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Re: Under The Vatican - The Revelation of the Beast.

About 10 paragraphs down..."The great danger, he said, is that “another force is about to let it loose. The energy for this happening is nearly complete. Orgone was needed and will be the beginning of its release.”

The word "orgone" needs defining. Orgone as I understand it is the unseen energy that is everywhere. To say it "was needed" doesn't make sense to me as there has never been a shortage of it and it has always been here.

Is the "release" setting it free to cause chaos or releasing its influence on earth?

Any way to clalrify...

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Under The Vatican - The Revelation of the Beast.
A powerful lizard-like creature lying chained in catacombs deep under the Vatican?
Huh? *NM* *PIC*
Re: Under The Vatican - The Revelation of the Beast.
thanks for your comment, the 'orgone' thingy made me frown also, maybe the author meant DOR Deadly Orgone energy?
and here I thought it was under THE STAIRS *NM* *PIC*
No, he's HERE - furry and scary as heck! *NM* *PIC*
I had the same dream in high school listening to too much ronnie james dio
Re: Under The Vatican - The Pope in the Vatican Tanning Salon! *PIC*
Curses!! You stepped on The Holy Toes!! (with tongue in cheek), but at least it proves my point about touching the 3rd rail... :) *NM* *PIC*
Holy Shatner! Rome and Vatican City were originally a portal, a space station for transportation to and from other worlds? Moon? Phaeton? Mars? Saturn?
AGREED! Good Sleuthing. *NM*
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