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Censored Gulf news: Oil mafia wacking, Gulf oil spewing


The January 19 Rense Radio program exposed that:

  • The oil is still spewing, filling the Gulf
  • Speaking truth about the Gulf oil and related human injuries is resulting in thuggery violence
  • The Gulf floor is cracked due to the petrochemical-military-industrial-complex, not natural causes
  • The Black Wave Gulf Plague, due to PMIC actions, is slow death in slow motion impacting up to 40 million citizens
  • Harmless dispersants could have been used but were not and few people understand why not
  • Martial Law is in operation in the Gulf of Mexico region

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Censored Gulf news: Oil mafia wacking, Gulf oil spewing
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THE ABOVE 3 POSTS are MUST READS ..... read all the way through the articles... don't skim them. It's WITCH's brew coming. (like i'm aft to say, "IT'S DYING TIME")
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