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RT reported 31 dead 130 injured. A hint to Israeli 'Security' Firm? ICTS Helped Provide 'Security' at Russia's Domodedovo Airport 24th January 2011 when bombs blew off. Are ICTS incompetent or else? *PIC*

Russia Today:

Did they know and let others know who are in the know?
31 and 130? 13:32 GMT?

And IF so how could RT know?


As incompetent as with the WTC 911 demolition?

The SAME ICTS that on 9/11 helped those MOSSAD agents, made up to look like Arabs, onto several flights.

As incompetent as with the Shoebomber?

The SAME ICTS that let the 'Shoe Bomber,' Richard Reid board.

As incompetent as with the 'Underwearbomber'?

The SAME ICTS that sent a 'sharp-dressed man' to help out the Christmas day 'underwear bomber' board a flight, with no money and NO PASSPORT.

As incompetent as with London bombs, Madrid bombs ... or else?

WHY are 'incompetents' awarded with tasks of Counter Terrorism at the expense of innocent civilians who happened to be in the wrong place?


The London Bombs, Israel and ICTS
The multiple, simultaneous explosions that took place today on the London transportation system were the work of perpetrators who had an operational capacity of considerable scope," Efraim Halevi wrote in The Jerusalem Post on July 7. How did Halevi know that the explosions were simultaneous? The underground bombings were not known to have been simultaneous until British authorities reported their findings on July 9. Until then it was thought that the three subway bombs had gone off at 7:51, 7:56, and 8:17 a.m.

Like 9/11 and other "false flag" acts of terror, the London bombings occurred during a large-scale terrorist exercise that took place at the same time and locations as the actual explosions.

Peter Power, former high-ranking employee of Scotland Yard and member of its Anti-Terrorist Branch, told BBC 5 and ITV News that his company, Visor Consulting, had carried out "crisis exercises," with an unnamed private company.

The exercise envisioned "almost precisely" the bombings that actually occurred, Power said.

Power described the simulation of "simultaneous attacks on a underground and mainline station" and "bombs going off precisely at the railway stations" at which the actual bombings occurred.

"There were a few seconds when the audience didn't realize whether it was real or not," he said. On ITV, Power suggested that the unnamed partner in the terror exercise was concerned about Jewish buildings and banks being targeted.

AFP contacted Visor Consultants, the mayor of the City of London, Scotland Yard, and the transportation authority to ask about the identity of the unnamed partner in the terror exercise.

A likely candidate is an Israeli company called International Consultants on Targeted Security (ICTS) International N.V., an aviation and transportation security firm headed by "former [Israeli] military commanding officers and veterans of government intelligence and security agencies."

Menachem Atzmon, convicted in Israel in 1996 for campaign finance fraud, and his business partner Ezra Harel, took over management of security at Boston's Logan Airport in 1999 through Huntleigh USA, a subsidiary of ICTS. Until his 1996 conviction, Atzmon was president of the Israel Development Fund (IDF), a U.S. tax-exempt foundation funneling money illegally to the Likud party of Sharon and Netanyahu, according to author Anton Chaitkin.

Harel shares the name of Isser Harel, the co-founder of Israel's Mossad and first director of the Shin Bet, the internal security agency.

Atzmon and Harel were majority owners of ICTS. The convicted Likud criminal's [Atzmon] firm was in charge of security at Logan Airport, Chaitkin wrote – inspecting the validity of passports and visas, searching cargo, screening passengers – when two airliners were hijacked from there on Sept. 11, 2001, and demolished the World Trade Center towers in New York.

ICTS also provided security at Newark airport.

At a trade exhibition in June, ICTS presented its "comprehensive security solution for the railroad and public transportation industry, which can be developed, tailored and implemented in a modular manner."

"Was ICTS International, or one of its affiliates, involved in the July 7 terror exercise in London?" AFP asked ICTS spokesperson Petra Snoek at company headquarters in Amstelveen, Holland.

"Herewith I would like to inform you that ICTS International is not operating in the U.K.," Snoek wrote.

But ICTS International does have a subsidiary in Britain called ICTS U.K. Ltd., located in London's Tavistock House South, precisely where the double-decker bus was bombed on July 7.

A receptionist at ICTS U.K. Ltd. said the office was temporarily closed after the bombing due to damage, but that the company was indeed part of ICTS International.

Visit ICTS at the Counter Terror Expo in April 2011?
ad label pic 3 below

Either ICTS is the sloppiest 'security' firm in the world, or...


It's Odigo story, told in Russian
Russia's security agencies received a warning ahead of today's blast of a possible attack on a Moscow airport, news agencies reported. "We received information that in one of Moscow's airports a terrorist attack could possibly take place," a source told RIA Novosti.
Why would a 'terrorist' warn those ahead of time that he/she/they were going to blow something up, since that diminishes the unknown, which if part of terror's MO?

Unless they wanted to warn some 'Chosen Ones,' like the REAL 9/11 perps did when they sent a message to the Israeli-owned instant messaging company Odigo in NYC to let them know to get the hell out of Dodge, the 'MOSSAD Flying Aerial Circus' was going to pay New York a visit.


All 9/11 Airports Serviced by
One Israeli Owned Company?


Reduction of risks to human life?


ICTS - The Dark Men Coming for 'Counter Terror'?

Europe Newsletter QR1 2009: Contract with UA for Domodedovo Airport

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RT reported 31 dead 130 injured. A hint to Israeli 'Security' Firm? ICTS Helped Provide 'Security' at Russia's Domodedovo Airport 24th January 2011 when bombs blew off. Are ICTS incompetent or else? *PIC*
Probably on a bagel break ... :O *NM*
Reads like an embarrassing smirk to comment scrupulous mass murder. How telling!
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