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"Jesus' Bluff" - The Hebrew Bible A Trojan Horse to Dupe the Goyim?

Hans Henning Atrott - Jesus' Bluff
"The Universal Scandal of the World"

Jesus’ and the Christians’ Trojan Horse of “Love”

Table of contents:

1. How Jesus necessarily depraves “tenets” and “love” of his own

2. How Jesus uses faked “love” to lift up himself and his terror priests to slaveholders

3. The pretended new ego of the Christian foul players

4. Jesus’ love and morals an alibi for enslavement and corresponding barbarities

5. Summary

a) Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (Christian jargon: Jesus "Christ" ) in Lu 6: 32 – 35 calls those ones „foul players“ he names the healthy in Lu 5: 31 and in the same way those he in Lu 5:31 calls the “foul players” in Lu 6:32 -35 are named the good. Here, the liar is caught in the act.

b) He believes others to command love and veneration towards one’s enemies. Thus, the mad Christian swineherds shall persuade themselves to believe that they are superior to their slaves, i.e., all other individuals. Trying to command emotions debunks the hypocrite and the deceiver to whom hypocrisy and deception already have become first nature. An individual doing that already has become a soulless wreck, who does not notice when and where he is playing the hypocrite, lying and deceiving, any longer. Behind Christian esteem, veneration or love is calculation how to outwit the victims and make them slaves subservient to Christian swineherds.

c) As far as Jesus commands love or veneration towards his adversaries, he deliberately or inadvertently admits that the latter are superior to him or his Christian foul players and that he hates his enemies only because of grudge, hatred and vindictiveness. To this also corresponds that he calls his followers „sick one needing a physician“ (Lu 5:31). What else did Jesus ever do on his enemies but to hate, to hate and to hate them? What else Christian felons ever did and do on their enemies?

d) Jesus "Christ" – and primarily not the churches – depraves his „tenets“. Christian foul players shall not expect a favor in return when doing one to another individual. They shall not „love“ those ones that „love“ them. That is „foul players’ love“, allegedly. Because Jesus "Christ" and the Christian feign to „love“ each other, Jesus "Christ" turns out depraving the “love” and „tenets“ of his own in practicing “foul players’ love”! Once more, the liars and deceivers are caught in the act.

e) Commitment to social services provides no evidence of a better moral mind or of good-hearted individual than, e.g., being busy as entrepreneur. However, that is the unspoken doctrine of Christian brainwashing. Commitment to social services shall make the Christian creeps n’ crooks, felons, shoats, barbarians, psychological terrorist, terrorists and slaveholder disguise as benefactors to those that “are poor in spirit” (Mt 5:13). Thus, the Christian swineherds want to worm their way into their victims’ (designed slaves’) confidence. Hereby, the latter shall be lulled into a false sense of confidence and security until they are entrapped and hence can be forced to become slaves of the Christian swineherds. Christian commitment in “charity” shall divert attention from the Christian foul players’ meanness, baseness, abjection, fiendishness, crimes, felonies, murders, outrages, mass -murders, genocides, barbarities and other abominations. That commitment is an alibi for Christian crimes on human rights and shall avert attention from the Christian foul players’ abominations so that they can perpetrate their infamy, abjection, crimes and outrages unassailably, on the on hand and are able to continue to do so unhindered, on the other hand. The more outrageous Christian foul players are, the more they are used to praising themselves being committed in “charity”. Christian charity is Satan’s, his son’s (Jesus Christ's") and the Christian foul players’ mask! That charity serves the purpose to silence others so that they do not dare to say that those Christian foul players that help the beggars, invalids, lame and blind ones are the most abominable brutes, fiends, foes and terrorists among all the bipeds that ever existed and that ever could exist. It is about lifting up oneself to slaveholder on the one hand and to abase the average individual to be (the Christian swineherds') slave, on the other hand. The pope – boss of a planetary Mafia – wants to be slaveholder of a whole planet and behaves like that.

f) Christian doctrines of social services and sexual behavior are very typical of rouges’ morals. Many Christian abominations in the Middle Ages can be traced back to the Christian foul players’ mad and insane repression of sexuality. Wankers are not capable of advising others concerning sexual behavior! This is true, indeed completely independent from the fact that the Christian toilet suckers believe the contrary, what we frankly admit to them …! Sexual life of most Christian foul players, in particular that one of Catholic slaveholders is confined to wanking. On an average, Christian foul players -- allegedly building up a “love’s sect” – are sexual cripples! Christianity is sect of cripples of “love” … Christian foul players are masturbating felons! Those masturbating or wanking Christian schmuck of priests do not command sexual behavior because they know how to love but because they want to be slaveholders of their slaves. Moreover, this means that they even do not shrink from trying to command the intimate life of their slaves. Jesus "Christ" and the Christian foul players want total enslavement. That is why Christian sect is a totalitarian one. For Christian swineherds sexuality is the question how to domineer their slaves totally.

g) Christian foul players are not committed to social services or charity for honest and reputable reasons. As alleged or real last ones that turned out badly by god or nature and/or being depraved ones (scum of the earth) want to rub god’s nose in his alleged “failures”. As the secret “Gospel of Philip” proves, in their secret and hidden views god is already a failure because he prefers the wrong ones, i.e., he does not prefer the Christian foul players. Christian charity is part of their war of vengeance of the laston the first , i.e., the Christian foul players help each beggar in order to make everybody else a beggar eating out of their (Christian) slaveholder’s hand.

h) That invalid, sick and infirm ones are objects of unscrupulous Christian foul players’ thirst for power and domineeringness is also proven by the fact that no disable, sick or invalid one is allowed to become Christian slaveholder (schmuck of priest, nun or monk). For instance, in Islam there is no prohibition like that.

i) Jesus’ and the Christian foul players’ “love” is only a semantic simulation (“juggling with name”) by which Christian swineherds try veiling the reverse of love in order to get the victims unsuspecting and thus gull them into the traps of enslaving the Christian schmuck of priests have set.

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