air Traffic Controller's Union, which started a domino style labor union busting response by all the large high paying corporations and industries in this country, and that, soon thereafter, NAFTA and GATT were signed into law, and that industry and corporations started to flood out of this country to set up shop in poor CATHOLIC and other Vatican-controlled countries in the 3rd world?

If you know an honest Roman Catholic Attorney, have him compare the Patriot Act with Roman Catholic Canon Law. Also ask him to tell you what a Red Mass is and who it's "patron saint" is. It's Saint Thomas More. He was a British law maker and he is honored by the Catholic Church for his brutal persecution and burning at the stake of hundreds of British Protestants. Look it up yourself on Google. The Red Mass is held each year in honor of the most powerful lawyers, judges, government officials, and law makers in this country. The Patriot Act is nothing less than Roman Catholic Canon Law under another title and cover. It destroys most of our Bill of Rights and Constitutional Rights. And they got it passed by calling it "Patriot" no less! And it's "patron saint" is one of the most brutal and celebrated Inquisitors in British history.


Ever hear of Christopher Strunk? He's a long time NY attorney who has discovered, throughout his years of law practice, that NY State law is nothing but Roman Catholic Canon Law under another cover. Now he is running for the 18th district NY State Senate seat on an anti-Catholic/anti-Jesuit platform, the first in our nation's history. He has also, under the FOIA, requested a CIA inquiry into the Jesuit Order on the premise that the Jesuits, who have been expelled from 83 countries and city states for political intrigue over the last 500 years, are actually agents of a foreign government (Vatican) operating illegally in this country as spies for a foreign government (Vatican), and that each Jesuit in this country should be registered with our government as such, and that they should be expelled from this country under the Logan Act. Who are Christopher Strunk's most ardent supporters? Roman Catholic women! Why? Because they love their Protestant Freedoms that we all enjoy, and they are sick and tired of all the scandals of the Roman Catholic Church, particularly the pedophile priest epidemic that is so well known to them but is sequestered in the mainstream media and mishandled by our Vatican-controlled court system. Their kids are at risk by their own priests, and the Jesuit priests are the worst pedophiles in the bunch.


Did you know that, during his initiation ceremony into the Skull and Bones Society at Yale University, George W. Bush, after ritually kissing the toe of a caricature of the pope, and similarly paying homage to a caricature of the messiah of Freemasonry (Hiram Abiff), was finally dubbed three times with a sword by a caricature of a mystical character referred to by Bonesmen as, "Don Quixote," who actually and clandestinely represents none other than the founder and first Superior General of the Jesuit Order of the Roman Catholic Church named Saint Don Ignatius Loyola, and that he knighted George W. Bush a "Knight of Eulogia"?

Did you know that "Eulogia" is an ancient term that was used to describe what is now known as the Eucharist? Did you know that, despite his profession of Protestantism, President George W. Bush is actually and truly an oath spitting warrior for the Roman Catholic Church?

Ever wonder why President GWB has made no less than 5 known trips to the Vatican, an autonomous City State of no less than a whopping 108 acres? Ever wonder why all the Kings of the earth, and all the religious leaders of the earth, make similar regular visits, even the Prime Ministers of Israel and their Palestinian counterparts? Ever wonder why they all go there? Ever wonder who they're going there to see? Ever realize that the Vatican is both a religion and a state, and that the Pope rules autonomously over both?

Did you know that the CIA Director at the time of 9-11, George Tenet, is a high "Knight of Malta", also an oath spitting warrior for the Vatican?

Did you know that George H. W. Bush (CFR, Bohemian Grover, Ronald Reagan's Vice President) is also an oath spitting Skull and Bones warrior for the Roman Catholic Church?

Did you know that the Skull and Bones emblem, the Skull and Crossbones, is the identifying trademark of the Jesuit Order, and that, Roman Catholic Heinrich Himmler admittedly organized the Gestapo after the fashion of the Jesuit Order, and adopted the Jesuit Skull and Crossbones emblem as recognition of the Jesuit Order after which he modeled his Gestapo?

Did you know that most of the most powerful positions in our government and the military are CFR, Knights of Malta, Knights of Columbus, Opus Dei, and Scottish Rite Freemasonry?

Did you know that Jeb Bush is a high Knight of Columbus and kisses the ring of the little man in Rome who calls himself "the replacement of the Son of God on earth, the Vicar of Christ"? Did you know that, while Governor of Florida, Jeb Bush, on 9-11, declared martial law in Florida and it has never been rescinded?

Did you know that President Bill Clinton (CFR, Builderberger), besides being a globalist trained "Rhodes Scholar", was also Jesuit trained at Jesuit Georgetown University, and that, even though he professed Protestantism, was photographed receiving the Eucharist at a Catholic mass (I have the photo), and that his wife, Hillary (CFR), our next President (?), most admires Jesuit priest Teilhard de Chardin?

Did you know that all current Presidential candidates are CFR members, and that Barack Obama is also a 32 degree (soon to be 33 degree if not already) Freemason, and that the CFR and Freemasonry are ultimately controlled by the Superior General of the Society of Jesus, more commonly known as the Jesuit Order?

