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Gianni Hayes, Ken Vardon, 'JOAN OF AMERICA', Fellow Veteran's and all humans on this Planet:
To me this information contained below should cause every man, woman, child and all in America to really heed the WARNING on the bacteria content of all aerator and shower heads, stop the killing in other Nations, recover Gold to pay off this Nation's debt and clean up all bases plus treat our military and dependents exposed too many years to toxins and DU particles here and abroad.  
Until those with your qualifications get the word out to ALL VETERAN'S thousands more may die.
Sadly I become a WHISTLEBLOWER relative to the MURDER/KILLING under color of law or authority as America IS NOT AT WAR WITH IRAQ, AFGHANISTAN, PAKISTAN or anywhere on the Planet yet leaders have fooled our Congress and People all over the United States and foreign Nations thinking AMERICA IS AT WAR.   Status Of Forces Agreement is being used, under color of law or authority, to KILL MILLIONS OF PEOPLE NOW AND LATER and think of WHO IS PAYING FOR THIS MURDER/KILLING !  Only America !
Veteran's, Dependents, Visitors to Veteran's ALL have been exposed to toxins, DU Munition Particles, Bacteria, Fungi, Chemicals and Fuel byproducts HIDDEN FOR YEARS and 2011 is the date which will make all of this killing and contamination come forward for ALL NATIONS to realize they too have a problem.  Sonic BOOM will shatter fuel tanks and water lines underground or underwater here and abroad thus SONIC BOOM actions should be restricted WORLDWIDE !   Ask how many BLOCKS of windows were blown out in Canada by a member of the BLUE ANGLES going THROUGH THE SOUND BARRIER over a town.
DOUBLE BOOM from the Space Shuttle cracks concrete even underwater like in a RESERVOIR, POOL, FUEL TANK, LINES yet only a FEW PEOPLE realize the TRUTH about SONIC BOOM DAMAGE.  Before you jump into this subject keep in mind my father Joseph Quentin Whitley lived in Navarre, Florida and was outside sweeping off his extra special PATIO/BAR-B-Q when a top secret jet went through the sound barrier attacking Eglin AFB Bombing Range shattering his entire patio like a RAND MCNALLY ROAD MAP.  He sued, not being an attorney and WON so the USAF had to admit the damage to his PATIO/BAR-B-Q was caused by SONIC BOOM.  Items from Germany thrown off shelves inside his home were not important and my father only was angry that the USAF people tried to clam up about the type of aircraft and damage to his property but in court the Experts from USAF proved my father's case.  He got a new patio and Bar-B-Q.
Remember what we state TODAY as at 71 years of age, I could die tomorrow from any accident, Cancer or Heart Attack, let alone .223 fired through a windshield or any other accidental looking death so it will take MORE VETERAN'S SPREADING THE SAME WORD BEFORE A GOVERNOR, MEMBER OF CONGRESS OR EVEN OTHER ELECTED OFFICIALS RISE UP TO STOP THIS SLAUGHTER OF OUR OWN :
The Military have been killed for years after 09/11/2001 not only after the WAR declaration was exposed as LIES then those powerful Presidential, Join Chiefs Of Staff and others instituted the Status Of Forces Agreement KILLING THOUSANDS of our brave men and women but MILLIONS of civilians fooling ALL who would ask into believing CONGRESS AUTHORIZED WAR BY AMERICA.  Look at the Constitution and role of Congress then realize AMERICAN'S HAVE BEEN HAD BY THE LEADERS OTHER THAN CONGRESS !
YEARS OF KILLING HIDING THE TRUTH and toxins, bacteria, DU Munition Particles and Radioactive items including even NUCLEAR POWER RODS which are replaced much earlier in Ships and Nuclear Reactors is causing radiation problems for years as ALL bases were contaminated with Toxins and bacteria plus fuel leaks/radioactive particles.  I am a Plank Owner for the U.S.S. Enterprise CVAN-65 and the Admiral running the Nuclear program indicated those rods were to be replaced at a specific interval WITHOUT ANY TEST SHIPS OR TEST REACTORS really indicating how long the RODS could be used before changing. 
Know anyone who is EX-MILITARY serving in the Navy, Army, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, Merchant Marines ?  ASK THEM IF ANY SHIP OR NUCLEAR POWER PLANT HAS LOST POWER FROM ANY RODS !
Please help get this message OUT and by all means call for the Government and States having GOLD to let it be found and deposited in Fort Knox so all will never see this great Nation go BANKRUPT when some $1,000 TRILLION can be found with simple tools locating same underground or underwater. 
I learned how to find all GOLD underground and underwater from my service in the United States Navy from 1959-1966 yet everyone seems to take my comments as INSANE because-- "IF IT WERE REALLY TRUE AMERICA WOULD USE THE TECHNIQUE AND PAY OFF THE NATIONAL DEBT AND PROVIDE ENOUGH GOLD IN FORT KNOX TO ALLOW EVERY MAN, WOMAN, CHILD IN AMERICA TO HAVE FREE HOUSING, ELECTRICITY, FOOD, MEDICINES, MEDICAL CARE FOR 30 YEARS OR MORE !"  I know it is TRUTH !
Look at the ITEMS listed below and especially ITEM 1, ITEM 2, ITEM 3, ITEM 4, ITEM 5, ITEM 6, ITEM 7, ITEM 8, ITEM 9 then tell me what your friends/family/Internet contacts/listener's would say about each item.
I hope Grandpa Vardon has some friends with old gold claims who may just need a way to find out that GOD NEVER POURED ONE VEIN OF GOLD anywhere at any time.  My technique is fool proof and would pull this Nation from the clutches of China and other Nations as we approach Bankruptcy within 3 MONTHS tops !
Ralph Charles Whitley, Sr.
011811 @ 9:33 PM Eastern
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