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More info on the Hollie Case (Fact: this email was sent all mangled)

People are trying VERY HARD to keep this subject OUT OF THE NEWS, as the emails being sent are always messed up bad and almost need to be rebuilt. Still a bit funky throughout some paragraphs (i tried to clean it up... took a while).... and all the images and attachments were removed.  I guess that means it should be spread around a bit, but then i'm a rebel.  How about you? (in case you were wondering)


By Anonymous, submitted on Sun, 16/01/2011 - 10:35

In contrast to the rumpus we caused last month in the Chamber, the Hollie
campaign was on its best behaviour at the January meeting of Shropshire
Council in Shrewsbury Shirehall on Thursday....

As was ...clearly observable from the looks of recognition, and here and

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By Anonymous, submitted on Sun, 16/01/2011 - 10:35

In contrast to the rumpus we caused last month in the Chamber, the Hollie
campaign was on its best behaviour at the January meeting of Shropshire
Council in Shrewsbury Shirehall on Thursday.

As was ...clearly observable from the looks of recognition, and here and
there expressions of shock and solidarity, thanks to our outburst in
December no one in Shirehall is by now unaware of Down=92s Syndrome local
resident Hollie Greig and her mother, and of what was done to them last
summer. A stain on the good name of Shropshire which it will be hard,
although not impossible to eradicate.

On this occasion however, for the purpose of entering into a dialogue with
the Council in order to put matters right, we refrained from disrupting the
proceedings and conformed with protocol, whilst remaining as visible as we
could, as a reminder of December 2010. One supporter managed to stand
upstairs at the entrance to the Chamber with a Justice-for-Hollie Greig
placard for half an hour as the Councillors arrived before being shooed
away, while outside in the forecourt our splendid new campaigning banner,
tailor-made for Shropshire (THANK YOU to Hollie=92s Army in Scotland who
created that!) fluttered provocatively between trees, catching the eyes of
passing motorists as well as civic dignitaries.

For his part, having been banned from the Council Chamber, Robert positioned
himself downstairs in the entrance lobby, as a way of showing that he did
not intend to be a nuisance on this occasion whilst reserving his lawful
right to enter other parts of the building. Thanks to a supporter whose
knowledge of the law is second to none, Robert was able to inform the police
who eventually turned up to enforce the Council=92s banning order that in
accordance with civil law, the order did not extend beyond the Chamber
itself, unless an injunction to that effect had been obtained from the Court
96 had such an injunction been obtained? The young police officer, impatient
to get on with the job of manhandling his targets out of the building said
airily =93I don=92t know about civil law=94. At which point the supporter who
happens to be an ex-policeman rounded on him and informed him that according
to his Oath of Office he should know the law and that ignorance constituted
a breach! So if he wasn=92t sure on any point he should go and ask his
Inspector. Put on the spot, the policeman did exactly as he was told and
returning a few minutes later, slightly sheepishly confirmed that yes, Mr
Green was allowed to enter the public areas, with the exception of the
Chamber itself of course.

(All of which proves that Shropshire Council leaders don=92t know the law
either in stating categorically Robert was banned from the whole of
Shirehall, or could this have been yet another of their lies?!)

As for the meeting itself, the public part of it was over quickly and the
rest of the morning=92s business concerned budgetary and financial issues to
be debated by the Councillors, in particular how will Shropshire respond to
the nationwide call for cuts in LA spending, necessitating reduction of
Council staff salaries as well as downgrading of the amenities and
facilities of Shirehall itself, staff would be required to consume tap
rather than bottled water from henceforth! Not to mention the reduction of
services to local citizens. It was hard to resist the temptation to stand up
once again and ask what in heaven=92s name therefore was the logic of wasting
dwindling public funds on a witch-hunt against two vulnerable local ladies
who have never caused a single moment=92s harm or damage to anyone in
Shropshire nor anywhere else for that matter? but we refrained.

