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Well, I have to agree Prozzak. For me she goes from boring to depressing to demoralizing...

Always accusing others of what she herself is guilty of and it really gets old.  You can't even ask her or tell her to stay away from your posts.  She's like a festering boil on your butt that won't go away.  There are plenty of posters on this board she could respond to, but she just picks on certain ones and you have to wonder why.  When I'm not interested in a subject someone posts I just don't read it or if I disagree, I don't respond because there are too many things going on to get into arguments & disagreements. TNT is a Bulletin Board -- a place where you can inform, learn & be entertained as well, not like a forum for big debates & discussions.  Maybe that's what the Blog section is supposed to be used for, I'm not sure, but this constant non-stop harangueing & whining by Dancer is unbelievable & serves only to distract & detract from whatever message YOU are trying to convey. There is NO Freedom of Speech in that & I personally find it to be very childish as well as disingenuous.  I too wish she would stay away from my posts & leave me alone.  Furthermore, I've decided to ignore her replies to my posts from now on.  At the very least, they're a waste of time.

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Agent Provocateur? Did you incite the - meanwhile deleted - racist sucker porn illustration? - Just wondering how much further the sick naZimanic expoZionitis will go here. Mirror, mirror at the wall!
Well, I have to agree Prozzak. For me she goes from boring to depressing to demoralizing...
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