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Shocking Bigfoot footage from America! Must See. *LINK*
In Response To: WoW, I have to laugh though ()

Seems authentic due to his reaction while hiding in the bushes.  

I wonder how brave any of you would be ? It's one thing to be sitting in their patato couch talking about how bad the guys langauge is and whole nother being in shoes....damn brave of him actually walking out to it I think. I don't think I be that brave, I open the door and lets the dogs have at it first ! all the while getting the gun locked and loaded too ooopps out in the country it be on my hip !

hmmm me wonders what anyone will do if they really started seeing monsters coming from the woods ? LOL Seen any horror flicks lately ?? You do know what happen to the stupid blond chicks in them, don't you? The dumb people that go oooo whats that usually end up in pieces !

I'm a believer!!!!

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Shocking alien footage from Australia *LINK*
thanks for the warning about the language! :-) *NM*
seems authentic due to the reaction to what he saw in the bushes
You're an idiot! *NM*
f -----off!! *NM*
It's a comedy and they're getting away with petty vulgarness and think it's about all. *NM*
Do you suppose the Aussie blokes vibrational level was ready for his encounter?
WoW, I have to laugh though
Shocking Bigfoot footage from America! Must See. *LINK*
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