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Barbara Hand Clow: AstroFlash Aquarius New Moon: February 2, 2011 *LINK* *PIC*


Aquarius New Moon: February 2, 2011    View Chart
9:30:50 PM EST, Washington, DC

The New Moon in Aquarius announces it is your time to access creativity and freedom. This Aquarius New Moon is especially wonderful because it coincides with Midwinter, the true return of strong light north of the equator. For thousands of years our ancestors honored this time of year with candles and fires, and examined the flickering light in crystals and gems; thus this dark Moon at Midwinter draws us to the light. With six "lights" in Aquarius, great consciousness activation is coming just in time for the Universal Underworld on March 9. You can feel truth in your bones now-the collective world is spinning into chaos, inspired by the final Jupiter/Uranus conjunction from the previous New Moon, and now both planets are speeding into Aries.

Neptune in 28 Aquarius is still less than one degree off the 1776 USA Moon in 27 Aquarius, and Neptune will be beyond this combust point on February 12. This is a final time for America to elevate its group mind-to choose peace instead of violence. The previous New Moon in Capricorn was a solar eclipse with the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction squaring the Galactic Center while Chiron and Neptune were conjunct the USA Moon. Thousands of redwing blackbirds fell from the skies and many more dead fish washed up along rivers. The hideous shooting of Congresswoman Giffords and her supporters in Tucson, Arizona, showed that rebellion is breaking out everywhere-as it is currently in the Middle East. Jupiter-conjunct-Uranus began to separate, and the chickens came home to roost. Violence is breaking out against animals and within societies because everyone needs to take a hard look at what is going on. I noted on this site four or five years ago that if America continued to attack the world to protect its own interests, eventually the violence would come home.

We could title the Tucson shooting, "Glock Around the Clock," like a new version of A Clockwork Orange. A Glock is a handgun that loads high-velocity clips, and the 22-year-old shooter would have killed many more if he'd been able to reload. Gabrielle Giffords opposes gun control and owns a Glock herself. The Judge who died would normally have been carrying his Glock, but he'd just been to Mass before he came to hear her speak. Meanwhile, the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction and its final separation has offered events that people need to learn from: Nature is dying, humans are killing each other and even people who serve the public are endangered; America's quest for global control in the guise of freedom is falling apart. If we each want to access our Aquarian birthright-the ability to create our world-we must see what these events are telling us, and astrology is a very reliable tool.

No one wants to get caught in the collective insanity of the January events. If you want to avoid being part of what's going on, you must distance yourself from those who live by fear and violence; this is your choice. The time to decide is after February 12, when Neptune moves off being combust the USA Moon. Neptune will return to the USA Moon again October 28, 2011, when the USA will have another dose of Neptune's fog that lasts until early December 2011. With so many people extremely hostile these days, are you peaceful or angry? The USA is being ground up by its flagrant use of force to attain its chosen ends. Just as I was writing these words, reports came through of thirteen police officers shot in Florida since January 20; four were killed and the others very seriously wounded. On January 24, the New York Times noted that, "criminals are outgunning our police officers. We're seeing criminals with high-velocity clips on their guns." I will have a few more things to say about the collective later; however, for now I choose to focus on this New Moon's personal potential. To change anything, first we must change ourselves; we have to keep that in mind as the "outer" world spins out of control.

The New Moon in Aquarius is in the middle of a remarkable Aquarian stellium with the asteroid Ceres, Mars, and then Neptune and Chiron. Ceres is the Goddess of the grain-she rules humanity's adoption of agriculture-so with the New Moon, she offers fruition and plenty. Mars in Aquarius announces that we have the strength to make changes now, since he is swift like unexpected lightning. Place and time have little to do with what Mars can do. He is brilliant and insightful as long as he's decided what he wants, and I cannot emphasize enough how critical your choices are now. Regarding what's going on out there, you don't have to be doing it. Of course, this is self-evident, but this lunation asks you to examine whether you are actually participating in events: maybe emotionally and/or mentally? Those of us seeking Oneness must draw any remnants of our consciousness out of the negativities of our times because the Universal Underworld is soon going to put everything into an outrageous spin. You need to be in the center of the spin with very strong boundaries in your aura, just like a whirling dervish. We can manifest our intentions while not affected by the pull of actions that others choose. If you are struggling with staying centered and maintaining boundaries, I'd suggest you read Karla McLaren's The Language of Emotions.

