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From time to time I look back at something I posted just to see how things have moved along to the Pole Shift date. That could be around the date of the coming Passover; sometime this April. The old land is sinking into the sea and new land is rising above the waves. Follow the drama at ZetaTalk@ZetaTalk.com. There you will read news and see photographs not presented on radio or television as the coverup is still in place.

Odd and Unusual

 From the Natural Solutions Radio Archive




The Passage of Nibiru & The Seventieth Week of Daniel


Submitted by Robert Alford Darby on Sat, 2007-09-15 15:13 in Odd and Unusual

I find it very interesting that, already having been caught in so many lies, the present administration continues to lie to The People.

The news brief released by the present administration in Washington a few days ago about the urgent need of
nudging or tagging an asteroid that will possibly strike Earth in 2025 or on its return passage by Earth in 2031, seven years later, admits the existence of something in space that is a threat to Earth, but places the time of a possible hit a quarter century into the future.

The threat is NOW! Nibiru, an inhabited planet four times the diameter of Earth is, on at this date
between Earth and the Sun and moving slowly toward Earth in a retrograde orbit.

Soon, not twenty five years from now, it will zip past Earth causing a ninety-degree pole shift and reaping a
harvest of about 5,500,000,000 human souls. It will come close, but it will not strike Earth.

The recent Temple 1 nuclear strike on Rock, Earth's dark twin planet, may have created a large debris field about twelve to fifteen million miles behind Earth in the orbit the two planets share as they travel around the sun each year.

Earth is now being backed in a retrograde direction toward Rock and the probable debris field due to the
presence in the solar system of the "Asteroid" that will, according to the government, possibly strike Earth in 2025.

In August we can normally expect solar flares and meteor showers. Now we can add the debris field created by the several nuclear explosions on Rock, on the night of July 3/4, 2005, as a possible source of rocks that turn into meteors as they enter Earths atmosphere.

The situation, even without the new debris field, means that the International Space Station could be destroyed by a solar flare or a meteor.

The administration, in a rush to see Nibiru before August has created a more hazardous orbital trip home for Discovery and the crew of seven astronauts now docked at the Space Station.

I think the current passage of Nibiru started about 3,657 years or so ago when the last passage through the solar system was completed. That is one solar year ago for the Ananaki inhabitants of the "asteroid" to be "tagged."

It has, for those dwelling on Nibiru, been only four solar years since the Great Flood of Noah's time and one year since Israel left captivity in Egypt. Both of those events coincided with a passage near Earth of Nibiru.

Nibiru will make an outbound second passage by Earth seven years after the incoming passage. The second passage will be farther away from Earth than the first passage.

I believe the seven year period between passages is the Seventieth Week of Daniel spoken of in the Bible, a time of great tribulation upon the earth, and completes the 490 years following the decree to rebuild the temple in Jerusalem and then the angels will separate the sheep and the goats.

In summary, the US Government has confirmed that an "asteroid" is a threat to Earth and that in order to protect the planet and humanity the asteroid must be tagged in order to track its approach to Earth or nudged with nuclear blasts into a different orbital path, one that will cause the passage to be more distant from earth.

For the US Government to change the obit of anything in space it will be necessary for the US Government to
"turn off" the energy flows from every star, planet, comet, asteroid, galaxy, universe in vast space in third dimension and every other dimension and that is not going to happen.

The US Government spent 1.4 billion taxpayer dollars to solve the foam separation problem on the space shuttles without success. The US Government, NASA specifically, knows nothing about energy signature changes that occur during a launch that cause a discharge of energy from the hull of a spacecraft into the surrounding atmosphere upon separation from the ground.

How many billions are you willing to have the US Government spend it a doomed before it begins attempt to nudge a planet, a comet or an asteroid into a different orbital path?

To keep up with what is really happening in space; visit Zetatalk, the website of the Zeta Reticuli Service to Other people and/or Bloginservice, the blog that provides the human race with a place to share information and opinions concerning topics of interest to people presently residing on Earth.

I would like to see a US Comptroller General Audit Report concerning NASA's wasteful expenditure of 1.4 billion taxpayer dollars in a failed attempt to solve the space shuttle foam insulation peeling problem. Unless, of course, the Office of The Comptroller General is as ineffective in the performance of its duties as the National Transportation Safety Board was in it duty to conduct a thorough investigation of what caused the destruction of TWA Flight 800.

Robert A. Darby
5121 Anchorage Ave
El Paso, Texas 79924-3342
(915) 755-7074

Post Script

Much time has passed since I prepared and post this article at Natural Solutions Radio.

I have posted on the internet and at BBS Radio Trusted News Trader many other articles about the pending Passage of Nibiru and the astral catastrophe that will in one sixty minute hour rearrange Earth’s geography and reduce Earth’s human population to about 800,000,000.

 Now, in 2011, Nibiru, under favorable conditions can be seen next to the sun and, as Pope John Paul in 1980 told an audience in Germany; sea water is beginning to overflow coastal areas and islands as the land sinks under the Pacific Ocean water.

Perhaps The Passage will occur this Passover Season; it was during the Exodus of Israel from Egypt about 3,657 years ago that Nibiru last visited destruction upon helpless Earth and its inhabitants.

The Passage of Nibiru is one of those things nobody can stop or delay. As a matter of fact Nibiru is already on its way out of our Solar System. When the Nibiru and its many moons are just 14,000,000 miles from Earth the world as we know it will end.

For additional information about the Pole Shift start at ZetaTalk with the article titled Synergy  of Signs. 

RAD, January 31, 2011


Synergy of Signs



Synergy of Signs Leading up to the Passage


I have given up on trying to space this text. So,.... here it is as it is.

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