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Vatic Project - Daily Summary- January 16, 2011

Blog: The Vatic Project - Daily Summary - Jan 16, 2011

I.     Post:               White Hat Report #8 – The end of Obama’s Presidency
I have not been able to independantly verify this, but if true, that means we get Biden who is way worse than Obama.  I am wondering why they are throwing Obama under the train?  Is he rebelling?  Is he resisting the agenda now that he knows what the real agenda is..... depopulation by chemical warfare?  Is this connected to Wheeler?  Something is going on at the highest levels.   We all know that for 10 years they ignored this as well as every single crime, violation of the constitution, the bill of rights, murder with impunity and violated many criminal laws like SEC and others.  So now why is the court going to pretend like they are doing something?   Any ideas would be welcome,  I am at a loss about it all.  Rumormill News is reliable so I am more sure than not, that this is true.  But again, we have to wait til this plays out.  Should prove interesting, and worth keeping an eye on since something is going on at levels we are not privy to as cattle.    (CLICK LINK ABOVE FOR REST OF NOTE) 

II.                        Shasta and Goliath: Bringing Down Corporate Rule (Yippee!!) 
Now this is good news..... something we all can do and force the powers that be to show their tyrannical nazi khazar zionist hand and true intentions by finally being forced into moving on us illegally. That would be the best way to be able to legitimately take them care of them for good. Iceland ring a bell?   It appears that is where the battle has to begin,   the feds are lost and nothing we do touches them, so now its time to go for power.  People power.  Take back control of our governments. 
Excerpt:   Mt. Shasta, a small northern California town of 3,500 residents nestled in the foothills of magnificent Mount Shasta, is taking on corporate power through an unusual process—democracy.

. III.                     Swiss whistleblower Rudolf Elmer plans to hand over offshore banking secrets of the rich and famous to WikiLeaks

Its amazing what we are willing to buy. I had a wikileaks supporter send me an email and her only comment was " No wonder the US wants to shut down Wikileaks....this is information we all need...." As if wikileaks had anything to do with this. That got me first out of the gate. Its the whistle blower who matters and apparently doesn't care that everyone knows he is going to leak it, so wikileaks has nothing to do with it. He would have found someone else to release the info to. It would have been much more effective for him to threaten to leak it to the IRS instead. However, that is if this performance is for real. This whistle blower is under the gun for his own criminal prosecutions and this could easily be a deal he made to shore up Wikileaks flagging reputation, in order to get a reduced sentence if he pled guilty. Now lets dig further though and see just how BIG A DEAL THIS LEAK really is.  First lets take a look at what he says his biggest item he will expose,  is going to be,  which is that many wealthy people are holding capital in trusts. WELL, THAT IS LEGAL, so what is the big deal?   Then the article below and the cult followers of Assange say  "The US hates that he is going to give this info to WIKILEAKS":  why?   BECAUSE THE US, controlled by the same bankers, HATES GRABBING ALL THAT WEALTH FROM THE SUPER WEALTHY PEOPLE who were always going to be the last ones robbed by the khazar bankers anyway.  Sure they do!!!,  click on link above to continue.
Twelve miles south of Lake Titicaca, the ruins of the ancient of city of Tiahuanacospeak in eloquent silence. Due to the alignments of the city’s massive observatory, the Kalasasaya, the archeoastronomer Rolf Müller argued that the city had been constructed in 15,000 B.C. Its massive stone docks are ringed with ocean fossils. The city was a seaport.

It rests today, miles from any water, let alone the sea, on an Andean plateau, 13,300 feet above sea level. Archaeolo gists vaguely wonder how and why the city, with its huge, 400-ton dressed stones, was built at this elevation. In inim itable archaeological style, it was once considered a ceremonial-only “ritual city,” as if the primitive peoples of archae ologists’ prehistory had the time and energy to do this. Now the city is just not considered, for Tiahuanaco mocks the academic community: Your entire consensus on the prehistory of this planet is wrong.. (CLICK ON LINK FOR REMAINDER OF NOTE AND ARTICLE)

NOTE:    REMEMBER WHO WE ARE.  (scroll down to the third video, you won't be sorry)

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