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REPORT: Russia Threatens NATO With Nukes *PIC*

Does this mean the Russian president is forcing NATO & Europe to Choose Sides -- to either choose Russia OR the United States?...which could possibly mean that the United States would then have to choose between siding with NATO & Russia OR Israel...?  Interesting Timing with all that's been going on in Egypt...Russia complains about our missile shields & says we have THEM surrounded, well excuse me, but they've had US surrounded for years along with the Chinese -- very quietly with the help of the Traitors in our own Government & Military.  Reports I've heard & read say WE have been under a full scalar attack by the Russians hitting our Tectonic Plates trying to cause The Big One(s) to crack open, so I am not moved by Russia's calling, "Foul!" on the U.S. ...and they ALSO have space-based weapons -- all pointed at OUR cities.  I watch what they do & who they align themselves with.  Politics & Religion -- it's all the same...

Russia Threatens NATO With Nukes

The Russian president has called on NATO to clarify Moscow's role in a European missile system, warning if no agreement is reached, Russia will be forced to deploy “offensive” nuclear weapons...


"So this is not a joking matter. We expect from our NATO partners a direct and unambiguous answer," Dmitry Medvedev said during a meeting with Russia's NATO envoy Dmitry Rogozin.

"In either case, we are either together with NATO, or we separately find an adequate response to the existing problem," he said ...


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