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These Secrets make for interesting reading... that's for Damn sure.


Before researching this data very thoroughly, I too believed what I was taught in school -as being the Gospel Truth. But then this Government allowed this three-war veteran to be exploited by the IRS confiscating our home, physician business (57 yrs.), and all bank accounts, over an IRS alleged amount of $4,700. We had no idea at the time, our complete Judicial System is corrupt to the core, regarding their knowledge on the IRS and personal income tax. It killed my worried wife of over 50 years marriage. Whoa! When we found out, - we wrote the never challenged book titled THE RAPING OF OUR NATION. We are all being lied to by our Government on a daily basis. The 'banksters' are taking over this country at this very moment! (Original article written 03-04-03)
Before I knew -the truth: (Govt. abuses = from 1. THE RAPING OF OUR NATION
& 2. Health = CAN WE LIVE TO BE 200? ) Here's some of the Govt., & Health lies

Almost 90% of all conditions and diseases in this world can be attributed to allergic reactions from eating 'GRAINS'. Fact! Although the disease process is factual, scientists show the breakdown in the immune system stems from undefined allergies to environment, foods, and even people. We're talking about wheat, rye, barley, oats and all grains including soy products -that have been stored in silos. Our Government did the research with our money but in the interest of 'control' and 'money' decided to subdue all information -likened to the Colloidal Silver cover-up. Lets face it, -the medical monopoly is in the billions of dollar's profit each year. Money talks and rhetoric walks! Big money always siphons down to keep people's mouths' shut. We've been lied to, cheated, and extorted by 'Big-Pharma' for $$$. AVOID anything considered a grain or soy product for just 10 days. Unless you grow your own grains, -most all grains develop a microscopic fungus that's so toxic -it can kill young horses' under 3 years old. It also accounts for nearly 90% of all human health conditions; -being covered up by World Governments and Big-Pharma. When sun condensation occurs in silo storage unit's -grains become 'mold contaminated', -that can never be eradicated (removed), from the gluten unless baking temps exceed 440 degrees F. Most astute farmers always burn their bales of hay if they get wet from rain before feeding it to their thoroughbred animals. They learned the hard way. Save someone's life by relating this information. Before knowing the truth, -for 57 years in practice, we always recommended 'whole-grain' breads to everyone. Ask yourself; "why do breads and grains rot (mold)? Once opened the package contents can 'oxidize' due to moisture (penicillin mold). Humidity, oxidation, moisture, (water), acts as a catalyst -the same as rain hitting fresh grown hay in farmer's fields, thus the submicroscopic ergot mold formation starts. Why has our FDA -Govt. allowed contaminated grains to be consumed? They claim the amount of contamination is too small to make a difference. Oh yeah! It's like allowing rat waste in peanut butter, which they do because the amount is so small! The ultimate answer to this is MONEY. Now, unfortunately the only 'safe-grain' is anything that's enriched or preserved. (We hate it, -but have to live with it!)

AIDS (HIV), has always been curable on contact, using COLLOIDAL SILVER! Can rid over 605 pathogens and treat in excess of 550 major degenerative diseases, -ON CONTACT! WOW! Ask for more FREE info. Silver bonds with the smallest element ever discovered =HYDROGEN that's a part of water! Since every disease source (pathogen), known -is larger than the water molecule, -the silver is able to invade the culprit and destroy it on contact. Some diseases take their toll, so if the person has had the disease for over 2 years, it might take a little longer to resolve, but most healing is almost immediate. Before our knowledge of Colloidal Silver water, we always had diseased people drink ample amounts of water and it worked for many, but silver is the answer.

The IRS is phony-baloney! The average person is supposed to be scared to death of the IRS -and usually is. We were! What if you knew the truth, -that the IRS uses a non-existent U.S. law to wit, IRS-IRM-IRC-Title-26, (USC) -as their ONLY source of legitimacy? How about, -the IRS is headquartered in Puerto Rico and not in the USA! The U.S.Codification System -has never been able to find Title-26 and in fact there are NO U.S. Code titles between 18 to 28 (04-04-04). That means every person is fully 'liable' to you for perpetrating the 'IRS-myth' (Extortion). ALL of the IRS forms are totally illegal! (OMB) If and when the IRS demands you pay income tax, simply ask them to show that Title-26 is legitimate, -in dated documentation, -not talk. When they can't do so, -ask that person for their full credentials, name, badge number, office location and the name of their superior, so you can proceed with extortion charges. Most, immediately walk away from you! YOU'LL NEVER PAY INCOME TAX AGAIN. GET BACK EVERY PENNY YOU HAVE EVER PAID TO THE 'ILLEGAL' I.R.S.

