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Co-Incidence? USrael backed Oil Thief & Fraudster Khodorkovsky sentenced to 13(!) years and 6(!) months - Now awarded by 'terrorist' attack on innocent civilians in Moscow airport? 31((!) dead.

Rumors. Only Rumors. Farfetched rumors. Connecting some hardly fitting dots.
So nothing for self-righteous staunch supporters of hidden international crime networks.

"Just-in-time Terrorism" ?

Would you be surprised to hear that certain 'Western' Secret Services had foreknowledge
and had 'unselfishly warned' the Domodedovo airport authorities?
Not that one would blame anybody untimely.
It's just the way civilians are targeted
on the chessboards of criminals.

Death toll from Domodedovo blast climbs to 31
24.01.2011 | Source: Pravda.Ru
Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has been informed about the explosion at Moscow's Domodedovo International Airport, press secretary of the head of the Russian government, Dmitry Peskov said. "Putin was informed about the explosion during the meeting devoted to the problems in the banking sector of the country," the official said.

Most likely, it was a suicide terrorist, who conducted the explosion at the airport, Interfax reports. The bomb blew up in the luggage dispensing area of the airport at 16:32 Moscow time. The death toll from the explosion has climbed to 20, RIA Novosti reports.

Many flights have been delayed. Flights from China, Germany, Turkey, Vietnam and Armenia, which were expected to arrive at Domodedovo during the next hour, have been delayed indefinitely.

Say what, we must understand that these innocent civilians 'are worth the price' as in WTC911 and Bagdhad, for example?

Having in mind what has been teached publicly in a certain mideast country about 'the cattle to be killed off' as of lately .... and before ... "the dirt under the nail of a chosen is worth 1000 arabs" ...
no no not this way thinking, it can only be the other way round, not?

Now forget about all these farfetched rumors ... how could one think of and blame Khodorkvsky & Friends when we are all teached down incessantly that it's always the German Hitlers and the Arabs and the Jesuits and the Shiites and the Sunnites and the lone lunatics who do all these bombings 'just for fun'.

No, as Interfax suggests, it can only be a 'suicide terrorist' .... Chechnya?

Okay then, Chechnya ... not?

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Co-Incidence? USrael backed Oil Thief & Fraudster Khodorkovsky sentenced to 13(!) years and 6(!) months - Now awarded by 'terrorist' attack on innocent civilians in Moscow airport? 31((!) dead.
Ah ya! 31(!) killed, surprise surprise about 130(!) injured. Clear opensubliminal that it is ... Islamist terorist, from Chechnya? Who want to have a state of their own. Reuters knows! As always! Not?
Russian Authorities allow to spread a cellphone video shot seconds after the 2 bombs exploded in airport arrival hall. (BTW Have you seen any video from the attack on Judge Roll & Gabby Giffords?)
How's About a Russian False Flag??? They Sure were QUICK to Call it a 'Terrorist' Attack!!! -- THEY DO IT TOO!!! OR Payback for Russian Slaughter of Poland's President, Politicians & Generals??? :O *PIC*
Agreed, if the Western media and the Russian media were under the same control ... are they? To which extent? Many hints seem to support this assumption.
Under the Same Control?? :) Some people are so busy eyeballing the Jews & Israel, they don't see what else is going on in the world... *PIC*
As to be seen by your buddy's Hitler morphings and your prozio whiner orchestrations? *NM*
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