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RE; You ask too many questions & make false claims

Since I know that this RMN agent won't post my response and hobie won't either, I'm doing it here !

And since this Mr.Ed doesn't have the balls and appears like pot calling the kettle black by making FALSE CLAIMS;


HISTORY IS BEING MADE RIGHT NOW (views: 2854) Mr.Ed -- Wednesday, 19-Jan-2011 21:05:16

  • Re: HISTORY IS BEING MADE RIGHT NOW (views: 1671) DazedNConfused -- Wednesday, 19-Jan-2011 22:21:36
    • whatever dude... (views: 1150) Mr.Ed -- Wednesday, 19-Jan-2011 22:41:30
      • Re: whatever dude... (views: 760) oliverhaddo -- Thursday, 20-Jan-2011 00:20:21
        • SEARCHED VARIOUS WEBSITES AND HAVEN'T FOUND ANY COMFIRMATION/S REGARDING THIS *NM* (views: 718) Seawitch -- Thursday, 20-Jan-2011 01:15:02




          I have to wonder if he's (Mr trojan 'the talking' horse-ED) not a federal disinformationalist ??????????

          Now understand too I'm not saying that I don't believe there are aliens, just that I'm questioning what is being purported as truth... iSSo those who can't stand questions being asked >>> might be because they have something to HIDE....like maybe LIES ???

          You ask too many quetions & make false claims


          Most of your questions (and you had a bunch) can be answered by a simple "free will". All of us living on earth today are part of a large experiment where "free will" is the playing rule. Without free will, you can not learn from your experience. (nor can the creator) If you have a problem with that answer...just remember I didn't make the game rules.   One of the game rules (that few are aware of) is: NO nukes allowed in space or shot from a missile over 150 miles above earth orbit.


          Reason for this rule?   Very simple...it effects other life forms in higher dimensions that exist here (that you can't see or not aware of) and other folks in space around the earth that don't like idiot humans shooting bombs at them and effecting their reality. (how dare us)   This has been the case for a very long time & our military won't speak a word of it because they don't want you to know that they are helpless & can't do a thing about it.


          Just google it & see about all the ICBMs that were disabled or distroyed right on the launch pads...or blown out of the sky...or not able to launch.

          If you didn't get it I was being little sarcastic in asking, though what I didn't say was about all those nifty new tesla type weapons that don't exist .


          Do any of you recall the Norway Spiral last year?  Did you ever get a clear explaination for what that was?   Funny how we forget so quick about something so bizarre as this never before seen display in the night sky in the history of mankind.   It was a russian missile launched with multiple nuke warheads (about a dozen) that was slowed from thousands of MPH to hundreds of MPH by a tractor beam & distroyed by the Galactic Federation of Light ships just like you saw in this video in question.   Really ?! That's funny who offically backs that theory ?   To me ... It looks like a damn good screen for movies ... ie blue beam shows. I wonder how many multicore cpu,s it takes ? I wonder if that's what they're going to use all those 64core cpu,s for ?   Sorry, I think there may be reasons to believe in alien life and that we might be being 'visited' but ! All these so called lights in the sky being put up on the Inet.. really doesn't prove squat isso except that some people are getting a great 'light show' to watch.   Why would any alien race need our POS lying governments to tell us the truth when they are quite able to themselves ? Why wouldn't they just float on down ...like they used to hundreds, thousands of years ago ? Why not just park one of those couple of mile wide mama ships  a few thousand feet about our buildings where we could get a REAL  look at what they have errr are able to build? Obviously anyone able to do that must not be from around here !? sigh... otherwise isso they are nothing but a blue beam creation... AN ILLUSION OK...why haven't they come and get rid of the dark cabal. Sorry again that was more sarcasm...   Well again free will plays a part of it...but that "is" being done behind the scenes and arrests are soon to be made (Ben Fulford says 750 from Europe & USA) and other factors you would find hard to believe like clones & solid holograms which I will not get into here.   So we hear,  but yet again the saga continues  with nothing but a few sacrificial lamb con men thrown on the coals to toast. ya I hear the same stuff too from all these...groups , the WB/oitc saga, casper the clown saga, etc. ...   but hey! where's the BEEF ???? all I see is bread !   However I suggest you read the latest message by Sheldan Nidle from the GFL & see some amazing info there this week.


          Sorry no offence, but it sounds like the same stuff I was hearing/reading about 20 years ago.... NOTHING HAS CHANGED since then....NADA

          And know that soon all of these things are about to come out in the open and this year will be the most amazing string of events ever in your life...and when it does...you will know what I speak of.

          In the meanwhile...do not worry...all is good & under control.   hmmm sounds like your trying out for the part of the alien/human government spokesperson, that is the answer(s) we already get from the rejects at the outhouse DC.... " don't worry we'll take care of it for ya " ya ...just like the mess we're in already from not pay attention to the details got us to where we are today. No thanks , I don't trust anything at this point that anybody says is a fact without PROOF. Which BTW interferes in my /many of our freewill right to know TRUTH.   I'm kind of expecting the aliens to answer the Q's directly....we don't need no stink'n spokespersons to be in the middle making our decisions for us. That is and has been the problem to start with.  Besides that how are we ever going to trust these aliens when they have been in cahoots with all these lying scumbags in governments right from the beginning ? Funny how that's not called interfering with a planet population....all of a sudden now the Aliens are going to change their treatys ??? They can't be that stupid not to know those they were dealing with in our governments were LYING through their fork'd tongued mouths. All of a sudden they are against mass murdering 6 billion people ?? the Aliens knew from day one what the plan was and were helping them prepare... isso    And don't believe all the stuff you see on the "controlled" media TV news. (the truth is NOT there)   Lately..... in my Opinion, the alterative media is starting to look like the otherside of the same coin....   Striderus    Mr.Ed


          You ask too many questions & make false claims


          Well Mr Ed, let's start with the title;


          Yeap I sure do have and ask many questions, I was taught as a young boy that to learn anything in this world one MUST ask many questions and to continue asking till you get an answer(s). one does not get knowledge and FACTS by osmosis.

