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Laddies & Gentlimen you're hereby strongly advised to prefer One Clove Garlic to Multi Clove Garlic. The reason WHY. *PIC*

[the author should convey that he ate some fine chinese cookies baked by a chinese grandmom from QingDao to prepare for this important transmission]

"Nee How!" [Chinese for Good Day]


This message generally applies to all western humans with

Tanga Stringed DNA Type W-46-XXX (tripleX)

in other words, to all naturally born euro-cacaosian females, but herein only to those who additionally inherited the newly found SUFA-Syndrome,
in other words, the Sexed Up Fat Ass digestive disorder
triggered by too high levels of garlic consumption,
despite the non-disputed overall healthiness of

Garlic aka Allium Sativum

And here's the GOOD NEWS:

Researchers at the renowned SICK-I Silly Con Kangaroo Institute
recently found out for sure and documented their scientific fact that

1. only western women with the tripleX gene are affected
2. consumption of single clove garlic does not have SUFA side effects.

New TNT member Mister Chen Liang, maybe unwittingly, was right on top with his kind recent introductive recommendation of the famous

Yunnan Garlic, Sole Garlic or Single Clove Garlic

... as the world turns chinese ...

Hong Chang Garlic

Please scrutinize the visible facts for yourself now:

first pic: Chinese Garlic
second pic: Western Garlic
third pic: Impressive SUFA Syndrome

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