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and ... E = mc ... SQUARED :D *PIC*

He's FRENCH, whadda ya expect?!!  Surprised Pedophilia was ALREADY LEGAL in the EU & Once Again -- Here's the REAL REASON Why!!!...

PEDOPHILIA: Now LEGAL in the EU -- NO JOKE!!! (so don't bother calling INTERPOL)... :D *VID* *PIC*


E = mc ... SQUARED Undecided

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Germany & EU to Legalize Pedophilia & with it, Child Pornography as well!! They're PUSHING it!! :O *PIC*
You're darn right with your last comment, chosenite Daniel Cohn-Bendit started to promote pedophilia in kindergardens and bragged about his own experiences. Now he's EU-Deputee! WOW! *PIC*
and ... E = mc ... SQUARED :D *PIC*
Huuuh! Feels as if proZZak was staring at me thru the flat squared screen - will try to de-magnetize - no, it won't go away. :D
Same Old 'Rumor Mill' M.O. :D Still workin' for the Queen Bee ... or merely Suckin' Up 'cause she reads here? :O *PIC*
You know quite well that I never 'worked for the Queen Bee'. Just another hateful and shameless insinuation. You alone provoked your RMN expulsion despite my well meant warnings. So WTF SU EB!
Holy Shatkovsky! Look what a diligent proZZackonian morphing job Eric Hufschmid did to streSS the typical ASSkeNaZi traits.
Really like your Sources!! :D Eric Hufschmid is Rupert Murdoch's NEPHEW ... but then ... ANY Quintessential Jew-Hater will do ...? :O *PIC*
Judging people by married relatives? Nothing new, the nephew thingy, EricH talks about it himself. Jew Hater? Self-hating? Another indiscriminate public libel of yours?
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