Did you know that no one rises to the level of a candidate for President in this country without the blessings of the Superior General of the Jesuit Order through the Council on Foreign Relations? Yes, that even includes Ron Paul! Ron Paul was picked by the Jesuits through the CFR to be an "also ran" for the purpose of determining the strength and resolve and resources of the true Patriots in this country, Rome's last obstacle in our overthrow. Through Ron Paul's candidacy, Rome now knows what she must do next, and how soon she must do it.

Did you know that the most powerful people in all three branches of our government are graduates from Jesuit Fordham and Jesuit Georgetown Universities or any of the 28 Jesuit Universities and Catholic colleges in this country?

Ever wonder why our government just seems inexplicably unwilling or incapable of closing our borders with Spanish- Catholic Mexico?

Ever notice that it is the priests of the Roman Catholic Churches who immediately give refuge and safe harbor to these illegal Catholic invaders and insist that they should be given free medical care and that their families should be allowed to join them here?

Did you know that the Club of Rome, an elite global think tank, divided the world into 10 regions, and that, Canada, the USA, and Mexico compose region #1 of the ten regions of the New World Order of Rome?

Did you ever stop to think that the war on terror, which began in earnest on 9-11, has pitted Protestant America against Islamic Arab nations, the two WORST enemies of the Vatican, enemies that Rome has always regarded as heretics?

Remember the Crusades, the Counter Reformation, and the INQUISITION?

Is the Holy Roman Inquisition coming to heretical Protestant America as soon as we finish off the Muslims?

Did you know that the current head of the Holy Roman Inquisition (yes it still exists), now known as the Congregation for the Preservation of the Doctrine of the Faith, is now Archbishop of San Francisco, William Lavada?

Did you know that the United States of America is divided into ten Jesuit Provinces, and that each Jesuit Province is headed by a high Jesuit Provincial, whose job is to keep his finger on the pulse of his Province and report monthly to the Superior General of the Jesuit Order in Rome, who is known as the "Black Pope", also known as the "Jesuit General", whose name is Adolfo Nicolas, whose predecessor was Count Peter Hans Kolvenbach, the most powerful man in the world?

Have you ever read the "Extreme Oath of the Jesuits"?

Have you ever read the 100 anathema's proclaimed against Protestants in the bloody Council of Trent, better known as the Counter Reformation Council, that was overseen and conducted by the Jesuit Order, which resulted in extreme persecution of all European non-Catholics, especially European Protestants in the late 1500's, which ultimately led to the founding of this Protestant Constitutional Republic?

Have you ever heard about the secret congresses of Vienna, Verona, and Chieri? Did you know that the reason for the Monroe Doctrine was to answer the Vatican's threat to infiltrate and subvert, and ultimately, to take over this country by any and every means possible, as determined by these secret Vatican led congresses in Europe?

Did you know that Jesuit priest Malachi Martin revealed in his book, "The Keys of This Blood", that the New World Order Sovereign Global Ruler would be none other than the Pope of the Roman Catholic Church?    

Do you see any possibility that what I've just told you, which is not even the tip of the iceberg of the information that I have, just might be the reason why our distinctly PROTESTANT Constitutional Freedoms, and our Protestant Constitution, and our Protestant Constitutional Republic, are being systematically destroyed right before our very eyes, and that this just might be the end game in the Vatican's age old sworn oath to take over this Protestant America?

Did you ever stop to realize that, for a global government to be successful, there must also be a global religion?

Do you ever stop to consider that "Ecumenism", the main thrust of Vatican II, if completed to maturity, IS A ONE WORLD RELIGION?

Do you realize that I have shown you precisely how, and by whom, virtually every single one of all those unalienable God given Protestant freedoms that I listed at the beginning, have been destroyed?

Did you know that the most controlling media man in this country is Rupert Murdoch, and that he is a high Knight of Malta, an oath spitting warrior for the Vatican, and that, except for the King James Bible, he owns the copy rights of nearly all the modern Bible translations, and that he may suspend their printing at will, and that he and a few of his papist buddies control virtually all the mainstream media and even much of the alternative media in this country?

If you don't want anything more from me, then at least go to http://www.arcticbeacon.com and click on "rare books and documents" on the left-hand side of the main page. Read all the books there, especially the Jesuit Oath.

Tom Friess



*Side Note: According to Craig Oxley:

Rupert Murdoch is a Sabbatean who's real name is Greenberg. He's a Roman Catholic, a Knight of St. Gregory the Great, a Sovereign Military Order of Malta Papal Knight, part of British Secret Intelligence Service. He is a most useful and loyal Labor Masonic Hofjuden. Notice how he's in control of the powerful Sky and Fox TV networks spreading British SIS controlled propaganda. Notice how all the news comes from British SIS controlled Reuters and Associated Press.

LINK:  (You'll need to scroll down in the discussion to see the above statement.)
http://z13.invisionfree.com/THE_UNHIVED_MIND/index.php?showtopic=26007&st=30 )

Why do all politicians & influential media figures in the mainstream & the alternative run for the hills when the “V word” is mentioned?

“When you go against Rome, the world becomes your enemy.”
  --- the late William Cooper

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