The stellium in Aquarius is trined by Saturn in Libra, which is a true blessing: Saturn just went retrograde January 25, which is deepening us, and beckoning us into deep introspection. When Saturn is retrograde in Libra, he encourages us to find fairness and harmony in all the aspects of our lives. This is especially true for the USA, since its natal Saturn is 15 Libra. Saturn retrogrades over the USA Saturn on March 9, the opening of the Universal Underworld! This great Aquarius stellium signals the arrival of great personal change (Sun/Moon), fecundation (Ceres), force (Mars), bliss (Neptune), and healing (Chiron), and Saturn holds and structures this force. This New Moon offers potent creative change blessed with sweet mysticism and healing. Saturn retrograde in Libra trining the Aquarius stellium is your soul's melody-a bow stroking the violin strings in harmony. Just by following your heart's wisdom, you play your special song. It is much more important than usual to meditate during the exact time of this New Moon. It occurs during the late day and evening in the Northern hemisphere, and for those who work with sound and healing, you can hear the music of the spheres during this New Moon. Why? The Aquarius stellium trining Saturn is a rare harmonic, and the asteroids add really nice overtones.

I know you're surprised to see me add the asteroids, and there is a reason. The asteroids and comets were born during the explosion of a large planet 11,500 years ago that used to orbit between Mars and Jupiter; the asteroids still carry this lost planet's vibration. But the asteroids are in pieces and in weird orbits. It is hard to interpret them, but it is fairly easy to feel them. I actually do interpret them for myself, and then I've kept them out of these readings to avoid complexity. As we come into the solar system from Saturn, Jupiter is the home of the masters and he is male and controlling by organizing and ruling the inner planets. Passing by the asteroids, we come to Mars, who is patently masculine. The lost planet was a feminine force along with Venus, Neptune, and Moon. As such, the asteroids represent the lost parts of the feminine.

During this New Moon, Juno is exactly opposite Uranus in Pisces, so finding gender balance to attain more personal power is very important. Juno was the honored wife of Jupiter, so she is the woman who gains power in marriage. As we already know, Ceres is with the New Moon and Mars, which adds the power of fruition to our quest. Vesta, the goddess of the hearth, is combust the North Node, so male/female or yin/yang harmony is the karmic agenda of this New Moon. In other words, this whole lunation is about recovering the lost feminine. If there is any hope the US will get honest about its orgy with weapons, it will come with previously gun-toting Gabrielle Giffords asking the Congress to honor her sacrifice by controlling guns, if she can ever speak again. Perhaps Sarah Palin will consider apologizing for any role she might have played? Considering the enormous heart power of this event in Tucson, so visible in the devotion of Gifford's husband, anything is possible. Of course, with Mars just past the New Moon, the outcome could be the opposite. Vengeance is very dangerous now, and you must search your heart for any trace of this destructive emotion.

Will anybody get the point? Mercury in 29 Capricorn (very advanced mentally in the last degree) is exactly trine Juno, the powerful wife of Jupiter, who has completed his meeting with the archetype of chaos-Uranus-for now. There may be a Mercury revelation about the Uranus/Jupiter conjunctions, since Mercury exactly sextiles Uranus. Mercury in 29 Capricorn is the wisest of 360 degrees of the Zodiac, and so he is prophetic. This position of Mercury knows ideal ethics, especially infused by Juno and her wisdom, while Uranus encourages him to just rearrange everything. For instance, what does it mean that the nine-year-old girl who died was born on 9/11? Jupiter/Uranus have just completed their final square during the previous New Moon, and this conjunction squared the Galactic Center. The issues keeping humankind from its cosmic heritage are fully in view now. We can see these issues now that the Jupiter/Uranus conjunctions are complete. We better get the point, because Jupiter went into Aries on January 22 and Uranus goes into Aries on March 11, just after the second USA Saturn return. Have you ever tried to restrain one of your Aries friends when they were determined to do something?

The first Jupiter/Uranus conjunction was June 8, 2010, when the brilliant Washington journalist, Helen Thomas, lost her temper and spoke very strongly against America's heavy support for Israel. She was immediately dumped and no longer appears during presidential news conferences, which is a great loss of free journalism. This was a great example of what happens to anybody in the US who questions America's support for Israel. The second conjunction was September 19, 2010, just when the Israelis boarded relief boats headed for starving Gaza, and they killed or wounded a number of relief activists on the boats. Many people were horrified by these murders, and even Turkey, which was an ally to Israel, brought its Ambassador home from Jerusalem to protest. The conjunctions clearly pointed to Israel and its allies, so, look at what's been going on since the third conjunction on January 4, 2011: We see violence against authorities exploding in Tunisia, Yemen, Iraq, and Egypt-and in the US too, if you want to consider the cop killings. Helen Thomas's voice was prophetic regarding the American imbalance in the Middle East, which is now exploding in anger, frustration, poverty, and hopelessness.

