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Vatic Project - Daily Summary- January 26, 2011

Vatic Note: See below for Fund raising status....... thanks to those who have contributed so far. 
Blog: The Vatic Project - Daily Summary - Jan 26, 2011
I.     Post:                   Global Rumblings: Infamous Nasa Project Blue Beam                                      
Vatic Note: Notice how the "banker owned" press, LATELY, and the british owned United Nations, have begun already talking as if the scenario below will occur. THEY ALWAYS TELL US WHAT THEY INTEND TO DO TO GAUGE OUR REACTION.  Its in the plan.   There is a lot to digest here, this guy did a superb job on a complete picture of this issue and ironically, everything serge said they were going to do, is currently underway and being done as we speak. The earthquakes are all man made as are all other "WEATHER RELATED" phenomena, and we haven't even gotten to the good stuff yet. This was covered in the Iron Mountain Report where the only way to globalize religion was to do so through such actions as outlined below in this write up and in Serge Monast article back in 1994. What he wrote about he predicted it would all come about before the year 2,000, and it didn't happen but its happening right now. Pay attention to what they intend to do so you will know what is going on and why and who.   SO IS IT ALMOST TIME TO GLOBALIZE A ONE WORLD RELIGION???  We will revisit this in May 2011.  Also don't forget the hacker that the US is trying to extradict from Britian.  He came across a full division of space with ships that are not listed in the public domain and a "space force" that travels between ships.  That is coming up here Next and why we put this one up as a foundation leading into the hacker disclosure.  (CLICK LINK ABOVE FOR REST OF NOTE) 

II.                            Hacker Feels US Navy Has Spaceships, Crews In Space                          
**  If appears they do not like  this one,  so if they cut it off one more time I will email it to the massive lists and ask you to get this out all over the globe.   This is the third time I went back in to check my lists and it was gone again, they are getting much more active in undermining and harming the site.  Not sure how much longer this will go on. 
Vatic Note: Well, this would fit with Bill Coopers Majestic 12 article written way back in 1987 and also with the Iron Mountain report. Lets see if the military has anything which would support a "Space Division" on a serious level. Here is one that I found, and another one, and both seem to support the idea that Space is a full blown division the same as the Army, Marines, Navy and Air Force. So any attack from space will be done by us pretending as usual to be something or somebody else.   (Go to link above for rest of VN, links, and article)

III.                                  MORE PROOF that they intend to create a disaster, and that they know something!!!! PT 4                                       

UPDATE: It appears that Homeland Security or FEMA, or the gestapo have order thousands and thousands of gallons of deisel fuel and gasoline.  Must be for the martial law they plan on implimenting when they get through with thier bogus crisis they create.  So I guess the next false flag is on and it looks like they want the madrid fault since they could not split the country in half using that SUPER HIGHWAY SCAM, so now they will do it this way and then they can handle us one section at a time.  Disarming is the objective in case you didn't know (Katrina was a test case on how to do it).  Can't complete their take over until the do that. How bad can it get???  ASK AUSTRALIA WHO IS BEING BRUTALIZED RIGHT NOW SINCE THEY DISARMED.  the next big question will be how did they get that kind of equipment there so fast and how do they know the exact timing?  Is that why Gibbons was shot?  Her husband is a military pilot on that secret military mission in space.  Remember all the birds and fish???  Hmmmm,  I guess whatever is up there proved it could reach around the world.  Notice its not relief aid, rather military action.  So, we are the new Afghanistan, huh??? Don't forget the drones flying over texas that was never about illegal crossings, it was always going to be for this coming up,  folks.   I suspect it will be the Mexican military that will be coming for our guns with the drones to kill anyone who resists, since that is what they are doing in Pakistan.   War may well be coming here courtesy of your treasonous leaders.

Remember, Serge Monast wrote a paper telling us YEARS AGO about our masters intent to do exactly what they are preparing to do right now.   He talked about earth quakes caused by haarp and all the earthly horrors that would go on in earth upheavel, and they killed him for it, and his daughter was kidnapped by them and has disappeared forever.  So the HAARP stations in Puerto Rico, Alaska and Norway, in combination with the secret military space weapon have done the job nicely and now for the real reason for the tests they conducted.  IF THE KHAZAR BANKERS KILL ONE MORE AMERICAN AND WE DO NOTHING ABOUT IT, THEN WE GET WHAT WE DESERVE.  Treason must be met with a response, ESPECIALLY IF THEY USE FOREIGN TROOPS.   click on link above to continue.

IV.                           Beauty of Mathematics                                          
We wanted something that was uplifting and joyful for a change..... instead of all the bad news.  Check this out. Its amazing. For those who are agnostic or aetheist remember the key word is "love" in this and fits with our Christmas blog offerings on how we can change ourselves, our lives and our world and "love" was critical to that formula. Remember, Jesus taught that "Love" was involved in the two "GREATEST COMMANDMENTS" that preachers seldom talk about. You will understand that when you view the science behind all this on our Christmas blog special on Dec 25th this year. Saturday actually. beginning with This  all the way through, this one. Some one also made the point that these created the shape of a pyramid. This weekend taught me that there is sooo much we still do not know and I was amazed at how much we didn't know until I saw these videos. It changes your entire perception of your world if you let go of it, and open up to the new paradigm. Anyway, enjoy this one. It simply reinforces the Christmas special we had.   (CLICK ON LINK FOR REMAINDER OF NOTE AND ARTICLE)
FUND RAISING STATUS  -    Well, its that time of the month again.   We are coming into the first of the next month again and this month we have our quarterlys due again.   We now need to raise $195 more this month, since we received some contributions so far and we wish to thank you for that effort on our behalf.   We understand how bad it is out there, believe me.  LOL.   If you have extra and you get something from all our efforts, please consider donating at the blog on the right and hitting the donation button for us.  We appreciate our readers, and hope that you can help us keep you informed of what is going on and how to combat it.   Thank you and we will keep you informed on how we are doing.  To be honest, this is the only way we can keep going.  Thanks again for all you do. 

I AM AMERICA - Kristan Branch  -  Click on link and scroll down to the first video.  ITS WELL WORTH IT.  Music tells us who we are.

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