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The Prophets Conference - James Gilliland as a Keynote Speaker!!! *LINK*


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Email: The Prophets Conference
Home: www.greatmystery.org
Tel: (1) 505 796 4023 USA/Canada or (44) 020 8123 5108 UK



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The Earth and all who reside upon her are going through an awakening and healing process some refer to as “The Quickening.” The veils between worlds are lifting yet most are mentally, emotionally and spiritually unprepared for this process. Come experience powerful tools, techniques and initiations of the highest consciousness and energy at 2013 DAY 1 The Prophets Conference Palm Springs.

James Gilliland
keynote speaker and workshop leader at the
2013: DAY 1
The Prophets Conference Palm Springs, California
25 February – 1 March 2011

BRINGING TOGETHER RESEARCHERS, VISIONARIES, AND INDIGENOUS PERSPECTIVES, 2013: Day 1 — The Prophets Conference Palm Springs will be a combination of conference presentations, social gatherings, ceremony, exhibition, and indepth experiential workshops with like minded individuals that will help us navigate this critical time we are in and imagine the world we want to see manifest.

Presentations by Alberto Villoldo, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Daniel Pinchbeck, Flordemayo, Freddy Silva, Geoff Stray, James Gilliland, Kiesha Crowther "Little Grandmother" and Steve Bhaerman "Swami Beyondananda".

Join these outstanding presenters LIVE in Palm Springs or watch and participate from the comfort of your home through your computer.

Using state-of-the-art video streaming technology, we will broadcast the live lectures from The Prophets Conference Palm Springs to your computer. All you need is an Internet connection and a web browser -- you don't have to download or install any software. If you can watch videos on YouTube, you can enjoy The Prophets Conference VIRTUAL. And the sessions will be archived so if you miss one you will be able to watch it at your convenience, and as many times as you like.

We encourage you to invite your friends over to watch with you (think about connecting your computer to a large screen) and discuss the ideas that are being shared.

"This is the place where all the pieces of the puzzle come together for courageous souls who desire to wake up, remember their Divinity, their ancient origins, regain their power and take a quantum leap in consciousness."
—James Gilliland

Introduction to your Higher Dimensional Self with James Gilliland
Workshop Highlights
  • Introduction to Planes, Dimensions and the Vibrational Continuum
  • Techniques for working with Higher Beings & Guides
  • Discernment & Healing unseen negative influences
  • Safeguards for working with the benevolent ones
  • Initiating Contact
  • Experiencing the multi-dimensional shift
  • Meditation Techniques (Spontaneous Yi Gong)
  • Group Initiation
  • Facilitator James Gilliland is an internationally known speaker, author, transpersonal counselor. His story was featured in the movie “Contact Has Begun” (watch trailer below), founder of Self Mastery Earth Institute, ECETI and host of As You Wish Talk radio www.bbsradio.com.

    After a near death experience brought about by drowning, James was shown the pure unconditional love and joy of connecting directly to the source during his near death experience, all that mattered was to reconnect and maintain that contact. This began a spiritual journey and 20 year quest which included 6 years of Yoga, The Inner Christ Ministry, and the Tibetan foundation were he was certified as being an intuitive visionary of the highest consciousness and energy. He has studied with other yogis, lamas, master teachers and continuously has been taught from within through his extensive practicing of meditation. He's lived a semi-reclusive life since 1986 at the ECETI Ranch, a 70 acre mountain retreat located at the base of Mt. Adams in Trout Lake, Washington. It has been recognized by many sensitives, intuitives, adepts, and masters of all walks for its spiritual qualities which greatly enhance and accelerate the awakening and healing process. The Sanctuary and those who participate are dedicated to the awakening and healing of Humanity and the Earth, body, mind and Spirit.

    Ranch in Trout Lake, WA is a working ranch, earth vortex energy point and one of the worlds most renowned paranormal hotspots where guests regularly experience contact from UFO's, Ultra-dimensionals and Orbs. James resides at ECETI Ranch where he lives close to the land farming and raising livestock, writing, speaking, teaching Self Mastery & Inner Sensitivity Training as well as clearing techniques to assist with the healing of humanity and the earth.


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    2013: DAY 1
    Alberto Villoldo, Andrew Harvey, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Daniel Pinchbeck, Flordemayo, Freddy Silva, Geoff Stray, James Gilliland, Little Grandmother
    Palm Springs, California
                25 Feb - 1 Mar 2011

    2013: DAY 1
    Christine Page, Daniel Pinchbeck, David Carson, Flordemayo, Freddy Silva, Geoff Stray, Graham Hancock, Satish Kumar, Little Grandmother
    Glastonbury, England
    1-8 July 2011

    with Host Jeremy Narby
    Guests: Wade Davis, Stanislav Grof, Kat Harrison, Luis Eduardo Luna
    23 Jan - 27 Feb 2011

    with Little Grandmother
    (Kiesha Crowther)

    5-17 April 2011

    Guests: Carolyn Myss, Adam Bucko, Diane Burke, Heather Murhpy, Carolyn Baker, Ellen Gunter
    24 March - 26 April 2011
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