          Your way of writing that title implies, imo, I'm asking questions that I shouldn't be asking....hmmm  why would that be huh?

          And the only people that don't like questions asked or complain about to many of them are usually people that have something to hide.


          I don't have time to play show & tell with you.
          Yes I guess you are, must take a lot of time to write up these posts, though you seem to think I was expecting you to provide all the answers....I wasn't. 

          I spent over 20 years researching for my answers & there are no short cuts.
          Your not the only one who has spent much of their lives searching for real answers and your correct there really is no short cuts, nor do I expect any either. Though the long time I've spent following this stuff started with studying esoterics/theology. You do learn a few things, one is the ability to see how many ways people write the same shit over and over again, though they use different words to make it look like something new ....but for the most part it NOT. I think they call that creative writing if I remember correctly ?
          It's a personal journey to discover the truth.
          Get busy or wait and see.
          Aren't you spiritually evolved ? hmmm Your attitude just shows right through, so patient, high moral standard, so willing to help others find the path to enlightenment....ya... it shows quite well. 

          I will say you are way off about the government dealing with the GFL.
          That has yet to be seen and or proven.

          They have not.
          They were dealing with the ET's not the Galactic Humans we are kin to. (big difference)
          You are SO wrong about the info is the same for 20 years.
          You do realize that they teach the same crap in school, especially college but yet require a student to write orginal material that everyone else before them has had to write about the same thing. in other words the teachers give a subject to be written about, it doesn't matter what it is, I assure you hundreds if not thousands have come before and wrote on the very same subject....but yet.... each one is different....hmmm sounds a lot like ALL the ufo/alien/Contact-abduction material to me. Oh and be sure , I have read almost everything that is/has been written out there in the public arena. some are better then others....but the base info is ALWAYS the same. You seem to think I don't know squat about this subject. May I direct you back to the lounge and have you read Gnostics post there. You very mistaken in thinking I don't get around and that I don't talk to others about this subject, try a little back tracking , E-H's posts to start with. oh and while your in the lounge....pull up my posts from 2006.
          In fact the GFL messages don't even go back that far.
          Again I suggest you put your nose to the screen & start reading the messages if you want to know what is going on...or go away & keep quiet.
          oooo aren't we a bit testy...oooo so evolved spiritually you are ?
          hmmm interesting you seem to think I'm just going to shut the F'up annd go away because you don't like all my questions ??? Just think real hard...what I'm thinking about saying to you....Really for such an evolved person such as you and ....well me... you should be able to pickup on my unspoken words. besides I don't think Hobie would let me S P E L L  them out for you here.... just tune in to my thoughts... 
          Your just like most of the other skeptics throwing cheap shots & claiming false stories as fact.
          You don't know jack about me and what I'm trying to do.... I'm skeptical about EVERYTHING until I find FACTS and TRUTH, it is nothing personal against you as a person here...I'm just following my instincts. and My knowledge and instincts tell me there is a whole lot of BS being fed to ignorant people as truth. In fact everyone knows that 95% of what's on the internet is no more truth than the BS we see on the idiot box or through any MainSh*tMedia company, Not just UFO stuff either....EVERYTHING.
          Did you read any of what Gnostic was writing about that I replied to  before they were pulled ??? email me if not I'll send you a copy
          I put the info up for all to read...and like most you ignore it & talk smack.


          I put up the questions for everybody also....you didn't have to respond either...NO? I'm not the one with the burr in their panties right now...you are.... talking smack

          If you want to learn fast...go to youtube & search for Sheldan Nidle & get a fast download of data.


          And just for your information, I've been reading them , right from the start.


          But I really doubt if you are interested...you just want to show off & crack jokes.
          I can tell by the questions your not serious.
          Really...ooo I forgot you can read minds, so newage evolved huh? Obviously you don't know squat !
          I am absolutely serious like a heart attack, but see your responses imply that I'm thinking to much and asking questions that some don't want to hear....no I DO NOT take order or follow morons over the cliff just because they say so.
          There are a least two groups more likely a least dozen or so purporting to know and produce what is being called facts. But Now we have to throw in the GOVERNMENT dis informationalist scumbags to the whole lot. Using the  aforementioned formula of 95% BS artists/propagandalists/ goober cover-up AGENTS/etc. we are left with 5% max truth.
          Funny I brought up the blue beam subject ...and low and behold it's brought up in the other area that it is referenced to Gunther and the S&L crimes and not in the other area where it is described as the tptb~w's final show to convince all the ignorant/ not knowing the truth people to go along with the program and give up their lives on command...
          Sorry that Ain't frick'n happening on my part...I don't take f'n orders from pissants who work for scumsucking maggots ie elites/government/tptb~w....period ! 
          I don't mean to insult you...but you surely are insulting me. Mr.Ed
          I 'm not trying to inslut you, I was posting some questions that EVERYBODY doesn't seem to want to answer or even to see the question brought up... makes one wonder why so DEFENSIVE ??? Could it be ??? there be some disinformationalists/propagandalists in the house ??? hmmm??

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RE; You ask too many questions & make false claims
The Heat is on! As to now: 7886 hits created at RMN ... for PyraBang ... errr WHERE is it? Pyrabangsters gone? THE ultimate darn safe successful money creation tool ... blown up? *PIC*
oooo I didn't know about that one, thanks !
Hey "Striderus" -- what Strange Words you post... :O *PIC*
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