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Vatic Project - Daily Summary- January 24, 2011


Blog: The Vatic Project - Daily Summary - Jan 24, 2011
I.     Post:               New Threat as Chikungunya Virus Heads to Australia                                    
Vatic Note: Again, Australia get hit again, by the yank.    Now What a coincidence, Bill Gates foundation funded a vaccine program for just such a disease for Australia and ironically, that mosquito and virus had never been on that island before. My goodness they are going after aussies way worse than they are going after us. I wonder why? Its surprising me. I know Bill Gates is the master of depopulation, and euthenasia, but this is going too far.  Someone needs to have a serious discussion with that man. Blackwater is not going to help him out with this one. In fact, you can't hide far enough away from responsibility for your actions. Its karma and that follows you where ever you go. 
IT'S only a matter of time before a virus that causes excruciating arthritis spreads in the Far North, an expert has warned.  The mosquito-borne disease Chikungunya has been diagnosed in travellers entering Australia from countries where the disease is prevalent, such as Africa, Indian Ocean island nations, the Indian subcontinent and South-East Asia. While locally acquired Chikungunya – from a Makonde word meaning "he who is bent up" – has not yet been detected in Australia, mosquitoes capable of transmitting the virus, Asian tiger mosquitoes, do occur in the Torres Strait and Papua New Guinea.   (CLICK LINK ABOVE FOR REST OF NOTE) 

II.                         Medvedev recognizes E. Jerusalem as capital of future Palestinian state                         

Vatic Note:    To understand this below in CONTEXT, you must then see and read and watch the videos of the next blog going up in this daily summary,  they go together for you to understand that this is not about the Jews of Israel, this is about the "Khazars (Russian turks/mongols) who control Israel and hate the semitic pals and Jews of Israel and that is why no negotiations.  They hate them more than they hate Christians and believe me, you can tell from them running our gov how much they hate Christians when our WH could not put up a manger for the Christian holiday and all christian symbols were prohibited, and yet a huge MENORA was on the White House Lawn as the christmas symbol representing the pagan Kabbala,  nice, huh?  Yes, its important to watch the next series to underdstand fully what is really going on and who the players really are.
RAMALLAH, (PIC)-- Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has made his first visit to Palestine without stepping foot on Israeli-occupied soil.
World leaders usually visit Israel when visiting Palestine to show impartiality.  Observers say the visit was also distinguished by the president's backing of a Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital. Medvedev criticized US envoy to the Mideast peace process George Mitchell, a Russian news source says, quoting Medvedev: "Negotiations are facing a recession. There is no movement at the present time; which is sad because this accompanies a full number of negative factors, including the Gaza siege."   The Russian Vedomosti newspaper quoted one expert as saying: "Russia, which shares good relations with Hamas, Fatah, Iran, Syria, Lebanon and Israel, is able to sponsor fair, multilateral negotiations. But negotiations' success depends on Israel, as Israel seems currently uninterested in the peace process."  
  (Go to link above for rest of VN, links, and article)

III.                                 The Khazarian Conspiracy, Part 1 of 12                                      

These are excellent and the best yet I have ever read or watched regarding this subject.  Its truly educational and well worth the time spent.  Each video is not that long, so you could watch 2 or 3 at a time and come back a while later after digesting what you have seen.    If you are truly interested in understanding what has happened to us and other nations as well, you have to watch this every single one of them. These Kharzarians are not Jewish people from the middle east. They are mongols and huns that invaded eastern europe and settled there because they were kicked out of asia for doing exactly what they are doing here now, and they did it back in early first century and got chased out of asia and settled in Khazaria and became Khazarians.  Rothschild is a Khazarian.   They hate the real Jews because they are semitic.  IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO WADE THROUGH THEM ALL THEN SKIP 1 THROUGH 3 AND START WITH 4.  The first three are foundational.  The foundation is good becuase it explains why they do not seem "human" or have any of the "human attributes" that we take for granted.   click on link above to continue.
IV.                         School Based Health Centers: How Big Pharma Is Infiltrating Your Child's School                                         
This is ingenius,  first they hook our kids on legal drugs, then when they leave school and are taken off cold turkey,  they then hooK them on illegal drugs.   The Bush/Clinton  mafia and their khazar banker owners, have quite a drug profiteering scam going on here while at the same time money laundering,  ensuring a steady flow of customers, and mind controlling all at the same time.   Gosh,  what a deal.  SICKO PERVERTS.  We have already had experience with this incursion of the state into the physical threats and wellbeing of our children. Remember when the state allowed "foster children" and orphans to be used for medical and chemical experimentation? We called every single church org, child advocate groups, civil liberties groups etc, since those poor children had no parents to protect them from those chemical experiments. THEY WERE GOING TO FEED THEM PESTICIDES TO SEE THE IMPACT ON CHILDREN FROM BIRTH TO 3 YEARS OLD. Now how inhumane is that???? I could not get one single organization to stop it before implimenting.    Not one.    No one was outraged at the abuse and the fact they were using children who  were unable to protect themselves and had no parents to do it for them.  Thus the state became the danger, ironically.  People found that hard to comprehend.  We began trusting them way too much and assuming they would never do such things.  Now our children are paying for our stupidity.

