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Vatic Project - Daily Summary- January 30, 2011

Vatic Note:   We sent out an email earlier today providing our readers with the live streaming news 24/7 on the riots and demonstrations in Egypt so that you would be fully informed on what and how its all going.   We did not include that on the daily summary, but if you lost the link, let us know and we will resend it to you.  Finally, today we met our goal for the month which allowed us to then redirect our personal resources to fixing the computer and for that we deeply wish to thank all of you who have contributed to make this a reality.   We  are able to continue and to clear up the mess on our computers that someone graciously created for us.  Hopefully we will be responding to your emails again soon like we used to.  Be patient.   The computer man is coming today to finish up the job.  Finally, I do want to thank all our readers and supporters including those that have not the resources to aid us financially.   You are appreciated as well for visiting and for sending out the information to others so they can be educated.  For that we are also deeply grateful.   We have the best readers in the world.  I swear.    lol   
VICTORY -  RESISTANCE CAMPAIGN - Its gone global.   
Blog: The Vatic Project - Daily Summary - Jan 30, 2011
I.     Post:                           Pres. Obama, We Know How to Help Cut the Deficit-End Aid to Israel (military)                                     
Vatic Note:  I received this email from US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation, and its a good campaign.  So I am sharing this with everyone since it directly deals with our deficit situation and a good place to make those cuts that would result in some good being done all the way around for everyone including Israel, since they cannot legitimately be a country until they can act like a country and a "Good Neighbor" among the community of countries.  If they cannot, then, like the "REAL JEWS" say, they should not BE a country.  I have suggested numerous times that we should simply trade debt.  (CLICK LINK ABOVE FOR REST OF NOTE) 

II.                                    Raw Milk Dairy Farm Fights Back and Wins! (See? We are Powerful)                              
Vatic Note:   SEE???  WE ARE POWERFUL, and we can win this thing.   All it takes is a belief that we can and staying united and have some righteous anger to stoke our energy to action.  Its OUR government, not the otherway around, and that must be remembered when doing all of this.  We are the owners of this government and not ISRAEL.    It also will take courage and do not kid yourself about that.  Remember, these satanist Rothschild Khazar Bankers  have invested a huge amount of years into this agenda that they are attempting to complete and they will not give up easily.   FASCISM globally, is the goal.  So our commitment, courage, stamina, and focus can be NO LESS THEN THEIRS..... in fact, it must be MORE..... because they beat us on 'time' while we are only just beginning.   So begin talking with your neighbors, relatives, friends, etc.  I can assure you after the bird, fish, cattle and crabs all dying, that they know there is something seriously wrong.   They also know they are getting sick, and they know its from the chemtrails now.  They know that our institutions are failing us, so you have a lot to work with here as all your neighbors need is some support and structure for brainstorming, creative thinking outside the box and all of it must begin locally.   WE CAN DO IT.  Just read about this farm family that had the courage to do it and won.   Bless you all and good luck.   (Go to link above for rest of VN, links, and article)

III.                                          Skin Rash Anyone? Don't Watch This then.                                         
Vatic Note: I found this interesting, because like the gulf blow out, it was announced in advance in a movie called "The Knowing" with Nicholas Cage.   There are other movies that we have discussed that announced the satanists intentions which is pure evil.   Don't forget other indicators we have experienced over the past few years as well.   Remember the Polish Health Workers convicted  of injecting disease into homeless people who then died from those injections?  Testing vaccines for these deadly diseases they plan on using on us.   They want us to know,  so they can take no responsibility for the end result.  After all, they told us and we didn't say anyting.  That is exactly how they think.  Given that 89  Microbiologists have died since 9-11 AND given that war games have been played which is also another indicator, of a biological attack,  and given that Wheeler specialized in Bioweapons as a weapon of Mass Destruction, and he died around the same time the birds and fish all died, then I suspect this might be another tell all tale to take a gander at our reaction.  Lets not disappoint them.  Send this video to your congressman and senator and ask them if this is something they have planned for us???  I am doing it along with the trailer from "THE KNOWING" showing the gulf blow out and the date of release of the film many many months in advance of the blow out.  That should get some energy flowing in the right direction.    click on link above to continue.
IV.                                    Wayne Madsen says, "Viktor Bout knows too much about 9-11,"                                       
Vatic Note:  When I saw Wayne Madsen had done a piece on this on video, I was immediately intrigued as to who this person was causing American officials (Khazars/Israel) so much grief and then I dug further and sure enough, he was Israel's biggest competitor in the arms sales race, which was cutting into their illicit and questionable profits. Also on this blog we published proof of Israel doing 9-11, titled "......ALL THE PROOF IN THE WORLD".   So that made sense. What was interesting is the fact that Thailand has succumb to our foreign occupiers advancements to them and gave in without a peep, so we know that Thailand is gone as an independant and ethical country. So many dictators and so many leaders we control now, or I should say "Israel/Khazars" bankers control now. It makes it somewhat discouraging after seeing the deep and close relationship Rockefeller had with Chile's President. It seems no matter where we look, they are all put in power by our foreign occupying country. No wonder they got kicked out of Mongolia. Its my fervent wish they get kicked out of here as well. Enjoy Wayne and his take on this about 9-11 and also the article that follows giving us a very good look into who Viktor Bout really is and why he would be tied into 9-11. 
I AM AMERICA - Kristan Branch  -  Click on link and scroll down to the first video.  ITS WELL WORTH IT.  Music tells us who we are.

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