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Vatic Project - Daily Summary- January 15, 2011

Blog: The Vatic Project - Daily Summary - Jan 15, 2011

I.     Post:      Michael Tsarion, Origins of Evil (6 of 13)
(This is the one they didn't want you to see as they messed with the videos, but they are fixed now.  remember on my summary, it took me an hour to get the summary out which made me late, but we had a shift change and I managed to get it out, I didn't know which one was the problem, but this is the only one where they changed videos on me.  They do that with my writing to to make me look like an idiot and I always have to monitor these damn things.... lol  Lot of work they create, anyway its fixed for now)

Vatic Note:   "When fear unites with knowledge you have terrible things happen", is an example of some of the insights & wisdom he gives and all of it through the mythology, religions and philosophies of the planet over thousands of years. This is very fascinating. I am still relistening to some of these to grasp it better. Each of us has to listen to these and decide for ourselves whether this fits and makes any sense.  "Open mind" is the key phrase here. For me, it explained a lot.... the commitment, the time investment over generations, the focus, determination, etc.   (CLICK LINK ABOVE FOR REST OF NOTE) 

II.                Michael Tsarion - Origins of Evil (1 through 5 of 13 parts) (we are keeping this on the summary for context of the one above here.)
He has done a great deal of research in this particular area and after all we have published on here about the work being done to destroy or change our DNA by the evil ones, this became much more relevant than it has in the past. He fully believes the history of this evil is critical to dealing with it in present day terms. I found this extremely insightful. Like you, we must all listen with an open mind and be prepared to view it objectively and match it to what we already know, then we can begin to build the big puzzle picture and at the end of all this, we can decide for ourselves. He does do a good job regardless where you come down on this issue. He says "WE ARE EXTRAORDINARY BEINGS LIVING ORDINARY LIVES". and given my perpetual mantra that we "ARE POWERFUL", it fits with my perceptions about the human condition.. He talks about symbolism and asks many good questions. Please leave your mind open for this.... its very interesting. We are doing this in 2 posts to allow you to move between them and save them. He even does full historical treatment of how the free masonry got infiltrated and taken over.

III.                What the Media Won’t Tell You About Jared Loughner
We said early on this was way more than it appeared on the surface.  We also picked up on the mind control aspects of Jared almost right away.  It was too manchurian candidate of an act. His picture gave him away with that look in his eyes.     Now, what we did not know was why although we speculated.  This below makes perfect sense and True Ott has put this together beautifully.  It all fits.  You read and see what you think.   Remember we showed a while back how the military had done up a scenario back in 1995 showing in 2009 that 30 million people would die of a flu pandemic (Remember?  Baxter tried to do just that),  and in 2010 would be the border wars/clashes creating chaos and havoc in both mexico and the united states.   Then in 2011, the security agreement between mexico and the US and canada would be invoked to "solve" the problem "they created" and we "reacted to".    Then in 2012, to prevent further choas,  the North American Union would be completed and take control of all three countries and thus the NAU would materialize.   Now this was done by the military.  Not some conspiracy nuts.  Remember we also showed all the military weaponry found at the texas mexican border put there for storage by the Zeta cartel, and we wondered  how they got ahold of so much US military equipment AND AMERICAN SOLDIERS UNIFORMS.  Well, this appeared to be the effort to begin the chaos and drama for us to REACT to, so they could SOLVE the problem for us with the NAU.  Now we find out they have been preparing mind control subjects and using this organization to help begin creating the "problem".   Given they are always working multiple agendas, it does not surprise me that they saw an opportunity here to do more than just rid themselves of the judge.  Was the murdered 9 year old girl born on 9-11-2001 a sacrifice to gain success in the endeavor????  Just asking.   A reader also pointed out this all occurred on Oracle Road.  Interesting name for a street. 

IV.                Hungarian Media Puts Up Blank Pages to Protest Censorship Bill

Again, this is in keeping with our People to People mission of bringing all of us together and learning and see what other countries are going through and what tactics they are using to combat the global enemy of all of us. Nothing has brought us together better than the international Khazar Zionist Bakers as an enemy of each and everyone of us everywhere. I am sorry to say our leadership in this country has been completely taken over by them, so unfortunately we have to deal with them right here in our nation and pray that its not to late to stop all this. But look what the Hungarian Press did that was wonderful. Oh, if only we had such press. Well, we do, the alternative press and I don't think I will ever go back and trust them ever again. Enjoy the read and lets hope we can get some ideas from this. (CLICK ON LINK FOR REMAINDER OF NOTE AND ARTICLE)
V.                 Blood, Sweat and Tears
What can ‘Blood Sweat & Tears actually teach anyone?
With just two days to go, before Americans either participate or not in a week-long and peaceful National Strike Against Tyranny: Some of the very real issues that must be considered have to be added to what should be part of the reasoning behind this world-changing idea.
I’m just one who was educated by ‘Blood Sweat & Tears’ over the course of a life wherein human-values have always been at the core of almost all of that experience. One consequence of that way-of-living has been to automatically become part of the road-kill that the New World order is generating—planetwide—as they are now making their final dash to end all-life; as the rest of us have known it.   This society has been gripped by slogans and ideas, mostly commercial, but definitely ‘lite’ on the ethical and balanced realities that life itself can teach anyone: But only it can only teach those that pay the price for what can be learned by “doing.”

NOTE:    REMEMBER WHO WE ARE.  (scroll down to the third video, you won't be sorry)

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