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Now that we know who and where they are operating out of...how can we stop them?

So now we know where these jokers are operating out of and the name of thier org. WOW! The mystery is solved.The enemy is now KNOWN!!!

I actually think this might be the same air transport service who killed a very famous Bald Eagle. My veternarian, Dr. Weldy, In lake Forest CA told me how sad he was to treat this Bald Eagle. He was a rehabbed bird that could not be released into the wild so it was used for giving lectures with various rangers all over the US. My vet is an expert in that area but could not do anything to save the bird.  They would bring him to events and flew him all around the country.

Apparently the aircraft was not cleaned out sufficiently from its previous transport load and it was not documented what the previous transport had been...and the residues of toxins still in the aircraft totally destroyed the Bald Eagle's lungs and he died in my vets arms within 24 hours after the flight. My Vet said nothing was even left of his lungs- the chemical he was exposed to totally disintegrated the lung tissue - he autopsied him.

Speaking of animals, I think we should consult with some of the animal rights groups who operate out of the UK.  They routinely run companies out of business who have animal testing laboratories. I think they do it by protesting in highly creative ways at all of the suppliers who service these animal laboratories... 

But, in the meantime, could James ask his contacts, the Pleadians, who frequent his ranch: while they are zapping and destroying reversed engineered alien look-alike crafts of the shadow government, and zapping and causing nuclear weapon sites to malfunction ....if they might also like to just zap the Evergreen airport facilities outside of Tuscon and in Oregon? Perhaps making any of thier aircraft useless?

I think the new website for aircrap.org has the potential to get Chemtrails noticed in the far reaches of sheeple circles maybe EVEN by the mainstream media....aircrap.org website paired with the new law Ron Paul is introducing to Congress that allows these crafts to be shot down....might be a good start to bring attention to this attack on us! 

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Drunk Pilot Admits Secret Mission to Spray Deadly Chemicals known as CHEMTRAILS *LINK* *PIC*
Now that we know who and where they are operating out of...how can we stop them?
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