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Germans stopped believing the 'Official' 9/11 story when they found out it could successfully be blamed on the Jews...just jumping on their favorite Bandwagon... :O *PIC*

I'm sure the Hitler crowd in Germany will rise again, since his ideological dung has already been indelibly etched into the Western psyche & especially in America.

So "the Star of David is an old Germanic Symbol"?  No confusion...and IMO it's a dead give-away that Germany -- being head of the EU -- under UN & NATO Command -- Controls Israel -- and whoever controls Israel  -- controls the U.S.  Plus, I've always wondered why -- if the Rothschilds with all that wealth & power -- control the state of Israel, then why does Israel always have to go begging for money??? -- they should be SELF-SUSTAINING with all that Jewish money.  Also, you said, "The Pope and his chosen entourage are Germany's worst enemy" and I can believe that because the Pope & the Vatican control it all...and nothing you can say will convince me otherwise.

Star of David = Seal of Solomon = Remphan (Egyptian) = Molech = Saturn = Pope = Germany, etc. etc. ad nauseum.

And here I thought all this time that America has 'Occupied' Germany since WWII -- what a joke!! -- It's becoming more obvious that the U.S. established a military base in Germany & was probably used as one of the Vatican Ratlines -- if the truth be known.  The U.S. military being in Germany is merely a Convenience -- NOT an 'Occupation.'  Same for Japan.  We used the A-Bomb on Japan so the Vatican could take control there. Japan now has a Roman Catholic Prime Minister (surprise-surprise), which is kept sort of quiet, but then isn't that the way of the Jesuits?  Why was it only the Roman Catholic priests in Hiroshima & Nagasaki that were hidden in underground bunkers when the Bombs were dropped, being those two cities had the highest concentrations of Catholic converts?  They'll sacrifice their own people anytime it's politically expedient so the Vatican can dig in its claws & take control.  The Jews in Japan -- about 2,000 today.  Although allied with the Nazis during WWII, Japan & its territories was one of the few countries that offered refuge to the Jews. Maybe THAT was ANOTHER reason we dropped the Bombs on Japan -- on behalf of the Nazi Pope -- because they helped the Jews.  I guess that was as good a reason as any to test out their new weapon...to teach those Japs a lesson they'd never forget -- right?  A lot of America's history is Shameful.  So is Germany's, but at least as an American, I can admit it.


666 - The Masonic Square and Compass/Hexagram

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U.S. Advised to Sabotage Iran Nuclear Sites by German Thinktank
Traitors' Tricks spread by WikiSneaks to put Germany into the frontline and ensure full engagement in the coming attack on Iran? Oh My, ASSange! Will it ever end?
America dances with the Devil because we don't learn -- even from recent history. Don't worry about Germany. The Pope loves you. *NM*
The Pope and his chosen entourage are Germany's worst enemy. BTW 89,5 % of Germans don't believe iow 'DENY' the US-Official WTC911 cock-and-bull story. Think further now! Oh! :O Desperate? Who? Why?
Germans stopped believing the 'Official' 9/11 story when they found out it could successfully be blamed on the Jews...just jumping on their favorite Bandwagon... :O *PIC*
that is, on the first day after Netanyahoo publicly boasted the WTC demolition "... is good for Israel... " and Mossadniks danced on a roof in NYC and lost a Mover Van packed with explosives?
Having Prior Knowledge Does NOT Prove GUILT of Anything...
sounds rather consorted, distorted and twisted. Which-way-out panic?
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