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Religion like ideas should evolve (and does).

Change is the only real truth (Everything is in a constant mode of change).

If thought does not change, and in ignorance adheres to the past, past static principles, or static information, or static understandings, to the exclusion of all else (to the exclusion of all other information - even to the exclusion of all other interpretation or belief - which semantically is impossible), it will die- just as we see occuring to political parties (namely the Republican party), and cultures and kingdoms throughout the ages.

Those who did not change fast enough were conquered eventually.

WHO SAID, RELIGION CANNOT CHANGE? And is always correctly interpreted by a single source?

The interpretation will always change, and will always differ, if only slightly, based on the selective goggles of the interpretor (fact).

Enoch, Bible, Jesus, John, Dead Sea Scrolls, Torah...

They are are simply sources of information - up to interpretation.

I recommend discovering a BELIEF in yourself, and your OWN ABILITY TO COMMUNE with your higher power!

and recognize that even Religion MUST, CAN, and DOES change (and that's a good thing)!!!

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