In the lunch-hour Robert managed to have a few quiet words with Deputy Chief
Executive and Head of Democratic and Legal Services Claire Porter. He
advised Ms Porter to pass the message/discuss with her colleagues that it
might be in everyone=92s best interests to seek a swift and satisfactory
resolution of the vexatious issue of the assault on Hollie and Anne Grieg
last summer, for the sake of avoiding further blemish to Shropshire. As a
starting point, a full apology was required by the two ladies for the
distress caused to them and the unwarranted damage to their home, then full
reparation for that damage and the return of personal belongings stolen in
the raid. The negative publicity being generated by this unresolved
atrocity, which originated from Scotland and had nothing to do with
Shropshire, was surely not good for the county, indeed we Hollie campaigners
would much prefer to be able to concentrate our efforts on Scotland, where
the real problems lie.

Without holding our breath we await the response from Shropshire.

Since our visit to Shrewsbury on Thursday Robert has upped the anti and has
written to all 74 Shropshire Councillors demanding they sack their Chief
Executive Kim Ryley, particularly as he dances to the tune of an entity by
the name of Greg Lance Watkins whom we know for a fact to be a friend of
paedophiles, whether or not he is actually one himself, although he does
hold convictions for firearms and GBH offences of which he appears to be

Certainly if Ryley is colluding with accomplices to paedophilia and other
such criminal low-life, surely neither Shropshire nor any other Council
should want him in post.





The Shire Centre Meeting of the Shropshire Council 13 1 11:
Shropshire Council and the West Mercia police force organised on the word of
a convicted criminal an illegal raid on the home of 2 law abiding vulnerable
British females ANNE + HOLLIE GREIG, the reasons for the raid as yet havent
been forthcoming, neither has any legal documentation permitting the raid,
making it illegal and outside British law. Using the word of a convicted
criminal,the police and council raided Anne Greigs home without a warrant in
June 2010. They were there a total of approx. 3 hours and did hundreds of
poundsworth of damage, which included, for example, pulling doors off hinges
and completely wrecking a burglar alarm there. Afterwards the Shropshire
Council more than once declared they knew nothing about any raid until after
it had occurred, which was a blatant lie told by them more than once. Not
only did a certain police officer admit afterwards there were at least 2
council employees present at the raid, {a carpenter and a person who sat in
a vehicle outside the abode}, but upon investigation by the Information
Commissioner further evidence was found to prove the Shropshire council was
not telling the truth, and did indeed have foreknowledge of this raid.

The head of the Shropshire council, a Mr. "Kim Ryley" and other employees
including a Mr. "Richard Thomas" clearly broke the terms of their employment
contract, and indeed broke British law, by deliberatly telling these
falsehoods attempting to deceive everybody. These liars have branded the
entire Shropshire council as being dishonest,irresponsible and brutal in
their actions towards 2 law abiding vulnerable female citizens who have done
absolutely nothing to warrant these crimes affected against them.

The West Mercia police are as guilty as the Shropshire council by conspiring
with them to commit unlawful acts and need to be thoroughly investigated
with the miscreants from both parties reprimanded with the appropriate
prison sentences being given which correspond to both their high positions
in government and the appalling criminal activities they both conspired to
take part in, plus they must take responsibility and be reprimanded for
causing a huge amount of unnecassary stress and pain to Anne and Hollie who
were greatly affected by coming home from a short break away to find it had
been completely wrecked with private property taken, and indeed kept by the
police for months until they were asked to return it by an American
supporter and concerned citizen Field McConnell after ignoring others pleas
for months.

Oddly Anne + Hollie Greig have never been under any restrictions or orders
from anybody whilst in Shropshire, and have never even spoken with anybody
from the council, yet the council saw fit to collude with West Mercia police
to break in, cause a huge amount of damage, steal property and then
completely deny all knowledge of it publicly. Something needs to be done in
both government departments about the outrageous criminals responsible for
these appalling crimes on 2 defenceless women.