Hosni Mubarek is an American ally in the Middle East and a typical American puppet. Life is horrible for most Egyptians except the rich. The police are brutal, the elections are rigged, and there is rampant corruption. My Egyptian friends and my teacher Hakim have told me the truth since the late 1980s. What I'm saying is obvious, but what's different now is the astrology: Jupiter and Uranus come together about every fifteen years, so this is not a rare conjunction but it is often a profoundly influential one. This is because Uranus rules change and Jupiter rules expansion, so when they meet, Jupiter explodes anything that is primed for transformation. By carefully observing key events during the three conjunctions, we can see that America has pushed the Middle East way out of balance, so the countries there are taking the situation into their hands. The USA is in the middle of its 8th Saturn return, so perhaps it might support good leaders instead of despots? Or, why not stop meddling in everybody else's problems? The Jupiter/Uranus transits show that America will have to change its position in the Middle East.

The asteroid belt reminds me of Humpty Dumpty who can't put himself back together again. When the lost planet was shattered 11,500 years ago, the feminine was shattered. As cosmic consciousness opens with Uranus-conjunct-Jupiter squaring the Galactic Center, madness is breaking out, which can be seen by the Tucson shooter.

Meanwhile, there are so many obvious answers, if people would just reflect. Guns are not the only problem; for example, the US is poisoned by rampant anger in the public discourse. The Media Fairness Doctrine once required news broadcasters to equally air all the sides of controversial issues. It was repealed in 1987, which paved the way for right-wing channels like Fox News and the Rush Limbaugh Show to fill the airwaves with hate and vitriol. Nothing balances it because educational media is poorly funded. It could be different! Guns could be controlled, fairness could be the standard, and America could spend its money on its citizens instead of on war. This New Moon asks us to tenderly gather our lost feminine aspects; for instance, to have compassion for this insane young shooter and his devastated parents, and to create a safe society for all. Hera is wise as the wife of a great man, and for this New Moon, she would say the agenda is Vesta's agenda because she sits exact on the lunar North Node. Vesta's agenda is peace. Peace be with you all!

Gemini Lunar Eclipse: December 21 (Short Reading)

I expect this whole lunar cycle to be totally unforgettable because this New Moon seed bears fruit during the 29-degree Gemini Lunar Eclipse on December 21. This total eclipse occurs about fifteen hours before the Winter Solstice, so its energy pours right into the winter season. During this eclipse of the Moon, the Sun in 29 Sagittarius is close to the Galactic Center, and Mercury retrograde is combust the Galactic Center. This is awareness!!! It will be totally visible in the US, especially on the West Coast around midnight.

As many of you know, global ceremonies focused on achieving male/female harmony at the start of Day Seven, and this eclipse indicates we are going to be downloaded with cosmic knowledge about how to return to gender balance. I can feel that using the primary asteroids-Ceres, Juno, Athene, Vesta-will illuminate how we can find Oneness this year.

During the Lunar Eclipse, Juno exactly opposes Jupiter/Uranus in Pisces. Juno rules deep pain over inner separation from our own sex, which is then reflected outside us. We see this angst when women envy other women and men try to keep other men from their women. This is primary jealousy, an emotion that causes many people to stop doing the important things in their lives while they wallow in jealousy. Jupiter conjunct Uranus in Pisces has been expanding and transforming us into compassionate humans, with the last conjunction in 27 degrees of Pisces on January 4. Next, as Jupiter and Uranus move into Aries, our experiences with expansion and transformation will be bold, challenging, and difficult. So, Juno's exact opposition to Jupiter/Uranus just before their conjunction must be important. Maybe, this Juno complex is the main reason the Elite gets away with leading the people like flocks of sheep; it seems to insidiously sap the personal power of most individuals.

The opposition of Juno to Jupiter-conjunct-Uranus highlights our problems with separation from our primal selves and forms a grand square to the eclipse line right on the Galactic Center. This suggests that during the potent lunar eclipse, our attainment of compassion could be achieved by healing our own inner sexual identity separation complexes. I ask the men; is your inner male guilt-ridden, sneaky, promiscuous, and mean? Or, are you proud, clear, integral, and kind inside? Women, is your inner woman abused, greedy, jealous, and spiteful? Or, are you free, generous, heart-felt, and kind? Of course, you can determine a lot of the answers by observing your own significant partner.

The issue I'm bringing up is a perennial one, and this amazing eclipse spotlights the inner healing we need to attain Oneness. Chiron/Neptune are separating because they have done their part, and now we must heal male/female inner separation. Then, mothers and daughters will love each other freely, and fathers and sons will identify with each other and learn skills together. In the fourth dimension (4D), Pluto will release the captured daughters from the Underworld, and Uranus will liberate our sons from wars. In my next reading, we'll consider how this potent eclipse releases right into the Winter Solstice, making it an energetic force we will share during the deep winter.

The Winter Solstice will be posted by mid-December.


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