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Having Prior Knowledge Does NOT Prove GUILT of Anything...

Furthermore, I think the REAL REASON the U.S. Government wants to get its hands on Assange & shut down WikiLeaks is because he just may have PROOF about 9/11 and What Really Happened & I'll bet you it WASN'T Mossad, but even IF Mossad was involved, I think it may be WHO ELSE was very likely involved that they don't want the public to know about (Blackwater/Xe ?? -- Big Demolitions Experts) as well as the use of a high energy beam weapon -- NO planes?  The U.S. Government is getting ready to throw Israel under the bus and LOVES the fact that Israel takes all the heat and they want that to continue.  IF Mossad was involved, then IMO the U.S. Government would have PAID THEM WELL to do it with the Promise of Worldwide Anger turned on the Muslims which is what the Israelis could have benefited from and that may very well have been what Netanyahu was referring to, but still doesn't diminish one iota what the U.S. Government has done -- which is FAR WORSE than anything Israel has EVER done.  Then there's the evidence that the Saudis actually funded the whole thing.  Since the main question everyone asks is "Who benefits?" then how has Israel benefited?  How has anyone benefited really except the people who wanted the Patriot Act passed in the U.S.?

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U.S. Advised to Sabotage Iran Nuclear Sites by German Thinktank
Traitors' Tricks spread by WikiSneaks to put Germany into the frontline and ensure full engagement in the coming attack on Iran? Oh My, ASSange! Will it ever end?
America dances with the Devil because we don't learn -- even from recent history. Don't worry about Germany. The Pope loves you. *NM*
The Pope and his chosen entourage are Germany's worst enemy. BTW 89,5 % of Germans don't believe iow 'DENY' the US-Official WTC911 cock-and-bull story. Think further now! Oh! :O Desperate? Who? Why?
Germans stopped believing the 'Official' 9/11 story when they found out it could successfully be blamed on the Jews...just jumping on their favorite Bandwagon... :O *PIC*
that is, on the first day after Netanyahoo publicly boasted the WTC demolition "... is good for Israel... " and Mossadniks danced on a roof in NYC and lost a Mover Van packed with explosives?
Having Prior Knowledge Does NOT Prove GUILT of Anything...
sounds rather consorted, distorted and twisted. Which-way-out panic?
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