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Evidence of Ancient Star Wars: WAR DECISIVE *PIC*

Evidence of Ancient Star Wars: WAR DECISIVE

Any explanation of historical record lacking the inclusion of ancient astro-catastrophism and spiritual examination is premised upon the inaccurate...


Is there evidence that the conspicuous damage to the celestial bodies, pock-marked and so clearly visible through the lenses of 20th an 21st century telescopes and satellites, was not a result of the succedent catastrophism?

Is it possible that a “Very High Civilization” once vied for dominance not only within the Milky Way but within our Solar System and that planet Earth has been actively engaged in this contest?

Is there convincing evidence that the Great Pyramid on the Giza Plateau was part of an ancient military stratagem to deploy a death star beam weapon?

And is it possible that the embers of ancient conquest and contest, quietly smoldering through the millennia of recent recorded history have been reignited and are ready to resume with a ferocity never before witnessed?

Star Wars: “Death Star” Jupiter’s Moon, Iepatus...

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Evidence of Ancient Star Wars: WAR DECISIVE *PIC*
it's HIGHLY possible and we appear to be the ants between the mice in the elephants herd
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