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UFO Sightings Spawn COMETA Report, Fear of World Crisis (They Hope)... *PIC*

What bothers me is the very last sentence in this article, particularly the words, 'vested interest' -- vested interest in Earth and its people.>  While UFO civilizations may have "roots" here on Earth, I think the idea of their having a 'vested interest' in this planet & its people is a bit presumptuous to say the least.  Consider what the words 'vested interest' really mean & the fact that TPTB have lied to us all these years about UFOs & "ETs".  Yeah, there's nothing NEW under the sun & that includes their LIES...

 vested interest

1. an established right that cannot be eliminated, as to some future benefit
2. close involvement in promoting personal advantage
3. a number of groups cooperating or competing in pursuing selfish goals and exerting controlling influence, esp. the powerful persons and groups that own and control industry, business, etc.


1. Law A right or title, as to present or future possession of an estate, that can be conveyed to another.
2. A fixed right granted to an employee under a pension plan.
3. A special interest in protecting or promoting that which is to one's own personal advantage.
4. vested interests -- Those groups that seek to maintain or control an existing system or activity from which they derive private benefit.

UFO Sightings Spawn COMETA Report, Fear of World Crisis


EUGENE, Ore. – Confirmed UFO sightings over Cairo and the port city of Suez in Egypt early Saturday morning comes at a time when the United Nations is reviewing the French government produced COMETA Report that states “about five percent of UFO sightings defy conventional explanation” and often occur at a time of world crisis; while, also stating that UFOs “constitute a real phenomenon warranting immediate international attention.” ...

The COMETA Report is a kin to the Air Force Blue Book reports on UFOs, states a French government information source. Moreover, COMETA’s history is tied to senior French government officials who, after World War II, decided it was time to investigate and prove UFO sightings were real.

Thus, COMETA is the French government’s official document stating that unidentified flying objects (UFOs) are real...



Nothin' NEW under the sun...

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