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Vatic Project - Daily Summary- January 23, 2011


Blog: The Vatic Project - Daily Summary - Jan 23, 2011
I.     Post:               300 more fall prey to dengue virus across country (VN: Bill Gates again)                                   
Vatic Note:  Is this the experiment for GLOBAL DEPOPULATION, they intend before or on 12/2012? There had to be a good solid serious reason for murdering 89 microbiologists since 2001. Is this the reason? This begs the question: "Are they using Pakistan to try out their "by GENOTYPE" bioweapon "The Dengue Virus"? Its carried by mosquitos and HAARP did that flood before this began which is a perfect storm for mosquitos breeding and multiplying that carry this virus. We do know its a "BY GENOTYPE" Patented virus as evidenced here. . Vatic also covered just a while back, before this in Pakistan, the use of experiments for killing the dengue virus ladened mosquitos in Australia and guess who is involved in all this??? You guessed it, BILL GATES AGAIN.  The man is a walking murder machine, and he needs to face justice for all those he is harming with his satanic damn foundation. One of our regular readers from Australia wrote us about it and gave us the story. She was pretty upset they were introducing a foreign organism into her country.  (CLICK LINK ABOVE FOR REST OF NOTE) 

II.                         Report Questions Safety of Planned Biodefense Lab                        
This was reported back in Nov 2010 and this past week we had 200 dead cows out of Wisconsin. Are these labs for genotype bioweapons to kill off our live stock and food supply??? Read this and see what you think. It was an older article that at the time, seemed innocent enought but after the die off of the 200 cows and half the buffalo herd in New York, I am beginning to wonder. NY is near Plum Island which is a USDA run research facility and now this one below is in the midwest. Just something else that needs to be investigated.  Given the number of mutilated and dead cows lately, its important to question the intent of these labs?  Are they to directly affect our food supply? 
EXCERPT:   The federal government has underestimated the risks of building a lab for researching dangerous animal diseases in a densely populated area in the heart of cattle country, a report released Monday contends.  The National Research Council's report notes that the U.S. Department of Homeland Security itself has estimated that there is a 70 percent chance a pathogen could be released from the lab within 50 years, and that it could cause up to $50 billion in damages.

Homeland Security officials have concluded that the National Bio- and Agro-Defense Facility would be safe. The $451 million lab would be built on the north side of the Kansas State University campus in Manhattan.  (Go to link above for rest of VN, links, and article)

III.                                Government Calls for Lower Fluoride Levels & Admits It Harms Children                                     

Well, finally, after all these years ........ Think about this for a moment..... China, Europe and other countries refused to put fluoride in their water and that was for years. So how come we never caught on to that and information about the harm it does has been common knowledge for as long. So why did they continue to put that in our water? Something to think about.   Oh, remember, Hitler knew enough about fluoride to use it in the concentration  camps to keep the inmates sedated and apathetic. 
EXCERPT:   The United States government finally acknowledged the harmful effects that fluoride has on the body, and recommends that water fluoridation levels be decreased nationwide.   Water fluoridation has been in effect in the United States for over 65 years. The U.S. government began putting fluoride in the public water supply claiming that it would prevent tooth decay. Over the years, thanks to various studies and public officials speaking out, the negative effects of fluoride have finally come to light.  The United States government, prior to today, denied the link between increased fluoride levels and disease. The game changer, however, was the major study out of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences. The study, published in Environmental Health Perspectives, found that increased fluoride consumption led to decreased IQ in children     click on link above to continue.
IV.                          Powerlessness: Living on borrowed time                                         
I am sending this as  a tough love exercise.   I disagree with the authors conclusion, but then I am the eternal optimist.  This is a look in the mirror to begin to see AND ADMIT our role in all that is happening to us and our abandonment of our principles, our integrity and worse, the abandonment of our own children.   Without that honest admission as to our own role in our own demise,  we cannot then find the power to overturn it and save ourselves, our nation and our children.   We have abandoned the legacy left to us by our ancestors and abused it horribly by relinquishing all that we were about,  to an unknown sick and perverted foreign enemy with a long history of doing this globally to the point where they had been kicked out of two homelands because of it, Mongolia and Khazaria.  Our ancestors died  to preserve that which made this nation and our civilization great.  

But now its just another roman empire slipping into the bowels of oblivion without a whimper.   I refuse to give up, but then my father always said "You would bite off your nose to spite your face".    He was right.  I intend, if I live long enough, to be one of their worst nightmares.  HOW ABOUT YOU????  At this point we may take a stand, but the odds in our favor dropped dramatically during the last election and  this recent one seals it.   How you know you sold out is "Did you vote a straight third party ticket in the last election??? NO?  Then you voted for more of the same of the past 10 years.  (CLICK ON LINK FOR REMAINDER OF NOTE AND ARTICLE)

V.                                           Prepping Minds for War Against China   (Resistance #4)   (decided to keep this up since this is a very relevant issue since China just paid an official visit to the USA, for what reason, we do not know.)                                    
NOTICE TO CHINAALL MONIES BORROWED FROM YOU WERE BY FRAUD PERPETRATED BY THE  INTERNATIONAL ZIONIST BANKERS, I SUGGEST YOU GO AFTER THEM AND NO ONE WILL STOP YOU.  THEY HAVE ALL YOUR MONEY.  Our SOS is a khazar operative as is our DOD person,  they do not work for us nor does HLS and all three have proven that time and again and we can prove it.  WE DO NOT WANT WAR WITH YOU.  WE WILL NOT FIGHT IN WARS WITH YOU UNLESS YOU TRY TO OCCUPY OUR SOIL, THEN YOU WORK FOR THEM AND THUS ARE OUR ENEMY.   Many Americans published notices to all lenders who lent money to the Rothschild international IMF/Fed Res private banking system, that we were not responsible for their debts and the private Rothschild lenders were to be held responsible personally and individually, so please collect from those who borrowed from you,  Bernanke,  Greenspan,  Goldman Sachs,  IMF,  World bank.   THEY HAVE RECORD PROFITS AND $12 TRILLION OF OUR WEALTH FOR YOU TO COLLECT.  Good luck.   You war is with the Rothschilds who will do you in as soon as they are done using you.  That is their pattern and their history.  Think about it.  We have a deep respect for your peoples' intellect and insight into enemies of your past and these people are YOUR enemy, NOT US,  we were there for you during WW II against the Japanese, and we have welcomed Chinese people here in this country with open arms and have a great relationship with them.  The bankers want control of your wealth like they did ours, its not our gov doing this except for key people outlined above. The rest have been blackmailed, killed or threatened.  They have gutted this nation and thus we as a people, we are no threat to you.   Let us be and we will do the same.  If you are nuked or attacked in anyway, the way to stop it is to nuke the residence of the Head Rothschild in France, Paris to be exact who lives on the same street as the palace.   Aim well, please.  Click link above for remainder of story.

NOTE:    REMEMBER WHO WE ARE.  (scroll down to the third video, you won't be sorry)
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