A naturally occurring sugar cane called d-MANNOSE is so slippery when consumed within the human body nothing can stick to any cell surface. It can dissolve the LDL-cholesterol wax that clogs arteries, within a short time at little cost without any other drugs. It can help allergies, pollens, fevers, asthma, bladder, prostate, and urinary infection quickly, plus it's totally safe to use. Just a few drops -sub-lingual!

Brown spots, sunspots, pre-skin cancers, keratoses (actinic), can be eliminated with EGGPLANT (stem), mixed with a few drops of white iodine in a cold cream base. Apply, then keep the area covered, continuously. Takes about a week!

Almost all contaminated water can be purified 99% by using a couple drops of IODNE added to H20. White IODINE is also great for toenail fungus! Take it on hiking or camping trips.

White IODINE has eliminated breast pain, breast (non-malignant) lumps, zits, bladder infections, ovarian cysts, hemorrhoids, lowers cholesterol, & flatulence.

EYE-SIGHT AND HEARING are greatly enhanced by making up your own 'SALSA-COCKTAIL'; red beans, garlic, onion, 1/2 oz of raw-red meat, parsley, celery, cabbage, tomato, pinch of red yeast rice, one calcium lithium cap, one Vit-C 1000mg. tab and one chelated manganese cap. Blend together! Refrigerate! 2 oz's a.m. & p.m.

RHEUMATOID and OSTEOARTHRITIS pain incl. Carpal-tunnel is gone in 10 days by eliminating grains. A difference can be seen in three days. Freedom of movement in all joints! The salsa-cocktail is not necessary -but it helps. The swollen legs are the first real arthritis clue, -then difficulty getting out of chairs. (Some people respond to MSM (Sulfur tabs.)

CANCER = All varieties including 'melanoma' have had 100% results within 3 months using 'Egg-plant extract', and it's never returned! Stay off the grains! "You'll be amazed at the results contrary to Big-Pharma lies."

ANGINA PAINS and most all heart conditions respond favorably by eliminating the grains. Using D-Mannose sugar can diminish the LDL-Cholesterol. Sub Lingual Cinnamon can drop the Blood Pressure appreciably in five minutes. Bending over and coughing hard until the pains diminish has been recommended by a U.S. Navy physician on the Today Show, -and it works.

PROSTATE conditions respond favorably to the d-Mannose-sugar-drops and increases libido/virility without Viagra. (Also helps female libido!)

DIABETES both type's I and II respond to Cinnamon (household), which contains 'methyldroxychalcone' or MHCP, helping to drain the pancreas. D-Mannose and eliminating all grains -along with the Salsa cocktail does it. If you can pull the left abdominal soft tissue beneath the ribs toward the right two times daily, you'll drain the pancreas and activate the 'Islands/islets of Langerhans' that manufacture insulin. It's not a cure but this exercise results in faster resolve.

ALZHEMEIRS = Lithium aspirate or lithium orate ($ .26 cent tab), 2 X's daily! Eliminate the grains! Eat small amounts of red meat daily. Gives you every essential the body needs! Our internal skulls are 100% FAT! Alzheimer's need animal fat!

MS or MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS is generally due to the lethal sweetener 'ASPARTAME' that's used in diet soft drinks, yet never eliminated by the drug cartels ($$$). (Monsanto Chem. Co.) When the bodies temperature exceeds 101 degrees (common in athletes), the aspartame turns to formaldehyde, a chemical thats potentially carcinogenic CH2O, and literally 'tans' surfaces and nerve endings, -leading to MS. (Also used as an embalming fluid to preserve bodies!) Only the consumption of d-Mannose (sugar), -eating natural animal fats that activate the fatty brain synapses (our brains are 100% fat), for production of acetylcholine, and by eliminating grains can the process be reversed. It takes longer but worth every second. Most university researchers treat stiffness by eliminating-fat and use unnatural chemical drugs, to resolve MS pain discomfort! Many deaths are the result. Biofeedback helps 63.6% and much better than chemical drugs overall -but Big-Pharma can't make the mega bucks using Biofeedback.

