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A powerful lizard-like creature lying chained in catacombs deep under the Vatican?

Another Vision Of The Creature Under The Vatican

... interesting link to a series of books and articles by author Stewart Wilde, who also describes a personal vision of such a creature.

... the creature under the Vatican is controlling the minds and hearts of the masses and that the time has come to expose what is there so that the world can break from the yoke of enslavement that has held the human race in bondage for thousands of years.

“the reason nothing ever changes in the world and one “milk-the people government” is replaced by another “milk-the-people-government” is because there are billions of inner-world ghouls holding up the tyranny. They sustain the control mechanism of evil in the human mind, and they propagate the lies and corruption that go with each of the institutions and systems that dominate every aspect of human life.”

... Those of us who have achieved the capability of leaving our bodies and exploring the astral world that surrounds us are fully aware that we are surrounded by a variety of alien beings living among us.

... the various world religious systems were created by alien forces to enslave the people and help keep us in a constant state of warfare among ourselves. Thus a major step toward ending this long held reign of world domination involves the dismantling of organized religions. Among the first to go must be the Roman Catholic Church.

...“Inside the Vatican is a massive being. It is red and black. It looks like a very large blob forty-feet high and thirty-feet across. It has tentacles that reach from the altar to the front door. It doesn’t move very fast, but it is very powerful and ominous.

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Under The Vatican - The Revelation of the Beast.
A powerful lizard-like creature lying chained in catacombs deep under the Vatican?
Huh? *NM* *PIC*
Re: Under The Vatican - The Revelation of the Beast.
thanks for your comment, the 'orgone' thingy made me frown also, maybe the author meant DOR Deadly Orgone energy?
and here I thought it was under THE STAIRS *NM* *PIC*
No, he's HERE - furry and scary as heck! *NM* *PIC*
I had the same dream in high school listening to too much ronnie james dio
Re: Under The Vatican - The Pope in the Vatican Tanning Salon! *PIC*
Curses!! You stepped on The Holy Toes!! (with tongue in cheek), but at least it proves my point about touching the 3rd rail... :) *NM* *PIC*
Holy Shatner! Rome and Vatican City were originally a portal, a space station for transportation to and from other worlds? Moon? Phaeton? Mars? Saturn?
AGREED! Good Sleuthing. *NM*
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