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Vatic Project - Daily Summary- January 25, 2011
Vatic Note:  Well, its that time of the month again.   We are coming into the first of the next month again and this month we have our quarterlys due again.   We need to raise $225 this month to complete the meeting of all our obligations with respect to our operating this blog.  As you know we do not junk up the site with ads, and besides when we tried to do the google ads we got rejected because of content.  I guess they don't like "truth" or 'evidence" being promoted.  So we have to come to you for help.  We do not want anyone who is without extra each month to hurt themselves helping us out.  If you have extra and you get something from all our efforts, please consider donating at the blog on the right and hitting the donation button for us.  We appreciate our readers, and hope that you can help us keep you informed of what is going on and how to combat it.   Thank you and we will keep you informed on how we are doing.  To be honest, this is the only way we can keep going.  Thanks again for all you do. 
Blog: The Vatic Project - Daily Summary - Jan 25, 2011
I.     Post:               Evergreen Air: Danger in the Sky: Complete Report with Timeline                                     
Vatic Note: So, who owns Evergreen Aviation? Is that airlines a front for CIA and probably mossad drug running and other black ops??? The pilot who disclosed that fight, got killed.  Hmmm   This was also the airline that we did a blog on that sprayed corexit in the Gulf for BP. Now they are contracting with the Airforce to do weatherization, but the question is, who are they contracting with to also dump viruses, black mold, fungus and other plant and soil and water destroying agents??? Is it Israel? That is the problem with privatizing services that affect the health of the population, especially if corruption runs rampid in the governmental services bureaucracy and elected officials. Someone needs to investigate Evergreen just like they need to investigate Blackwater, Monsanto and Bill Gates. Their agendas do not parallel that of the interests of the American people or their country and thus should not be agents for our government that we own and control. Read this and decide for yourselves.   (CLICK LINK ABOVE FOR REST OF NOTE) 

II.                          10,000 Cattle in Vietnam Mysteriously Die from Cold Weather (VN: "they said" )                          
Vatic Note:    Add this to the dead buffalo in NY,  the 200 dead cows in Wisconsin that are used to massive intense cold and never died in these numbers.  Add to that the coincidence of the Wheeler death who was an expert in biological, chemical and other Weapons of Mass destruction,  occuring at the same time as the dead birds and fish.... add to that the weather anomolies,  add to that the depopulation promotion for years by the elite and eugenics funding for manipulating the human population and you have a perfect storm of us being under serious attack by an enemy within, who infiltrated our gov in order to set up a parallel chain of command in secret, who does all this and in come cases farmed out to private companies controlled by mossad as P-Tech showed us funded by Mossad companies and partner company with the company wheeler contracted with as a consultant that he was working with at the time of his murder.   You figure it all out.   Makes sense to me that this is not about the "cold", this is about creating the famine and food shortages that the elite promised we would see so they can have the riots and then declare martial law.   That is all this proves.  Too many coincidences.   Man made is what we are seeing here and the international bankers who hire the pols to run for office,  murder them if they do not cooperate (wellstone, JFK Jr. etc) such as Wheeler.  Yup.... its definitely time for resistance if we want to save our lives.  (Go to link above for rest of VN, links, and article)

III.                                 Grantham Flood Survivor Threatened with Arrest (Australia)                                      

See, I hate to say it, but I told you these were soulless people that the khazars put into power in all these countries including our own.   This was exactly like Katrina.  Remember?  Bush played the guitar as his FEMA group prevented rescue, supplies, water entering the area for 3 days.  It took the sheriff of the parish to tell his deputies to shoot to kill if any FEMA  person tried to disconnect communications AGAIN.  In fact, what they did was murder all those that died becuase aid was withheld.  Premeditated murder.   They had come in and disconnected the sheriffs communications when in the middle of an unprecendented emergency, that the powers that be created in the first place with haarp and then blowing up the levies and it appeared to be a war game of sorts to see how long and who would die without aid and who would resort to violence.  It was very sick scene to watch and not be able to do anything to change it.  It appears these good people in Australia are going through a similar situation with their leaders.  Its always the poor schmuck on the street that gets manipulated and bamboozled and then used for fodder against his own best interests.  A truly inhumane way to deal with your own people you swore to serve and protect.  click on link above to continue.
IV.                           Hundreds of Dead Birds in South Dakota Were Killed by the US Government                                          
Look and Listen up, we have figured out how this works... THE GOVERNMENT DID NOT DO THIS OR ANYTHING ELSE. I know, shock. Here is how this all works. Under Cheney a parallel Pentagon chain of command was set up reporting directly to Cheney and that is WHY GATES WAS KEPT ON to continue that paralled chain of command. These are run by the Zionist Khazar Banker Dual Israel citizen "NEOCONS", feith and Zoelick (this is the neocon in charge of resources when 2.7 Trillion dollars went missing in the pentagon and we still do not have any prosecution or recovery of those funds and he is walking around free.)  Something is wrong with this picture, who is running our government?  A FOREIGN NATION?, Israel and Mossad along with Cheneys hand picked American traitors who are also satanists as we have discussed before, WHO ARE DOING ALL THIS. They are the ones doing haarp, this kind of stuff, and other murderous actions to try and blame the US Gov so we , the people, will become upset at our gov and bring it down in the revolution that will be led by the khazars hand picked hero, whoever that might be. We will have a RUSSIAN REVOLUTION TYPE OVERTHROW OF OUR GOV AND THEN THEY CAN COME IN AND RESCUE US and TAKE control and do to us what they did to the Russians in WW I and Germans in WW II and wanted to do the United States of America in WW III.   ITS BRILLIANT, but its also PSYCHOPATHIC and contained in the protocols and I will put it up here in the vatic note. Then all this will make sense. When I saw the parallels to both nazi germany overthrow and Russia's and then reread the US military investigation into the khazars in 1919 and their determination that the Khazars were a threat to the US,  I realized that the answer was in the Protocols and sure enough,  they actually list that out as an objective, if you can believe it.   Read protocol number 1 and it gives their basic outline of how they intend to take us down and our government and then pretend they are the heros who will save us and it goes on from there into the rest of the protocols on how.  Which this very scenario is contained within them, like a damn blueprint.     (CLICK ON LINK FOR REMAINDER OF NOTE AND ARTICLE)

I AM AMERICA - Kristan Branch  -  Click on link and scroll down to the first video.  ITS WELL WORTH IT.  Music tells us who we are.
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