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ATTICA in Greece preceded the v-ATICA-n in Rome with laTIn speak - TI in Sumerian is LIFE

this tis TI IS

TI = Life

Do I smell a connection between atTIca and vaTIcan?
ATTICA and AThens declining, Rome rising, vATICAn new center of power?
Attica and Babylon blended in Rome?

wiki Mesopotamian = Sumerian Cosmology

Ti EN Ti? Subliminal?

EN-lil or EN-ki?

Gateways to Babylon


Enki´s gifts are fundamentally awareness and insight of truths that may not be so obvious at first sight, knowledge and knowing seasoned by compassion, wit, humor and empathy to share. His is a vital power that overflows with generosity to the whole of creation, divine and human alike, embracing the fullness of all Realities.

Personally, I find Enki the most complete and modern mirror of masculine wholeness in Mesopotamia and world religion. His values and attributes are timeless, and it is not surprising to see that He is one of the most beloved gods of Mesopotamia. How can He be so whole? Because in Him the passionate and joyous Lover, the Mystic, the Strategist, the Sorcerer, the Divine Manager, the Keeper of World Order and Rescuer of Humankind and Gods alike are all One.

I have also known Him under the names of Hermes, Odin and Thoth, but Enki is the Name my Sumerian Heart, Mind, Body and Soul connection loves best: the gallant, impetuous, energetic Lord of Wisdom, the Seeker after truth, and Master Adept in sorcery, enchantment and seduction.

ENki and ENlil
There is a gigantic portal in the Middle East -- a pathway of entry onto your planet -- that certain creator gods have owned and occupied for 300,000 years. There have been raids, there have been fights, there have been all kinds of things over this portal. Through this portal, the frequency of mankind can be controlled -- it is not the only portal -- there are many other portals although this is the prime portal that is being fought over at this time. Those creator gods who were here 300,000 years ago are returning. They are still in existence.

They do not live, operate, or exist under the same laws that you do. In other words, 300,000 years is not too long to live for them -- do you understand this? That is your time sector, not theirs. They travel through what would be called space. They are very interesting creatures. They have helped develop your civilization. They have helped destroy your civilization. Even amongst themselves they argue and fight. Believe it or not, creator gods do this. Now, back to the question. They are losing control of the planet, so they go back to their prime portal, and they create fear and chaos in their portal area, because that is their nest. Their nest is not above ground,

their nest is underneath the ground.

Where is the nest? Rome? Athens? Cairo? Baghdad? Tehran?

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