RICE and CORN (fresh) are great substitutes for the grains. Ever tried carrot, rice, or potato bread? Any of the 'mustard' family greens are also recommended. We love the Jack LaLanes new juicer at $100.00. We can even consume the pulp!

Favorable results have been demonstrated for FIBROSIS, ASTHMA, VARICOSE VEINS, BURSITIS, PSORIASIS, CANCER, DEPRESSION, BRAIN DISORDERS, and OSTEO-ARTHRITIS by simply eliminating the contaminated grains (moldy-ergot impure gluten), by restoring our immune system.

IODINE can also be produced naturally, -by squeezing the bottom portion of our necks gently, but firmly for 15 seconds. God gave us fingers and a gland that requires movement (turning the neck, swallowing, coughing, etc.), in order to discharge it's iodine. Only 2 drops of white iodine rid toenail fungus.

Was the Gasoline price increase contrived by our Government and the money sources -to benefit the 'big-boys'? You bet cha! It backfired on them ten-fold and is now ruining our economy. Everyone in the lower and middle class suffered! The increases were too much and too fast! Ultimately it exposed the entire corrupt system, from the top down. There was absolutely no need to increase the price of gasoline, but they allowed it to happen as their start of the world take-over. The recession is worse now than the depression of 1929. Funny, no one wants to take the blame -yet everyone's got his or her private opinion and the controlled media loves it. Every totalitarianism society in history has failed because they forgot one important item, -without the people -control is dead and everyone loses -creating anarchy. They cannot exist without us! History is now being repeated! In other words all the people including the wealthy -will lose everything they've acquired! Actually, the 'banksters' have contributed to their own demise! That's why our Constitution was based upon mistakes made in past history, -to form a more perfect system of Government -in 1776, however, 'greed' in 2008 is exceeding need by 110%! It was nice while it lasted! Goodbye U.S.A.! Dont say everyone was not warned!
20. CHRONIC LOW BACK PAIN - GONE IN 15 MINUTES! (Rids a lifetime of pain!) Lie on a rug with your feet and legs resting on a chair or bed (right angle). Place a pillow below your head. Have a clock in view. Gently raise your pelvis up and down for 12 to 15 minutes at the rate of 12 to 15 times ea. minute. Never force! The action is likened to relations with the opposite gender. Some need to do it more than once, depending on how long they’ve suffered. One eighty year old + claims pain-free for the first time in her life.

