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Congress has just approved the new $100 bill which is adorned by the face of the one and only Barack Obama. Hysteria amongst democrats and republicans alike have come forward to express their outrage. It is unknown at this time whether there will be civil unrest the likes of what is happening right now in Egypt. Here are a few choice quotes from your leaders:

Hillary Clinton: "Only dead Presidents belong on our bills. My Bill is trying to get this job done right now. We believe in Arkanside."

Sarah Palin: I've got Barack Hussein in my crosshairs."

Jesse Jackson: He ain't no Martin Luther King. I'm going to crush his black balls. No way I'm going to use those bills."

John Boner: "I'm going to cry."

Nancy Reagan: "It should have been my Ronnie. My glowing spirit ball said it was going to be so. Damn that negro."



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