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Vatic Project - Daily Summary- January 18, 2011

Blog: The Vatic Project - Daily Summary - Jan 18, 2011
UPDATE #3: Flood warnings in Qld, OZ are cancelled for today. (provided to vatic by Gypsy Flame, Australia, who lives in Qld, Oz)
Ok, this is a report sent to me by one of our regular Aussie readers and its a very interesting report. It appears this massive rain was done intentionally by the Aussie government to cease a 1000 year drought being experienced in Oz. So, yes, according to this Ex politician, it was intentional but instead of it being Haarp, it was an invention patented by Thailand and it makes rain. It may well be similar to the one used in the desert in Saudi Arabia. I have not had time to check this mans credentials nor the reality of the "innovative" rainmaking in Saudi Arabia, so when I get that done will update. I say that because as you know the elites operatives are everywhere, in music, movie making, scientists, new age ghuru's, politics, etc. So  why be quiet about it all this time?  Why hide it and deny the anomolies on the radar and just tell the people about it???  Why pretend it was radar related problems? 

So this simply could be a good cover for what they intended to do using HAARP and deflect us from probing and why would they do that? Because the chemicals needed to do the job would poison humans, and that is a crime. Further, the chemicals used takes moisture out of the air and further exacerbates the drought situation down the road with less and less moisture, there is less and less fresh water and then the elites predictions of no fresh water, food and decent air to breath will have come true. Then depopulation will be in full swing. Its a serious enough agenda to be sure what they are feeding us is true and accurate.  (CLICK LINK ABOVE FOR REST OF NOTE) 


UPDATE:  This is still a relevant blog even with things settling down in Queensland today.  Its the very detailed history of this progression of HAARP from a pure research project to a weapon of mass destruction and how weather could be used as such a weapon.  Its still worth knowing as we know,  things are never over til they are over.   California was just listed as one to expect devastating floods as well, so read this and especially watch these excellent interviews and the word games this official plays.  Its very interesting.

Vatic Note: This is up even though old, because its an historical treatment of the birth of Haarp. Its also a story of those coming together to build HAARP but also of those who came together to thwart Haarp as the realized the military does research for weapons applications and nothing else. Further this covers how corporations screw each other over and eat each other up in order to control such technology. That was the most fascinating part of the story. Watch the video and see for yourself and decide. HAARP CBC Broadcast Weather control part 1 and 2

III.                            Horrifying Pictures of Brazil Floods and Mudslides (HAARP??)

The question is, "Is Haarp capable of doing this massive a damage?" If so, then we would be looking at first degree murder, crimes against humanity and war crimes, attacking a nation without declaring war and agressing.  I ask because we simply have not found the limit of the horrors those foreign interest bankers running our country are capable of.   You will see what I mean when we post what they did to Children in palestine later on this blog.  Then you will know we have not yet seen the limits of the evil that is potential in a satanic way.   I am asking myself,  IS THIS THE DEPOPULATION PROGRAM?  Why am I asking?  Read the article and it shows that the arena's were well stocked with medical supplies,  but no food, blankets, water or anything by helicopter to the victims stranded out there.   Its almost intentional.  We are desparate for news of the people we watched elect their President this year.  One blog we had was the bankers were getting ready to rape Brazil like they have  us,  WE JUST DIDN'T KNOW IT WOULD BE SO SOON.  I wonder if this is just the beginning? 
IV.                      Another Chemtrails Illusion: Connecting More Dots
Here we are again,  the damn chemtrails are back only this time much more ominous becuase you can't see them as well and they are more dangerous.   She is right.  I honestly thought they had backed off because I thought the planes flying overhead were now simply passanger or cargo planes since there was a contrail and blue skies.   But read this and realize THIS IS CRIMINAL FELONY ATTEMPTED MURDER at the worst and felony criminal assault to do serious bodily harm, at the least:  this is simply because they know what these elements can do to the human body and they dump them anyway.  Its intentional and that is what makes it a first degree crime, this is no longer about politics, this is about criminality, treason, by God  and international nuremberg trial type crimes.  Its prosecutable,  the lab reports are evidence of a serious crime being committed and that the perpetrators must be arrested and charged and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.   Read what they are dumping now instead of Aluminum and Bariam. Its even worse, now they have Arsenic,  chemical compounds Manganese di-Bromo di-Fluoro-Benzidine (salts), and gallium.  Call all those new congressmen and lets get them working as they promised to stop all this.. (CLICK ON LINK FOR REMAINDER OF NOTE AND ARTICLE)

 It appears the floods in Australia are moving and spreading.  Now there will definitely be the planned famine and shortage promised us weeks ago in many countries due to this.  I am impressed at how prescient our leaders of the globe are.   In fact, what we are seeing now is a good reason never to let those maniacs ever run the globe no matter what.   This is what they are geared to do to it and to us.  Prepare for the shortages they promised  because I guarantee you,  they will do everythng they can to deliver on those promises.    Readers in Australia are updating us almost daily on how its going down there.  Please watch the news video to see just how bad it is.  Add this one to the Brazil one many miles away and its a sad thing to see.  Its destroying peoples lives and that is a lot of power to be able to do that.  Too much power.  We have another commentary and insight coming up shortly  from another regular from Australia as well.  Lots going on right now distracting us from "solving" the real problems while they are busy creating even worse ones  Click link above for remainder of story.

NOTE:    REMEMBER WHO WE ARE.  (scroll down to the third video, you won't be sorry)

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