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The Vatic Project - Daily Summary - Jan 19, 2011

Blog: The Vatic Project - Daily Summary - Jan 19, 2011
I.     Post:               "Black Swan" - Hollywood Preaches Satanism                         http://vaticproject.blogspot.com/2011/01/black-swan-hollywood-preaches-satanism.html
We know who controls the movie industry don't we???  Khazar Bankers and we also know they are  satanists who never gave up their pagan religion.   We also know they wrote the protocols and check out protocol #4 and read what they intend to do through sexual deviance and other such black arts to convert the nation through her children to satanism.   After reading about the bees being killed by their genetically engineered virus and reading about their control over our key depts in government including homeland security with dual Israeli citiznes,  AND THEIR OBVIOUS BLATANT ATTEMPT AT GENOCIDE IN PALESTINE, we now know who is trying to genocide us and Europe and Australia through their owned chemical companies,  and other methods, so WE KNOW WHO THE ENEMY REALLY IS, WHO THE TERRORISTS REALLY ARE AND now we know who to go after.  Well, its finally coming out more and more.   We have so much evidence on this blog going back to the beginning, of the pervasiveness of Satanism in our world at the highest levels of every field,  that its clear they believe they will be taking over and are no longer hiding it (see blog "Age of Satanism")Notice we did not have a Christmas tree at the White House, but we did have the Menora.  Hmmm   That is representative of the Kabbala practiced by the Khazars who run the country right now in ALL FIELDS INCLUDING  politics, Drug companies, science, movies, publications, newspapers, electronic media, energy,  and recently just took over our food companies in 2008 with the proceeds of the market crash they caused and bought up the companies for pennies on the dollar.  Soon they will own it all if we let them.  (CLICK LINK ABOVE FOR REST OF NOTE) 

II.                        The Case of the Disappearing Bees - (Is Israel contributing to the elite's famine plan?)                          http://vaticproject.blogspot.com/2011/01/case-of-disappearing-bees-is-israel.html
 Well, looky here what I found down this rabbit hole. Hmmm The Israeli acute Paralysis Virus was found in 96.1 percent of the colony collapse bee samples. Then people wonder why I feel the khazar zionist International bankers (Rothschild, king of the Khazars) are behind most everything that goes wrong in this country! Well, now you know. This starvation plan they have for massive depopulation has been going on for sometime and look at all the elements they have gathered to use to make that starvation plan happen to knock our numbers down to a level where they can control us like a herd of cattle as they say many times.   Many questions then arise,  how did the bee virus get here?  Is it a bioweapon?  What is he history of that virus.  Many questions and if the obvious turns out to be the case, then criminal action for attempted murder by famine,  would not be out of line.  Its time someone began calling a spade a spade, don't you think???  Manipulating our language is just another disinfo tactic. 

III.                              (US) Weather Radar Shows Something unusual around time Birds fell in AR   http://vaticproject.blogspot.com/2011/01/us-weather-radar-shows-something.html

Ok, what we have done here is to show you the process for critical thinking and deductive reasoning.  Gather all the bits and pieces of both the event and possible triggers for the events and begin the process of elimination if possible.   We have put out about 5 videos  now showing anomolies in the sky at the same time events on the ground go out of control.   We also introduced you to the various possible causes and ask you to decide which one matches most of those events well or better than the others,  that occurred over this time frame???  Now does that mean you have to decide right now?  No, but movement toward one or the other should begin taking place by now.  Even in that movement always keep an open mind.  Also be thinking of ways to counter the problem and problem makers with one person, three people, 7 people or more.   List out all and I do mean "ALL" your options to consider.  Find others you know well , of similar mind and throw out all of your suggestions and they do the same.   Somewhere in the pile usually lies the answer.  That is what I have found almost every time using this process AND ALWAYS THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX.  Your imagination is your only limitation.  Get imaginably flexible.  Remember NO MORE KATRINA'S EVER.     click on link above to continue.
THIS IS AN OUTRAGE.   Ok now tell me this is not an attack against our species? This is a serious attempt to genocide us and our progeny. This must stop and we must do something about it. So, now lets identify where these khazar bankers and all their families live, work and eat. Then lets identify the chemicals that are being used to harm us, our children and babies and aborted pregnancy and then we can do the same to them. In fact, no guns, we can simply use on them what they use on us and what is good about it is they will never know? Its the best underground strategy around. Are they going to take our chemicals from us??? Donate our 100% toxic blood to their blood banks. LOL  Sorry, its sarcasm, but truly we do have to do something. I am at a loss or are we just going to sit and let it continue? Let me know so I can get on with my life rather than doing this. (CLICK ON LINK FOR REMAINDER OF NOTE AND ARTICLE)



OK, finally, a reader provided us with a link to this project to fight chemtrails in our skies.  Something we should have done years ago, but did not want to admit we were under attack,  now we know and now we must act.   This is a good way.  If this doesn't work, well, you know there is always the last resort.   If chemicals and poisons are the weapons of choice for them then so be it.  If none of this works than we all sign an official request of homeland security to shoot down the enemy planes using weapons of mass destruction to kill our citizens.  They are terrorists and must be shot down.  Its really that simple and if Homeland security refuses, then WE GO TO OUR NEWLY ELECTED REPS AND DEFUND HOMELAND SECURITY AND DO AWAY WITH IT FOR GOOD by pointing out how they are NOT DOING THEIR JOBS..  Hows that for directed action??? Sign up below in the comments section if you agree and are willing to help put this together and any groups you maybe involved with so we can coordinate this effort.  Thanks.      Click link above for remainder of story.

NOTE:    REMEMBER WHO WE ARE.  (scroll down to the third video, you won't be sorry)

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The Vatic Project - Daily Summary - Jan 19, 2011
GREAT COMMENTS in the above post by the Vatic Project. I totally agree with them................... TOTALLY (about most everything) *NM*
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