We will supply the dosages, sources, amounts, and any other information we have, to you for the asking. Simply send us an e-mail at irsinfo@email.com orDocJonesSYLRTC@msn.com, asking us to tell you more about that item listed! The 'extra' information would make this e-mailing too long!
Most all of my material is common knowledge, and it's been tried with great success. Our question is always, does it work, without side-effects and how well does it work? Answer; At least 80 to 100% so far or it would not be put my in e-mails. Regarding research data, -we are put in an awkward position when we are asked for research data, -as we can never be sure of who's asking in an e-mail. Damn if you do, and damn if you don't -reveal all sources and facts pertaining to the material presented. The FDA and AMA are always looking to condemn 'anyone' who suggests something better than what they approve (legal suits). Remember, money is the name of their game. Anything natural is immediately put down. Nice part of my material is if it doesn’t work in 10 days, go-for allopathic.
My colleague, Jonathan Wright, M.D., Michael Berger, N.D. have stuck their necks out and don't give a damn what anyone thinks. If it is critical to have confirmation by research data, may we suggest you contact "NUTRITION & HEALING", P.O. Box 925, Fredrick, MD 21705-9913. Ask for details on any specific item in my e-mail. They have hundreds of testimonials regarding success of the items presented. You might use code DNHDA801 for acceptance. Any problems, -let me know.
Thanks, DOC J.
Since we wrote THE RAPING OF OUR NATION, in 2002, (best seller), -we have hundreds of documents with audiotapes, and films to substantiate every written accusation made about the IRS. This Government bureaucracy is trying to initiate their professed NEW (One) WORLD ORDER, wherein everyone will become their slave. The phony IRS is simply a part of the overall conspiracy to control our money and the populace. Income tax has never been necessary in the USA! The Constitution has no wording relating to income tax and in fact specifically 'does not allow a direct tax'. Any law that violates the Constitution becomes null and void! Over 5000 letters to everyone in this Government and handing out over 200 FREE books to IRS offices and others -no person has EVER challenged our material. That says it all! We found out why! Almost all of the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial bodies joined a fraternal group that's highly secretive, by taking the British Crown 'oath' of allegiance, after their Constitutional Oath of allegiance to theUSA in order to get their job or position. It makes each a 'traitor'! Known as the sacred, secret, Yale U., Skull and Bones, El Diablo oath to the B. Crown -administered only to the 'elite' or 'influential' people who can effect or change law/s. "Birds of a feather flock together." Monetary rewards and perks say it all. These culprits also pray to the Sun and not GOD! Ever wonder why Washington D.C. is denouncing GOD? Every lawyer including the ACLU takes the same oath. Films with documentation to prove everything substantiate each accusation made. Clandestine films tell it all. Your knowledge and awareness of what's happening behind the scenes is paramount for the survival of this Nation! Join with the SYLRTC to spread the word! We're not anarchists or rabble-rousers. We're simply honest; patriotic 'concerned' American Citizens and Veterans who have been victimized by our Govt via/IRS. The culprits represent over one third of the people who never have to pay income tax (W-8 exemption), so each is extremely sensitive about anyone who would attempt to make changes. Thanks, DOC J.
Two million dollar REWARD if we're wrong about the IRS
We're the SYLRTC (Save Your Life Research -Tax Coalition founded in 1972, Corona delMar, CA). 3535 E. Cst. Hwy. #140, Corona delMar, CA 92625-2404
(Over three (3), million advocates strong, in our ranks) GOD BLESS AMERICA!
(Sv; SECRETS YO'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO KNOW-11-7-08.doc.html.wpd (Arizona division =Walt) GWR, Esq)
Subject: ESTABLISHING DATA TO BE USED FOR COURT SUITS REGARDING THE I.R.S. = AND CITIZENS RIGHT TO ENFORCE ESTABLISHED LAW/S AND RULES. This section is only for people who are undergoing difficulties with the IRS. Many resolves have happened when the IRS people know that you know the �truth� about the entire cover-up tactics being practiced by our Government and the IRS against the common man.
Since each individual case is different from one another; names, dates, places, events, amounts, and general circumstances, -which must be incorporated into this material, this general information will establish grounds for making your case. We highly recommend you change wording somewhat and use your own personal expressions when compiling. Always double-space, with no highlights or underlining. A paralegal is highly suggested before filing. Use Pro-se authority!
1040 (Phony) CONTRACTS: " In 1988, the federal and corporate United States joined the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International CONTRACTS, which now governs contracts within its scope. According to international and universal (uniform) Contract Law, such as the UCC, a contract can only be valid if it follows all the Rules and Process of law that created it. " One of the main elements or rules of contract law states that "all parties must understand the scope, nature, terms, and conditions of the contract". Another main element states that "all parties must consent to the contract". If it is not agreed to and there is no mutual consent, then there is no contract. Any purported commercial contract that fails to be entered into by mutual "good faith", with full disclosure of the terms and conditions to both parties, and consent by all parties, is void ab initio (from the beginning). Since the IRS uses a 1040 form contract for gathering information on individuals which has never been approved by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), -as required by almost every protective Act and Law, adopted, acted upon by legislation, and never changed, or