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Re: Kindergarten Playground? So YOU fight the elite with threatening words and impressive pictures but YOU are afraid of 'stancer dancer prancer' allegedly hacking your stacking? Are you serious? :D

Therefore I do first share specific know-how to prevent being hacked?

And YOU say YOU are not the only one who has this sinister impression? What are you going blind ? 
Wild west lynch mentality shining thru?

Hacking? Do you know what you are throwing at and around?Absolutely I do, and it is my opinion, evidently I wasn't the  only one that had those thoughts ...huh ?  you can read correct ? 
(Been at Wal Mart's to apply for a DHS job, eh?) No sorry I don't work for criminals no matter what the pay might be.

Whom are you REALLY serving when you claim you are afraid of me? Who the fuck said I was afraid of you ? LOL can't you read english properly ? 
So you say you don't post here because you want first the forum be 'cleaned out' of people like me? hmmm I thinking you have a mental block learning english  reread the f'n posts ! How patriotic! For what precise reasons? Any proof?
Afraid of technical knowledge? Feeling inferior with lack of details? that has shit to do with anything I said/wrote. I know enough and continue to learn. but the problems aren't on my end. It seems the problem are on the sites end ...NO ? can't keep the site from being hacked and DDoS'd is the problem and that occurs when too many people have their fingers in the pie so to speak. 
Then why not do your homework and gather more?

You, posing as staunch anti-zionist, caring US patriot,
fierce freedom fighter ... sometimes DC hang'em sqaller? beats the hell out of trashing on everyone posts because YOU think their thoughts are stupid or is that just how you are a women basher ? that how it looks Stancer/dancer imo and a couple of others everytime I look your verbally assaulting other peoples views when they don't match yours. you think just the jews are the problem and she thinks part of the problem is vactican/rome in fact I agree with both of you and disagree in part also. personally stancer I think every person has a right to their opinions whether I agree with them or not. that's the whole point behind having a discussion. Now you may not like my f'n frankness but I really don't care either. I spoke up because some others are just to polite to throw the shit back at you like I do.

With this attitude, falling into a thread that should not conflict with your public larmoyance and didn't involve you personally, having this attitude you claim to fight for the US Constitution and the Bill Of Rights? Sometimes stancer people annoy me with their fuck'n bully bullshit especially when they constantly do it to's called brow beating. and I'll jump in any where I damn well please when I chose. you seem to like playing word games I prefer to be blunt.  
Brute force pentagon abrams style?
Are you sure YOU are in the right place for a better world?

Why did YOU need to contact me again (after I had changed my email address given to you once carelessly) via ex-RMN LoneStar aka TNT Moonshadow when you now honor me (try to smear me, thanks for the attention) publicly as a HACKER and urge the TNT admins to exclude me from this place because you feel threatened - by me? You, the Prodigious Son? Sorry I learned my lesson that was before I knew the kind of person you are. imo and I'm not trying to get you kicked out, they can do what ever they choose, it is their site. as fore the hacker comment ..imo everytime it seems I or others have posted sometihing you don't agree with or might draw alot of others to the site with...the site gets tagged/DDoS's/crashes/etc. ...hmmm what a co-winky-dink huh? talk about 2 +2 =4... 
How does this sum up?

Whom and what purpose are you serving indeed?
Boxing your own shadows? it seems your the one with multiple shadows err personalities...disorders ? I have ONE name that I used everything I write is under it and seen by whomever reads them...there is no guessing which wrote what. hmmm using multiple names implies one has things that need to be kept secret...shadows ? ya mean skeletons ????????

Made wrong contacts?
Caught some inconvenience
by too much intimate inter-net-coursing with a shady lady? :D what you looking in the mirror Stancer...My wife has complete access to every thing I have....we have zero nice try, better luck with some one else, not everyone is a cheating scumbag. 

So please pay attention on your precious communications gadgets
before your surgeon must suggest sorts of 'hacking' to save your pride.

Hacking has many aspects and ASSange is not all that wrong, on US policy. none of this has anything to do with fact Stancer I posted a reply at rmn that I'm glad he was doing it, the only thing I question is the snizraelis and their fatass noses in the filtering...of course by their interference no new truths about them comes out as if the snizraelis don't have enough ropes around their necks already, war crimes, crimes against humanity as a whole, Not including the crimes against America. but hey who cares right? yeah well when we go down so does the entire world !

Have a good time and keep your feet warm and your head cool.

Beware of NaZis!
Sorry for the frankliness.
And thanks for the good inspirations.


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Russia Sponsoring Islamic Terror (WikiLeaks Evidence) *PIC*
(and sometimes Moonshade, you post stuff that is obvious Shat. My question is why? Makes me ponder you. ) *NM*
........... pondering with Love.......... of course......... *NM*
Because I BELIEVE it about RUSSIA. The Shat I post is what I personally BELIEVE to be TRUE... :O *PIC*
I think I am having a psychic vision!
Are ya sure it's not a Nightmare? :D *NM*
Boy was I right! :D *NM*
Then I say, "My hats off to you"..... (with a smile)
commenter Phil asks rightfully "Has the New American become another neoconservative outpost of warmongering nonsense?"
Sensational, exaggerating and misleading headline? Tabloid rag time, again? Did you get the new 'special chosen poster guidelines for 2011'? :D *PIC*
Very interesting comments from the two of you. In attack mode it seems. Didn't know mercury retrograde had that effect. ..... Pot calling
no no, oh no, attack-mode reserved for femimists aka XX-DNA-supremacists, me only attempt to shield mental health from strong incense of sheeple deceivers, aaah, bible believers and such, ya 'no ;) *NM*
pooper snooper after nose caught in the wrong place *NM* *PIC*
Is that like the "Pot Calling the Pig Fat?" :D
Re: Is that like the "Pot Calling the Pig Fat?" :D
Classic case of Chicanery? *NM*
Re: Classic case of Chicanery
No I was not directing anything at you .... Taken out of context
Re: No I was not directing anything at you .... Taken out of context *NM* *PIC*
Kindergarten Playground? So YOU fight the elite with threatening words and impressive pictures but YOU are afraid of 'stancer dancer prancer' allegedly hacking your stacking? Are you serious? :D
I mean, sorry for the mistake, larmoyance aka lachrymosity and sqUaller with U ;).
Re: Kindergarten Playground? So YOU fight the elite with threatening words and impressive pictures but YOU are afraid of 'stancer dancer prancer' allegedly hacking your stacking? Are you serious? :D
Er...Ah.... What was it that I was going to say? Oh yeah ...."Can I take you along on a Court date??"
Thanks Striderus!! For having the Guts to say it just like it is! :O *PIC*
your playing with Fire !
:D *NM* *PIC*
What A Thread! - What a Vibrant community! Good good goood gooood vibrations ...? *NM*
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