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Vatic Project - Daily Summary- January 21, 2011

VATIC NOTE:  Well, if you find I am not responding to your emails, its because they are not getting through  to me.  I have a computer guy coming by today to work on it, so you will get responses from me after that point.  Please be patient as this is a horrific job and they are not making it easy and I can understand why.  But we are not giving up, in fact, we are getting even more aggressive in exposing every single thing we can find about them.   I would like feed back through vatic2010@gmail.com   to let me know you are receiving these daily summaries, so I can tell my computer guy whether sending is also a problem.  I simply can't receive right now.  If it turns  out we have to change computers I will email out my new address for you to change in your system, but for now we are hoping this is a simple fix and a normal computer problem, although he did say it was unusual.  
Blog: The Vatic Project - Daily Summary - Jan 21, 2011
I.     Post:               David Icke: Still Crazy After All These Years?                                      
Who is David Icke? How did he become who he is now? What journey did he travel in order to reach this place? Was his life a series of opportunities to learn and grow? Yes. He talks about it and its really wonderful to hear. I have realized in my small narrow mission on this planet, that my whole life was also a series of events that helped me to do what I am doing and being who I am as a person. So, I appreciated this very much to hear him say what I had realized a few years ago. Thanks for reading our blog and enjoy this very great video. I enjoyed this one very much... it helped me realize what true commitment really is.  He has it. 


II.                         55 Buffalo Die Mysteriously on New York Farm                         

Well, well, 200 head of Wisconsin cattle die, now these buffalo from DEHYDRATION. sounds like chemicals in the water to me. That is what would prohibit hydration from occurring by changing the chemical make up of water and then I just keep thinking about our good friend Wheeler III,   who was murdered who is an expert in chemical and biological weaponry.... and he is murdered right at the same time as the attacks on the birds, fish, etc all over the globe. Now what did he know??? Too bad he didn't write it down and give it to someone. These are dangerous vicious and satanic oriented people we are dealing with here. They do not believe in life..... they hate life, they believe in "death". Remember he worked for a company that was partners with P-tech, heavily involved in the 9-11 terrorist attack, and remember P-tech is funded by 5 companies that are Mossad connected through funds and financing. Remember also Vanunu, the Israeli dissident told us that the Khazar run  Israel is who assassinated JFK.  Add that to their role in 9-11 and its clear they have no compunction in killing anything either animal or human.  They are soulless.  THIS IS FIRST DEGREE MURDER.  It s not even war, which is bad enough.   Its out and out chicken  cowardly behind your back, unmanly murder.  They are cowards, no wonder they need Americans to fight their wars.  They only KILL unarmed children and civilians... no way would they fight if someone is shooting back.  (Go to link above for rest of VN, links, and article)

III.                                Is the Sun Emitting a Mystery Particle???                                   

Remember we can trust no publications, institutions like NASA, Discovery news, etc etc of the mainstream since we have been lied too so many times. However, in their manipulations they do bury seeds of truth to give the rest of their garbage credibility, so maybe there is something to this. Its my contention to keep an open mind, read, view videos, and keep in mind their ultimate goal of saying we are being invaded by bogus aliens so that we will agree to globalize. Its a bit more elaborate than that, but that is what it will, in the end, boil down to with their staged performances. If you see an alien that hasn't been here all along, understand he is probably from "Plum Island" and resurrected out of the "Iron Mountain" report that recommends doing exactly what I suggested above in order to manipulate the masses into accepting a global fascist governance. Don't buy into it. But do read about this and take it seriously. There is obviously something going on cosmically and as Rahm says, "NEVER LET A GOOD CRISIS GO TO WASTE".

In order words, take advantage of it to promote the main agenda. I think that is what this is all about. So read, discern as much as you can what is real and what is manipulation. Good Luck. .  Also remember the "source" for this article is STANFORD UNIVERSITY WHICH IS FUNDED PRIMARILY BY the BRITISH ILLUMINATI LONDON BASED PRINCIPALITY TAVISTOCK GROUP.  So you know who they work for and who runs the bankers, the illums.     ALSO REMEMBER,  RUMSFELD WORKS FOR THE HOOVER INSTITUTE AT STANFORD, SO KEEP ALL THAT IN MIND AS WELL.    click on link above to continue.

AGENDA:  STARVATION TO KILL OFF BILLIONS:   This article is a MUST READ.  Monsanto is even worse than we could have possibly imagined and we were doing pretty good in imagining, however, this article highlights so many things that are a danger to our soil,  our future ability to grow crops and almost ensures that famine as our future promised to us by our illustrious non leaders  and now we know why.   If we survive the nuke wars, or the natural cosmic events,  we will still have no way to grow food,  THEY SAW TO IT WITH THIS AND CHEMTRAILS AND HAARP.   Do you believe this was an accident or incompetence on the part of these highly qualified scientists who developed this?  Do we really believe they did not know what they were doing???  Did you know monsanto was started by a Khazar family?  We know they are satanists, and wrote the protocols of the elders, and are heavily involved in the global agenda,  and now its been bought out by the sociopath Bill Gates and his killer foundation selling sterility, WITHOUT DISCLOSURE TO THE VICTIMS,  A DEATH PENALTY CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY, in the form of vaccines to unsuspecting third world countries so the elite can confiscate the land and natural resources of these countries.  This simply fits perfectly with the entire program to depopulate this planet in a manner befitting a satanist bent on sacrificing innocent souls to their God satan.   I swear the depth of evil that could dream up these horrors to foist on an unsuspecting public is beyond comprehension.  Truly it is.  Well, I guess the only option left open to us is the seed bank.  I understand you can get to it through underground transporation from stateside underground facilities.  So I guess Denver Airport is the target, huh???  You simply will not believe what all this horrible product does not only to us  but to the animals and plants we eat, thus making both unhealthy for human consumption.   YOU CANNOT TELL ME THIS IS NOT INTENTIONALCRIMINAL CHARGES AND Law suits need to be filed.    No wonder Bill Gates bought Blackwater.  He is going to need them.  The khazar satanist bankers want a third world war,  well, maybe we should give it to them, the world against them.   Now that is one I would gladly fight in.  In fact, I think it would appeal to everyone in the world right now.   The entire world against the Khazar zionist satanist bankers & THEIR ILLUMINATI OWNERS.   Now that is a dream come true.  Maybe someone should get a job as a cook in their households and bring in some DU for seasoning.  Am I mad???  damn right,  and if your not, you aren't paying attention. (CLICK ON LINK FOR REMAINDER OF NOTE AND ARTICLE)


V.                            Family charged 'death tax' for baby who lived hour  one                       
This is what it looks like to be a slave, wait til they get done with the floods to fill up the aquifirs underground, then they use HAARP to create the water shortages for the rest of us. Then you will pay $5 per gal for water and then soon every breath you take will cost you for breathing and then you will have no life at all, nor will your children and their children. Why do I say that? Have you ever in your life ever heard of charging a grieving family who lost a newborn baby a tax for that loss??? If the politicians don't get it, then there is something missing in the way of a soul. That should be the criteria for running for office and winning our votes. You have to have a soul. If you don't then recall them. Click link above for remainder of story.

NOTE:    REMEMBER WHO WE ARE.  (scroll down to the third video, you won't be sorry)


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