altered, it warrants further investigation. Further investigation and research reveals the I.R.S. is not headquartered in the U.S.A., -but in Puerto Rico, considered a foreign enmity, although a U.S. possession, however, apparently not subject to existing U.S. UCC rules and regulations. Further research demonstrates the IRS uses a non-existent U.S. Codification Code, to wit; IRS-IRM-IRC-Title-26 (USC) as embossed on all IRS manuals and code books, -for their sole legal authority to tax United States Citizens, in direct violation of the U.S. Constitution, -yet never amended. Ref: The U.S. Codification system (Legislated upon U.S. Codes), has never been able to find a Title-26 and in fact shows no valid titles between 18 to 28. Whenever the elements of "good faith" disclosure and/or "consent" are missing, any contract can automatically be ruled null and void if the deceived or defrauded party enforces the Rules of Law (FTC). Once again, silence is default. If you say nothing, you have defaulted. " Default means the contract is null and void or ab initio. However, when the IRS literally forces individuals to 'sign' 1040 forms so that the judiciary will consider the 1040 a legal, binding, contract, but the individual had no knowledge of the alleged fraudulent legality of extortion being perpetrated against him, it may constitute fraud according to cases resolved by the FTC citing Title-15 (USC). -By the IRS using deception of contract legality for non-existence, he/she may be considered a victim of fraud, conspiracy, deception, extortion and outright theft. Until and or if the IRS is able to prove their legitimacy as an official U.S. Agency -to a bonafide, jurisdictional judicial tribunal, which to date has not been the case -the 1040 form contract remains null and void or ab initio. (This may prove the entire U.S. judiciary is covering-up!)
In other words, how can a person have defaulted when the 1040 contract was allegedly illegal to start with and that person had no knowledge that any of this total poppycock was in place? Legality at this point must be challenged in lieu of the I.R.S. enforcement procedures, -confiscating personal homes, businesses, causing Citizen deaths, and taking assets from U.S. Citizens -contrary to established protective laws that have never been altered or changed!
As a valid recommendation to persons reviewing this latest information it would be prudent to establish:
1. I.R.S. legal qualifications and legitimacy to conduct business of taxing U.S. Citizens. Challenge-able!
2. Legitimacy of the 1040 form contract -for collecting personal private financial information on Citizens in lieu of existing, established, and legislated Citizen Protective Acts -that have never changed. (OMB & FTC) (The OMB has flatly stated: �IRS-1040 forms are bogus . . .�)
3. Is the I.R.S. complying with international and universal (uniform) Contract Law, such as the UCC, which states a contract can only be valid if it follows all the Rules and Process of law that created it? The I.R.S. has shown the same OMB number on 1040's for over 20 years, contrary to the OMB Act and laws.
4. Has the I.R.S. used deception to enforce their mandates for compliance with their rules for filing the 1040 form contract -without any explanation to U.S. Citizens regarding Contract Law which states, "all parties must understand the scope, nature, terms, and conditions of the contract"? No nomenclature regarding this contract information has ever been shown on IRS 1040 contract forms.
5. Do U.S. Citizens have the legal afforded right to hold liable any and all persons who have condoned, supported, perpetrated, endorsed, ratified, or in any way covered-up their knowledge of IRS apparent extortion and skullduggery, regardless of their status or position of employment including personnel in the employ of the I.R.S.? How about Judges who take the IRS stand? HOLD THEM ALL LIABLE! (Your unalienable right!)
IF SO, THEN HEAR THIS: Any person, what-so-ever, whom-so-ever, residing and Constitutionally benefiting thereof, within the confines of the fifty (50), United States of America (USA), -from the cop on the corner, to the highest executive office in the U.S., herewith, and have always been wholly -in body accountable (Constitutionally liable), for their actions (no exceptions what-so-ever), to we the people, for allegedly violating their oath of allegiance to the U.S. Constitution by allowing a private, non Government agency (headquartered outside the USA), who intentionally and knowingly uses deception -the right to collect income tax from we the people of the U.S. in violation of all provisions stipulated within the U.S. Constitution.
THEREFORE: Any person objecting to the above outlined paragraph, in the interest of fairness, decency, courtesy, legality and justice, must un-equivocally prove, produce, show, or physically demonstrate -that there has ever been a U.S. Codification code Congressionally affirmed, adopted, accepted, or approved, as required, for use by the United States Government; to wit IRS-IRM-IRC-TITLE-26 (USC), or by any private agency working for and on behalf of the U.S. Government. (04-04-04)
WE THE PEOPLE (and based upon the above facts), thus formally and legally charge the United States Government administration with deliberate, willful, and knowledgeable, obstruction of justice, until proven otherwise. The I.R.S. uses Title-26 (USC), as gold leaf embossed upon the hard covers of all IRS manuals, as their sole source of legal authority to collect and demand income tax from U.S. Citizens, with full approval of the U.S. Government, therefore, We-The-People demand to witness the documentation via/all legal channels, -that Title-26 (USC), actually, Congressionally exists. NOTE: When any documentation is thus -submitted, it will be thoroughly scrutinized by every legal source available to substantiate its true dated authenticity. Not too much to ask for -or is it? !
----- Original Message -----
From: Lindsey Springer
To: lindsey springer
Sent: Wednesday, March 25, 2009 9:20 PM
Subject: Depositions of High Ranking Treasury Officials Begin April 2,
2009 and your help is greatly needed.

