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Hey "Striderus" -- what Strange Words you post... :O *PIC*

...and those E-mails I've been getting are even More Strange -- not YOU at all...hmmm...

Let me know when you get your computer "problems" straightened out...I miss hearing from the REAL Striderus...

LOLoooooSS...POS & goober Smoke & Mirrors...

Where'd Striderus go...?  Undecided

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RE; You ask too many questions & make false claims
The Heat is on! As to now: 7886 hits created at RMN ... for PyraBang ... errr WHERE is it? Pyrabangsters gone? THE ultimate darn safe successful money creation tool ... blown up? *PIC*
oooo I didn't know about that one, thanks !
Hey "Striderus" -- what Strange Words you post... :O *PIC*
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