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Curious as to your choices (maybe some will second your choice with a, hear here)

I am curious as to your choice of Michael Rivera.

I like the guy, but he reads so much smack on the net that he often gets things completely wrong.... and yet with such a broad range of information he should never have been so hoodwinked..... like say by OBAMA (pre-election) for example.

Mike doesn't believe in any higher supreme Creator, as he's an Athiest. That doesn't deter me fully, but it does make a statement that I find rather limited and "young".... too much so to be my kind of hero. Further, I have a tough time believing any person when they are still finding their own way through the bullshit info spectrum to the truth. 

I think Mike is awesome for promoting the truth and doing a fabulous broadcast production, but I don't feel he's a "Modern Day Hero", which represents a kind of "mastery" (which is about where I will leave that statment, as it qualifies itself).

Again though... I honestly like Mike.  He's a truther that gets it right most of the time! Let's hope next election he gets it right WHEN IT COUNTS!

Rixon Stewart is someone I'll have to check into.  Thank you.

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made my suggestion for more TNT MODERN DAY HEROS :)
Curious as to your choices (maybe some will second your choice with a, hear here)
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