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I agree with much of what you have posted. I too find virtually all boards that post the latest and greatest in "Patriot" news mostly useless. Where do they get there news? The mainstream news reports of course. The Alex Jones propagandists, the Jeff Renses, Drudge Report, etc...

Rarely have you seen me link to anyone or anything. I prefer to "create" the news. I am not a doom or gloomer. Through humour I try to mock the system, leaders and those who pretend to have power over us. They do not have power over me. And as for those like the dickless prick that responds to me like Jackie the Ballerina - she shall be revealed in her glory as she continues to post under me...

DrumSpirit, I like you and your posts. In that you responded to "my" post, I hope that you do not find my material boring. If you do, please do not click on my material as I do not create it for you. I create images and interesting stories for myself in hope that others may also be entertained. I do not scour the internet for sad stories, or how the government is trying to kill us with flouride or chemtrails. Like you say, "old news." One can only say the same old crap over and over again so many times. And I'm sick of all the negativity.

So where is the freshness on the net? We can all create our own. We don't need links to stories. We have our own brains and fingers to type what is in our hearts and minds. Why are we being brainwashed into thinking that if we don't have a "link" to someone else's work that what we have to say is worthless? I don't believe it for a second.

I love music. I listen to hours of what I consider to be "angelic" music a day. It makes me happy. Does that sound boring and useless to you? I enjoy my dog. I enjoy him sitting with me, and him giving me that special look. But that does not make the news. And that will not appear in this blog site.

But I did post a funny pic of Rahm dressed as a woman. I thought that it was funny. It didn't link to any story. I made up a story that he was a homo/bisexual, which he probably is. I also stated, before there even was an appeal to the Supreme Court that somehow AIPAC would make certain that he would get elected. Tonight we find out that he will be on the ballot. Things are to simple in this corrupt world.

So... what's my point? My point is that you matter and that we all matter. We all get bored with the crap that we see on the web. You're not alone. So I just wanted to respond to you and say not to give up... and I'll try and post some funnier pictures just for you.


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Did Father 'BenDover' intentionally blend 'singUlarity' and 'simIlarity' or was it a sudden stroke of Shmalzheimer Disease? BTW your ArchAngel looks like tanned kitsch of 1903 - so, can it be? Wink :D *NM*
Thanks for the laugh! What a creative fantasy at work. Awe-inspiring alliteration also. Hey man, what a man! :D
What started out as Johnny Angel, ... *LINK*
Short and sweet ... I do not find you boring! Have fun. Humour is all we have left that we can call our own. Some people do not agree but then the msg is not for them. Right? *LINK*
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