Lindsey Springer here and I would like to report that on April 2,
2009, I will be honored to take the Court Ordered deposition of
R.A. Mitchell. My case is 08-278. If you have ever had a tax lien
or assessment then listen up.

How I was able to convince the United States District Court
this deposition was relevant was that I subpoenaed R.A. Mitchell
because this name was on several documents in a civil case the
U.S. Department of Justice attached to their amended complaint
against me.

The Government tried to block the deposition saying R.A. Mitchell
did not even know her name was on the documents they relied upon. I
pointed out that was an admission of forgery. On February 24,
2009, I took the deposition of a Kim Norman in Tulsa who swore
that R.A. Mitchell was a stamp and not any real person.

Needless to say if that is true all Notice of Federal Tax Liens
are no good and I will be able to show each of you how that
would be. In each State you have a Uniform Federal Tax Lien Act
and this Act directs federal tax liens to comply with the Uniform
Commercial Code. A Forged document in the County Recorder's Office
violates both the Act and the UCC. It gets worse for the revenuers
from here.

Assessments are required for a lien to arise after notice of that
assessment is given and a demand for payment. Once you refuse to
pay then a lien arises as a matter of law. Assessments are done
under section 6201, 6202 and 6203 of the Tax Code. Regulations
under 26 CFR 301.6203-1 require the district director to appoint
an assessment officer. The position of district director was
abolished by the Reform and Restructuring Act of 1998. As of
2000 no district directors existed to appoint summary record
of assessment officers. The regulation above says the record
of assessment must be signed and if the person signing was not
assigned by the district director or director of the service
center servicing the internal revenue district that you live in
then no assessment exists according to the law and no notice,
demand, or refusal, could be proven in Court for the collection
of any purported assessment.

I need your help. I cannot afford to take this part of the IRS down
without some help from each of you. I need whatever you can give
me. I realize many of you know someone who is in some way making
some challenge to the status quo. Please realize it is rare to be
offered the opportunity to depose high ranking treasury officials
and even more rare to actually do it. Most attorneys would simply
not do it for fear of attack. I hope you know by now I am not
afraid. Concerned yes, afraid no. Imagine me getting to ask the
questions and the U.S. Department of Justice not being able to
do anything to obstruct me, my questions, or the answers.

My ministry is asking each of you to consider being part of
actually getting to ask questions. If you email me your questions
relative to assessments, liens, and notices, I will be glad
to consider your ideas in forming my questions. I get to take
depositions on the 2, 6,7 and 9th of April, 2009. I realize this
is short notice but I would not ask for held if it was not needed.

Please stand with me and help me take this part of the IRS
out of the County Court Houses. You can send any support
to Lindsey Springer or Bondage Breaker's Ministries, 5147
S. Harvard, # 116, Tulsa, Oklahoma, 74135, or you can paypal at
gnutella@mindspring .com. Those of you willing to support me in
this endeavor will be emailed a copy of the transcript of any of
the depositions I take once it is read and signed by the deponent
and as always your blessings for such support will be difficult
to even count or express in words. Thank you,

Lindsey Springer 3.26.09

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These Secrets make for interesting reading... that's for Damn sure.
Re: These Secrets make for interesting reading... that's for Damn sure.
huum elementry my dear cinwatson, love sam, your uncle *LINK*
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