Don't you find it interesting that the powers that be have a complete lack of humanity when it comes to little children. But then if they are Satanists which we already know they are, they only see children as sacrifices to their Luciferian god and useful for nothing more. What a clever way to combine two agendas into one act. Privatizing vaccines is an act of fascism and every day with each privatization of Gov services, the service moves from one of concern for the best interest of the citizen into one of profit as the prime objective with little regard for the impact on those being served. Are you becoming aware yet, how desensitized we are becoming to such horrific acts of barbarianism??? Once again, we know who owns these chemical and drug companies and how barbarian they are to their own indigenous population. We may have to pay attention to ourselves if we are not outraged at what they are already doing and the potential for what they are likely to do in the future that maybe even worse. Remember, the Khazar mind controlled Bill Gates (just check out his bug eyes if you dont' believe he is mind controlled) wants to make sterilizing vaccines mandatory for everyone. That way they can pick and choose who gets born and who dies, which is called "EUGENICS". We have discussed that at length on this blog.   (CLICK ON LINK FOR REMAINDER OF NOTE AND ARTICLE)

V.                                           Prepping Minds for War Against China   (Resistance #4)   (decided to keep this up since this is a very relevant issue since China just paid an official visit to the USA, for what reason, we do not know.)                                    
NOTICE TO CHINAALL MONIES BORROWED FROM YOU WERE BY FRAUD PERPETRATED BY THE  INTERNATIONAL ZIONIST BANKERS, I SUGGEST YOU GO AFTER THEM AND NO ONE WILL STOP YOU.  THEY HAVE ALL YOUR MONEY.  Our SOS is a khazar operative as is our DOD person,  they do not work for us nor does HLS and all three have proven that time and again and we can prove it.  WE DO NOT WANT WAR WITH YOU.  WE WILL NOT FIGHT IN WARS WITH YOU UNLESS YOU TRY TO OCCUPY OUR SOIL, THEN YOU WORK FOR THEM AND THUS ARE OUR ENEMY.   Many Americans published notices to all lenders who lent money to the Rothschild international IMF/Fed Res private banking system, that we were not responsible for their debts and the private Rothschild lenders were to be held responsible personally and individually, so please collect from those who borrowed from you,  Bernanke,  Greenspan,  Goldman Sachs,  IMF,  World bank.   THEY HAVE RECORD PROFITS AND $12 TRILLION OF OUR WEALTH FOR YOU TO COLLECT.  Good luck.   You war is with the Rothschilds who will do you in as soon as they are done using you.  That is their pattern and their history.  Think about it.  We have a deep respect for your peoples' intellect and insight into enemies of your past and these people are YOUR enemy, NOT US,  we were there for you during WW II against the Japanese, and we have welcomed Chinese people here in this country with open arms and have a great relationship with them.  The bankers want control of your wealth like they did ours, its not our gov doing this except for key people outlined above. The rest have been blackmailed, killed or threatened.  They have gutted this nation and thus we as a people, we are no threat to you.   Let us be and we will do the same.  If you are nuked or attacked in anyway, the way to stop it is to nuke the residence of the Head Rothschild in France, Paris to be exact who lives on the same street as the palace.   Aim well, please.  Click link above for remainder of story.

NOTE:    REMEMBER WHO WE ARE.  (scroll down to the third video, you won't be sorry

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