ROBERT GREEN BLOG  14  1  11 - KIM RYLEY AND THE TRUTH: Letter To Shropshire Councillors

This letter has been sent to all 74 Councillors in Shropshire.

Dear Councillor,

 I am the lay legal representative for two Shropshire residents, Anne Greig
and her daughter Hollie Greig.

 Hollie has Downs Syndrome and in her childhood she was sexually abused by a
gang of paedophiles in her home city of Aberdeen. Hollie was awarded A313,500
from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority despite the fact that
no-one was ever charged with any crime. Anne and Hollie moved from Aberdeen
to Shropshire with the intention of starting a new life.

 In 2010 the campaign for Hollie's abusers to be brought to justice gathered
considerable momentum in spite of the fact that it has not been reported by
the mainstream media. It appears that there are powerful forces attempting
to protect Hollie's abusers and to ensure that her story is not told.
Unfortunately, Shropshire Council, rather than offering protection and
support to these two vulnerable women, have actually subjected them to
harassment and intimidation.

 The most serious incident occurred on June 3rd 2010 when my clients house
was broken into by 3 police officers accompanied by 2 employees of
Shropshire Council. Less than 2 hours prior to the break-in I was contacted
by DC Ed Bates of West Mercia Police who advised me that Social Services had
contacted the police as they had concerns about Hollie's safety and
wellbeing. I assured DC Bates that Hollie was safe and well and that she was
taking a short holiday with her mother. In spite of my assurances, the
Greigs house was raided and was basically vandalised. The police and Council
employees were in the property for 3 hours and Anne's computer and various
personal items were removed.

 I am aware that on June 1st 2010 Social Services in Shropshire were
contacted by a Mr Greg Lance-Watkins of Chepstow who claimed to be concern
for Hollie's safety and wellbeing. Mr Lance-Watkins, who has never met
Hollie, is a full-time blogger who holds various strange and extreme
opinions ( a google search of his name will demonstrate this). I am shocked
that Shropshire Council appear to have been influenced by this person, who
claims to be in contact with Hollie's brother, who is one of the people she
has named as having abused her. On June 10th 2010 a photograph which was
removed from the Greigs house during the raid appeared on one of Mr
Lance-Watkins blogs.

 I have written to the Chief Executive of Shropshire Council, Mr Kim Ryley,
who assured me that the Council had no prior knowledge of the raid. I have
recently learned from the Information Commission that this statement is
untrue. I have twice attempted to talk about this matter at Public Meetings
of Shropshire Council and have been prevented from doing so although from
conversations with individual Councillors it has became clear to me that
elected representatives have no knowledge whatsoever of these events.

 I believe that Kim Ryley is personally responsible both for the harassment
and intimidation of two vulnerable women and for lying in an attempt to
cover up his actions. Therefore I consider that he is not a suitable person
to hold the postion of Chief Executive of Shropshire Council and I would ask
that you take the necessary actions to remove him from office.

 I have only provided a short summary of the facts and if you wish to have
more information or to see documentary evidence please feel free to contact

 Yours faithfully,
 Robert Green

"I think that Mr Thomas, in his official role, should explain to the people
of Shropshire and beyond how he thinks democracy is being served by trying
to conceal attacks by the council on a disabled multiple rape victim and her
devoted mother, moreover at the expense of the Shropshire taxpayers without
their knowledge. Shropshire Council officials are already avoiding a number
of pertinent and legal questions about its conduct and that of individuals
employed by or acting as its agents.

Does Mr Thomas believe that the taxpayers of Shropshire and their elected
representatives should be denied knowing the details of this case that has
attracted global support and opprobium for those who seek to persecute
victims and in doing so, help to protect those involved in the most
horrifying crimes against children and the disabled?"

