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Apple Could Disrupt Mobile Payment Industry, Analysts Say -- A 'PayPal' on Steroids!!! *PIC*

I wonder though...was Steve Jobs targeted for an early demise because of his innovative technologies to bypass the Criminal Banksters and offering PC users an alternative to their Dell from Hell?  


Apple Could Disrupt Mobile Payment Industry, Analysts Say -- A 'PayPal' on Steroids

Vast iTunes base makes it a 'PayPal on steroids,' one analyst said


Computerworld - Apple could cause some serious disruption in the mobile payments market if it enters that arena as reported, say analysts.

Reports noted earlier this week that Apple is planning to embed Near-Field Communications (NFC) technology into its next-generation iPhones and iPads. If the products were NFC-enabled, users would be able to pay for purchases just by waving their iPads or iPhones near retailers' payment terminals.

Similar contactless payment technologies have been around for years, but they've only received a lukewarm reception, at best, from consumers. What's likely to make Apple's offering vastly different, however, is the company's huge base of 160 million iTunes users, said Avivah Litan an analyst at Gartner.

That base gives Apple the ability to operate largely as a "closed payment system" with minimal need to interface with credit card companies and banks, she said. "They can largely shut out credit card companies if they choose to," and operate in much the same way that PayPal has done in the virtual world, she said.




click-click...Still waiting...with my Dell from Hell...anybody out there?  Undecided

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