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Google Ties to NASA, NSA, DHS, et al & Obama (the side show)...

Google ties to Obama just means Google ties to the White House -- no matter WHO sits in the Oval Office -- Democrat or Republican.  It's about Technology Transfers & the Exchange of private information, private conversations & even the Zeroing In on targeted locations -- even individual residences -- and for what reasons.  Just another Done Deal -- no probing questions asked or dots connected by those 'consumer watchdogs' that will ever really amount to anything ...

NASA Base Has Become Google Executives’ Private Landing Strip


Consumer Watchdog’s six-month investigation has produced a 32-page report detailing how Google has inappropriately benefited from its close ties to the Obama administration, including how NASA’s Moffett Airfield, near Google’s world headquarters, has been turned into a taxpayer-subsidized private strip for Google executives used for corporate junkets...

The report, “Lost in the Cloud: Google and the US Government, is drawn from records obtained through the Freedom of Information Act and interviews. It found that Google’s ambitious quest for influence with the government is starting to pay off. Among other issues raised by the report are:

• Google’s close ties with the Obama White House have raised concerns about possible special treatment or conflicts of interest at the Department of Homeland Security, the US Patent & Trademark Office, the Federal Communications Commission and NASA.

• Officials at both DHS and the FCC have raised pointed concerns about weak privacy protections in Google products and whether Google’s well-documented difficulties with privacy protection could create big problems for federal agencies that use its services. Nonetheless no-bid contracts have been given to Google.

• A secretive relationship with the National Security Agency. The search giant has a legitimate need to cooperate with the government’s mammoth and secretive code breaking agency in its efforts to defend the integrity of US computer networks. But NSA also has legal power to force Google to hand over the private information of its users. How Google executives handle this potentially conflicted relationship is largely unknown: neither Google nor the NSA are talking...

For a company so committed to making all our information open for the all world to see, Google has been anything but transparent about its corporate dealings. Eric Schmidt may have stepped down from the CEO’s seat last week, but he needs to be shown the witness chair in Congress. Americans deserve answers and nothing other than Congressional hearings will produce them ...


Consumer Watchdog Calls for Probe of Google’s Inappropriate Relationship With Obama Administration


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Google Ties to NASA, NSA, DHS, et al & Obama (the side show)...
Eric Schmidt Receives $100 Million Payout From Google & Considering a Career on CNN ... *LINK*
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