On Thursday 13th January 2011 at the Shire Hall council premises meeting of
the Shropshire council which Robert was banned from entering things went
well. Robert was able to converse with a council representative and the
fruits of that will be brought to supporters attention as soon as it is
possible. The Hollie Greig cause for justice in this case for the children
and the numbers of supporters continues to strengthen and grow daily and
every day we get nearer to our goal of getting justice for Hollie and the
other children who were brutally victimised by the ruthless perverted
bastards named in the pdf file which is being systematically covered up by
disallowing major media to report on it on the orders of the Lord Advocate
for Scotland Elish Angilioni. Not one named in the list of alleged
practising paedophiles connected to the Hollie Greig crimes has ever
protested any kind of innocence regarding the allegations made against them
and never has any of them ever denied abusing Hollie or any of the others,
yet the police fail miserably still to do any semblance of what they are
paid very well by the British taxpayer to do.

John Graham   butlincat


And what is "Common Purpose" you may ask?

"Common Purpose" is the SECRET grooming of people in order to take control
later, as part of an agenda built to certain specifications which a very
large people today may not agree with.

Their agenda consisting of manipulating things so the public has no choice
but to conform to their aganda. People involved in this "Common Purpose"
clandestine organisation include police, big business, schooling, the health service and every facet
that makes up our modern society. It even is grooming youth via institutes
like Tavistock and its connections for its future control of society. Such
things as eugenics and population control are obviously important facets
these people will be controlling. "Common Purpose" will soon control every
facet of ones life if it takes hold, and at the moment they have a free
reign as most people dont even know it exists.

Its correlations to the Nazi party of the 30s + 40s are very similar, and
look what happened there.

IMPORTANT::  Brian Gerrish explains 3D

Robert Green's Letter to Mr. KIM RYLEY, Chief Executive of Shropshire
Council Asking for Explanation About the QUESTIONABLE USE  of
PUBLIC FUNDS    for   'Common Purpose'   Training
Posted Mon, 08/02/2010 - 18:44 by Anonymous
...Mr. Kim Ryley Chief Executive of Shropshire Council
From:Robert Green
To: kim.ryley@shropshire.gov.uk
Subject: Questions
Date: Mon, 2 Aug 2010 15:55:08 +0000

Dear Mr Ryley,
With regard to pending legal and other coming events, I would be grateful
for your answers on the following.

I did request that you call for an investigation of the conduct of certain
members of your staff for whom you bear responsibility.
You refused, but my understanding is that in doing so breached civil service
rules in that because of your personal liability you are, in effect,

In a previous role, it is understood that in Rhondda and Taff that you
carried out psychological profiling, paid for by public funds, consistent
with Common Purpose principles.

Is this correct?

How many members of Shropshire Council have attended progressive, leadership
and/or diversity training courses?

Your answers and any comments would be of value and relevance.

Yours sincerely,
Robert Green"

The Basic Facts about the HOLLIE GREIG ABUSE CASE {PDF file of the PALESTIN=
TELEGRAPH's article}:}:
http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=3D07F1E6B4A55EE72D Robert Green 24 6 10 Liverpool
http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=3DDA724E8076566423 BBC TOLD TO SHUT UP
http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=3D56EE59DCD186127E HOLLIE GREIG,ANNE GREIG {Hollie's mother} ROBERT GREEN, EDGE MEDIA, 22 4 2010
http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=3D1B21B31D643A90D0 DAVID ICKE - SCOTTISH ESTABLISHMENT + PAEDOPHILES etc ALEX JONES
http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=3DC2412E2D6A1B16F5 ROBERT GREEN ON P DROCKTON JUNE 10
http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=3D83443D5773D1A52B ROBERT GREEN ON P DROCKTON RADIO 7 7 10
http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=3D8161B5D4E24D0BF9 GREEN DROCKTON 16 6 10 ROBERT GREEN 16 6  P DROCKTON RADIO
http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=3D1CDD32601612FA6A HOLLIE GREIG LINKS 1 :
2} http://www.myspace.com/wuc2009
The flyer that Green was arrested for 1 -
The flyer that Green was arrested for 2 -

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More info on the Hollie Case (Fact: this email was sent all mangled)
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