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Vatic Project - Daily Summary- January 17, 2011

Blog: The Vatic Project - Daily Summary - Jan 17, 2011
UPDATE 1/18/11: Australia Flood and radar anomolies.  This was from A reader of the article on Australia.   He was kind enough to supply this link with a bit of a sarcastic tone to his one small comment  (we all do what we can and are capable of doing).  What is ironic is he proved that any other explanation that is suppose to be an act of nature,  would still have to be explained since THESE RADAR TECHS who do this for a living had not ever seen this before or it would not have been an anonomoly.  Capish?  So this does not act as clear proof this was NOT a HAARP event.  All this proves is that it was an anonoly the radar people did not understand and that its all speculation back then.  Remember, HAARP has been going through testing for years now before they made it operational, this could easily have been just such a test.    Otherwise why would the radar people call in the local big town newspaper to show it.  Why would Bearden put it up on his blog?  But then, such oddities would require questioning and critical thinking... would it not?  So we are still in the same boat, no answer as to what it is.  All the birds do, is prove they move, act and navigate by electomagnetism in our electromagnetic sphere, and that is all this proves.  They were responding to something, now weren't they?   Gee, I wonder what it was since it was NOT NORMAL. (CLICK LINK ABOVE FOR REST OF NOTE) 

Hmmm, interesting hypothesis. Wonder if he was one of the "global warming" disinfo scientists who said we had global warming and then got caught lying about it. It was in Britian where all the global warming issues were  exposed as the fraud it was by hackers. No carbon tax, so now maybe they are trying to attribute a real event,  such as problems with the regular polar shift and the possible magnetic polar shift to "climate change" another euphemism for "Carbon Tax"??? Not likely to happen. In fact the sun is rising in the US in the south and slightly east and setting full west so what would the Artics melting snow be doing affecting the position of the sun???  I mean really, WHAT DOES MELTING ARCTIC ICE CAPS HAVE TO DO WITH THE POSITION OF THE SUN RELATIVE TO OUR PLANET?  Nada.  The Title should say ".... sparking fears the carbon tax Investors will lose their shirts".   lol.  This explanation below by this scientist borders on the absurd and is almost insulting.  No, I take that back, it is insulting.

. III.                            Tunisia Speaker "To Take Power" Amid Riots After President Flees to Saudi Arabia http://vaticproject.blogspot.com/2011/01/tunisia-speaker-to-take-power-amid.html

Well, Today we lumped three different resistance methods and examples that are going on as we speak against the occupying forces of our nation as well as other nations, as shown here in Tunisia.  The Khazar International Bankers have decided to take on the whole world including the US.  Its the height of arrogance to attempt such a feat against an entire globe of 6.4 billion people, since I am sure they have probably already reduced the population by another 100 million by now.  The Tunisians are also being hit in the employment area as we are.  They have chosen to come together and chase the President out of the country along with key minions.   Now that is something that Iceland did AND THEY PROSECUTED THEIR BANKSTERS and also Argentina who then did way better on their own than they did under the bankers SO CALLED AID to the country.   Its time we took a serious look at more options than we have to date.  Something to think about.  All of these are good examples of actions available to us.  Use what they have given here, like copies of the resolutions that over turn any food growing issues in the county and that should be accompanied by another law requiring feds can only come into the county through the sheriff who will be familiar with local laws and ordances.   If we all did that,  this food issue would be a moot point.  click on link above to continue.
IV.                          A World of Slaves - 6 Part Video  
These videos provide a comprehensive and thoroughly connected view over time of how we got where we are today and it surprised even me. I thought I knew it all from the research and realized I had not fully connected all the pieces and this set of videos does exactly that.

PLEASE PAY CLOSE AND SPECIAL ATTENTION TO THE 6TH VIDEO INTERVIEW THAT WAS DONE ABOUT TWO YEARS AGO. Keep that in mind and keep current events in mind effective as of today and see how truthful the interviewee was about what to expect and how its been all planned right down to the last detail. The evidence is right there in these videos. You view these, you know what the big guys know who are doing this. Your comments and thoughts and ideas are welcome in the comment section, since no one person has the answer on how to deal with all of this, but together, synergy can occur and often does on a wholistic plane with outstanding results, so join in and let us know what you think.  I believe so much will fall into place about recent events as well once you see these. (CLICK ON LINK FOR REMAINDER OF NOTE AND ARTICLE)

V.                           Vermont Takes Action to Resist FDA Take Over With a Resolution All Should Adopt
 See?  It can be done,  this one and the one before and the one after this shows how far we can go to affect our own destiny.  The evil ones are not all powerful, its the "perception" they sell that they are and we must not buy into  it.  WE ARE ALL POWEFUL AS THE NEXT BLOG WILL SHOW, "IF"  WE STAY UNITED AS ONE FORCE.  Remember that always.  Do not let them divide us with hate and fear.   That is essential to any success or historically we lose if we are divided.  Bless you all and begin to see just how powerful we are.  They fear us more than we fear them.   That is exactly why they use that fear on us.  Don't get afraid, get mad.     Click link above for remainder of story.
Now this is good news..... something we all can do and force the powers that be to show their tyrannical nazi khazar zionist hand and true intentions by finally being forced into moving on us illegally. That would be the best way to be able to legitimately take them care of them for good. Iceland ring a bell?   It appears that is where the battle has to begin,   the feds are lost and nothing we do touches them, so now its time to go for power.  People power.  Take back control of our governments. Click link above for more.  

NOTE:    REMEMBER WHO WE ARE.  (scroll down to the third video, you won't be sorry)

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