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Ah...yes, the Latest Factoids from Gabby Goebbels...Total BULL SHIZITSKI as Always... :D *PIC*

The Jesuits Perfected Communism in the Paraguayan “Reductions” of the 17th & 18th Century


 WOW!!! A big whopping 36,000 Jews living in China in 1940 & an estimated 20,000 escaped from Europe & took some slow boats to get there, however, by 1949 MOST had emigrated to Israel, the U.S., Canada & Australia TO ESCAPE COMMUNISM...between 2 & 3 thousand still in Shanghai...


It's the ZIONistas!!  They're taking over China!!  They'll take over their Banks...They'll Steal Everything the Obama gave them & Gott forbid the Chinese go to war with the Americans... the Jews may decide to return to Germany & with all the Muslims here -- Europe could become a Greater Gaza!!

-- Reincarnated Goebbels the Gerbil  Undecided

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YES! ZIObama and the ZIOnese. Communism is based on jewish Marxism. Many Jews nowadays still LOVE communism, they helped China to rise. So why complain? IBM sold to China. Why?
Ah...yes, the Latest Factoids from Gabby Goebbels...Total BULL SHIZITSKI as Always... :D *PIC*
Chabad Beijing Chabad China. Facts vs Fiction.
Long List of Gobbledygook -- So HOW MANY JEWS IN ALL OF CHINA TODAY? Chabad Chabad Chabad...Only ONE Sect???
You should know better (as you always try to) it's not the numbers and not the mass but the 'quality', the 'grains of salt', the 'bacteria of fermentation' for the social processing that counts.
Your Hero was a demon-possessed FRAUD who didn't even write 'Mein Kampf'...Chinese had no problems with Jews -- only Nazis disguised as Priests. *NM*
Mediocre lust for public libel, slur & slander?
Re: Chabad Beijing Chabad China. Facts vs Fiction. *PIC*
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